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  1. The regular German uniform file names should look something like this: smod_german_m43_soldier_uniform # Below are the German uniform files I use.
  2. History is written by the winners. Beat the Germans, I guess you can say whatever you want.
  3. I found this site that gives a good overview of the war. http://english.pobediteli.ru/
  4. Thanks for the effort. Looks good.
  5. 3j2m7, My graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD 6670 1 GB. It's about 2 1/2 years old. When it was new it was just run of the mill. Nothing special. The card has color saturation controls, but I don't use them. I have used Paint.net(FREE). It has controls to desaturate, sharpen, and much more. Everything you need to make a good pic. Post some, let's see what they look like. You might be the CMBN Robert Capa.
  6. CMMDOS. That's where I got all my winter mods from.
  7. I know you guys most likely know this, but your snow mods from the Mods Warehouse give a nice white snow effect in CMBN base game. Unlike the CMFI snow terrain. In this shot it was mid-day, and clear weather.
  8. I created 2 or 3 maps with your snow mods just to see how they look, and if you want to see snow falling select Downpour. To me it looks very much like a snow/sleet combo coming down, it even sounds like it. To sell the winter look I made the time of day dusk, strong wind, and I changed the cloud mod so the sky would have a more ominous look. I only have the base game.
  9. The fourth shot of that Tiger, I think is one great screenie.
  10. Thanks Womble, that info sheds some light on my A.I.'s behavior.
  11. Will the A.I. use target reference points? I've given the A.I. some to use, but it seems it doesn't use them or maybe I am doing something wrong.
  12. The problem seems to be related to how close I am to the trees. At the distance in my screenie some of the limbs of the trees haven't appeared yet, hence the strange angular look. If I move in closer, then the missing limbs appear, the strange angles disappear, and the tree takes on a much more natural look. Probably a video card issue. Note to self: use different trees, and/or develop a more critical eye for these anomalies.
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