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  1. True they were brutal and fanatic. But tell me: which revolutionaries are not? How could have Hitler achieved his impossible mission without being a fanatic and accumulating other fanatics? How less brutal or fanatic are politicians that drop atomic bombs? Or wage wars "to defend" their values? How intolerant are politicians that do not accept that there are different forms of government in this world? Isn't fanaticism and brutality a prerequisite to even accept a suitcase with the codes for a nuclear war? What about the extintion of the Incas by the Christians or Spaniards? Or the native
  2. I never had come across any German propaganda, where the power of the new Wehrmacht was not emphasized. Do you have any infos about your claim? One episode I remember was the parade after the liberation from French occupation of the Rheinland. Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe to fly by several times and the Heer to march several times, to present the foreign countries a much stronger picture of the Wehrmacht than it really was. Sure. And besides me is standing the Fuhrer and dictating me what I should write. Btw, he was just shaking his head about the stupidity of ordinary humans. H
  3. This is true. Nevertheless people do not recognize that either the anti-German propaganda of a planned war and world domination is correct, or Germany was not at all prepared, but was, despite all mistakes Hitler made, more or less forced into war. An example how the lies make it impossible to understand the developments: the propaganda in the US was - very much like today - the most extreme and most stupid one I have ever seen, to turn the 90% Americans, that wanted to stay out of another war for Wall Street, into support of joining war, by fearmongering about a German navy conquering the
  4. Very confusing. I always thought the indicator besides the Platoon HQ indicates two things, depending on which unit is selected: If the platoon HQ is selected it displays C2 platoon HQ to the company. But if a squad is selected, it displays the C2 from the squad to the platoon HQ. I think it would be less confusing, if there would be a dedicated additional field for C2 of squads/teams, additionally to the eye/shout/gesture indicator.
  5. I'm wondering what are the rules that radio equipped platoons can lose C2 with their radio equipped company? (Temple to Mars) Could it be that the use of the radio is not possible if HQs are moving?
  6. Given the awful state after a few battles of some of my almost blind, limping and out of ammo tanks in the incredible CMBN "Kampfgruppe Engel" campaign I could well imagine the penetrations will be remembered. Remembering the ricochets maybe would blow up the data per vehicle too much?
  7. Bil, as a player who always tries to keep up C2 I'm wondering if the recon squads are forward units of the designated company to the area, or do they belong to the same platoon which is scattered across the map?
  8. I think that for this map the units on the German side are too few to build a defendable and stable MLR. Especially the woods would need lots of infantry and support weapons. While Bil probably has the advantage of more units (in the meanwhile I have read his thread and that is the case). Enough units for one side while the other side has too few units, IMO are a big plus, because he can force the initiative almost wherever he wants while he can keep all routes threatened. Therefore I thought that reducing the MLR to a minimum, while this minimum can receive the maximum amount of fire
  9. I just read Bil's thread, so no more suggestions from me. Good luck, Elvis.
  10. It probably depends very much on the personal playing style. Tanks that can penetrate my tank at the given distance, I almost never attack with one tank. And I seldom use my infantry before I have not cleared the tank threats. I'm quite patient (and at the end I usually get time problems) and have no problems to move ten minutes over the whole map if I get a "secure" shot. If the spotting behaviour has not changed completely, then no matter what Bil uses, if his tank is forced to button up first and three Panthers simultaneously attack, the chances are very high, that things will go well.
  11. Me not, too. I'm thinking more of the two TRPs at the edge of the wood. Where he must move, if he wants to support any advance on the objective. Probably I should have explained the tank tactics better. It's meant attacking in such a manner, that only ONE enemy tank is attacked each time. That way it doesn't matter how many tanks the oponent has. It only takes a bit longer. And knock the strongest enemy tanks out first. And if Bil hides his good tanks, by knocking out ten normal T34 will force him to bring them to the front. Well, if the map is NOT open and offe
  12. That's dangerous since I'm obviously too stupid not to confuse North and South.
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