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  1. I love the balance and pace of CMCW and in this respect, it could also be my favourite. But it needs more content. The battles are too big as for my taste - not that the maps are to big - because it's a good thing, but there are too many units to manage. I can't handle such a big scenarios with the level of micromanagement required in this game. We need more medium and small scenarios - company size being optimal for me.
  2. I think this would be quite appropriate here.
  3. This could be a good clue. I'd say I didn't target the infantry manually but I'm not 100% sure. I'll keep that in mind.
  4. I don't, I just have a screenshot. The US teams deployed on the roof of the building fired 3 or 4 Dragons at the Soviet infantry racing across the filed. It did nothing to the Soviets. They only suffered loses from the M113 0.5cal fire. If the infantry was firing their small arms instead of the Dragons, the Reds would suffer much heavier loses. https://postimg.cc/BLp1w1v8
  5. Using ATGM against infantry makes sense in some situations, for example when the infantry is stationary in improved positions or buildings. But firing ATGM at the dispersed infantry that is running across an open field ( as it happened in my case ) is a waste of an asset.
  6. I think it's fair to assume that CMCW offers an extremely armir-rich environment.
  7. T-34 turned into Leopard 1, used as an OPFOR by Polish army during Cold War. In the background another T-34 turned Chieftain.
  8. To my horror, I observed that the TAC AI fires ATGM's at enemy infantry. I had few anti-tank teams ready to stop enemy armour. But when the enemy infantry appeared, they quickly started firing the precious Dragons a them. Given that there're only 3 Dragoons per squad, this was a total waste and no harm was done to the hostile infantry. Is there a way of preventing such a behaviour? I know that there's the armour arc command, but I also want my teams to engage the infantry if necessary, but without expending of the few ATGM's in their possession. On a similar note, I noticed that infantry tends to fire the LAW's in volleys, usually expending them all in the process and often missing the target. I would prefer to the infantry teams to be more careful with the LAW's, because when they're gone, they have no other weapon against the armor.
  9. We have two beta testers who said two different things. Mikey D said that the game portrays Cold War through American eyes and that the lack of Soviet imagery, was a conscious choice. Combatintman on the other hand reaffirmed, that there's plenty of Soviet content in the game. I also think that the red forces are covered pretty extensively in the game to justify a separate imagery. As to the free images, there would be sufficient of them available. I've seen them in other games. For example one of the images above was used for free as a cover of a recent board game. I'd say that photos taken during the Soviet era, probably belong now to a public domain ( oh joys of communism)! Personally I would prefer custom made models of equipment of both sides like in other CM games. I always thought they were a nice touch.
  10. Isn't it obvious that they would be invaded immediately by the forces of peace and progress in case of a global war?
  11. Guys it was only an example. Just type in Wikimedia some names of Soviet era equipment like T-72 or BMP-1 and there's stuff to be found.
  12. If that was a decision of the dev team, than further discussion is pointless. I am surprised nevertheless. CMBS or CMSF have an obvious pro-western bias, but the images of both sides are present in those games. Another difference with other CM titles is, that CW uses pictures while other games were using computer generated models of military hardware. So I thought that there was maybe a smaller budget for the eye candy in CW.
  13. You can find quite a lot of free images of Cold War era hardware in Wikimedia. Most of it are post CW era, but you can also find stuff from the period of interest: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Decontaminant_of_a_T-64_MBT.JPEG
  14. I'm a little disappointed that all the screens during the scenario loading, feature only the imperialist forces. I haven't seen even one image of Soviet forces. You may say it's irrelevant but since some scenarios load for ages, I'd like to have some variety in this field 😉 I guess we'll need to wait for the mods, but I'm just curious why only one side is featured on the images? If I recall correctly, in other CM games there has been always a greater variety and both sides were represented.
  15. Invasion of Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark. Germans and Danes vs Poles. A lot of Leopards 1 vs T-55's and Polish airborne units.
  16. Given the prevalence of M60 on the other side of Iron Curtain during the same time period, this shouldn't be so surprising.
  17. Great scenario BTW. I loved it.
  18. I'm a little surprised to see quite a lot of Soviet T-72's in the game. Were there ever Soviet tanks of this type deployed in East Germany? If I recall correctly they were in service with the third echelon units based in USSR. The main Soviet tank in GDR in late 70's was still T-62 and it was being replaced by T-80. I realize that for average westerner every Soviet tank from that period was T-72, but this impression is not correct.
  19. Here's an Iraqi T-72 hit in the turret by Dragon. There was no penetration. Keep in mind that this was a "monkey" version of T-72. https://postimg.cc/tZRSVYWs
  20. Yep, I hope it will be the case. Let's wait for an official confirmation from the Battlefront Central Committee 🚩
  21. On Matrix site it says that the game will be available in June. Has it changed? When will it be available on Steam? I want to buy it on Steam to avoid the hustle with the updates.
  22. Israeli invasion of Lebanon as a crossover between Cold War and Shock Force modules 😉
  23. About a year ago or so I played a SF scenario against Chieftain. He gave up and seemed to be pretty frustrated because his troops didn't respond as intended. As an ex tanker he was plotting some elaborate vehicle moves an they just don't work very well given the issues with the pathfinding. Maybe he cooled down since then and got a new perspective on the game? 😉
  24. Congratulations on getting out of you comfort zone! I can't wait for Steve engaging with average customers on the Steam forum 💖
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