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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Vergeltungswaffe in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    That scenario does sound like something interesting and out of the ordinary.
    Also, we're at 6 weeks, so right in the heart of the typical 4-8 weeks from pre-order's being open to release, so keep up the positive waves and we'll be downloading it before we know it.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to sawomi in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    It's the same in East Germany. After WWII the farms where collectivised and the small aggricultural fields of the seperate farmers where jointed to big "LPG" fields.
    -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landwirtschaftliche_Produktionsgenossenschaft
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to ng cavscout in Can someone please slap me?   
    It's real

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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    Well I like to think "knowing my opponent" and audacity had a lot to do with it but lets not discount simple dumb luck.
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    BletchleyGeek got a reaction from IanL in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - NO The_Capt or Bil   
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    March to Glorious Victory Post #7 - "Take Me Out to Decadent Capitalist Balls Game" (16-17)
    Short update/follow up:

    So at the end of turn 17, that is 10 T62s, 7 BMPs, 2 x dismounted inf pls, 1 x mounted inf pl and some scouts on the other side of the valley...I think we can call this a horde.  Total casualties were 4 infantrymen.
    So plan now is pretty simple.  I am going to shore up the town with the dismounted infantry and a tank platoon.  A counter-attack for them is a certainty.  I will also leave the covering force in place for now.
    The rest of the force, 7xT62s, the BMPs and an infantry platoon are going to push up Slot 2 and execute the "Kill Bil" portion of the plan.  I can see an armor icon up there so my guess is Bil has a tank platoon with M150s on that ridge and two tank platoons on the left.  I am going to get all up into Bil's business up top and then work my way to the left.  Bil can either get in the game or just keep hiding out in that wood line.  Not sure how this will end but I am getting the value of Soviet doctrine, they were not interested in playing "hidy-peeky-blamo", more "blamo-charge-more blamo"
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Holien in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - NO The_Capt or Bil   
    Wow the game is going to get pretty interesting soon with Bil's plans, looks like his arty has not hit the mark according to the Capt?
    The loss of another Tow system is painful but maybe not an issue as he is aiming to get into a knife fight up close...
    As ever cracking reports from both players. 
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Bil Hardenberger in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    The Fourteenth Minute - Spoiling Attack Plan
    “Be like water making its way through cracks.
    Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.”
    Bruce Lee
    Bruce said it… “…adjust to the object…”, that is how I play… remaining flexible and adjusting my planning according to the enemy position and movements.  For several turns now I have been building to something… and the moment is close to when I put it all into action.
    The 14th Minute
    This one changed the battlefield calculus some.  Warren has moved a BMP-1 platoon and the surviving, undamaged T-64A to the tree-line overlooking the approach I wanted to move my M-60s down.  This complicates the approach, but doesn’t change my mind.  I may have to delay my move for a few turns so I can drop a mix of cluster munitions and standard artillery on this position.  But then again... I may start a movement through some masked terrain, or under a smoke screen to keep him busy and interested.

    I don’t know if Warren has spotted my tanks starting to assemble, or if this is in reaction to my 1st platoon tanks, which up to this point have been pretty effective.  From that position though, Warren cannot spot my 1st Platoon tanks, so he is probably attempting to close his left flank.   
    In this turn I had moved my 2nd Platoon Tank Hunters forward into Hull Down positions to cover the center-right of Warren’s force.  Immediately the M150 highlighted below spotted and fired one TOW at the BMP-1P indicated.  It missed long but is reloading for another shot next turn.

    Spoiling Attack Plan
    My initial goal in this fight was to clear Warren’s left flank (my right) and open it up for a tank heavy spoiling attack into his center. 
    I am not interested in the Dolbach objective... my objective is the Soviet force.  My intent is to kill as much of his long range firepower as possible, then his infantry won’t matter.    

    All of my positioning up to now was in support of this move.  The 2nd and 3rd Platoon’s tanks have joined the 1st Platoon’s tanks on my right and are currently in their assembly area, or entering it.  What I wanted to do was, using my 1st Platoon tanks as over-watch, drive all eight of the 2nd and 3rd Platoon tanks deep into Warren’s left flank and then drive toward the center, disrupting his assault on Dolbach and hopefully attrit him to the point where his combat power is significantly reduced.
    The way I see it I have two Courses of Action (COAs):
    COA 1 – Deep Attack.  This was what I had hoped to do, but with Warren’s flank security position this one comes with increased danger for my tanks. COA 2 – Short Attack.  I actually like this one as well, it will unhinge Warren’s flank security and force him to react to my move, plus it will provide some pressure on the center and Dolbach. Follow on Force.  Regardless of which COA I decide on, I do intend to follow the 2nd and 3rd Platoon tanks with 1st Platoon’s tanks as indicated in the planning map below.
    I have moved two platoons worth of scouts to my left flank for a dual role:
    As a decoy force The scouts, armed with Dragons as flank security and a reserve I have called in my attack helicopter support on the main enemy assembly area, but that is still several minutes away. 

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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    March to Glorious Victory - Post #6  "The Devil's Red Right Hand" (12-15)
    First off I apologize for the long return on this one, beyond Bil's glacial return pace, the main reason is that nothing really happened on the Soviet side of this thing.  I am sure Bil is doing a frame-by-frame Warren Commission-esque analysis (because that is what int nerds do) but frankly he has already missed his early victory boat.
    When I left you we were discussing options and landed on the least suicidal of the bunch given the somewhat less-than-optimal starting position.
    The only question left is "what will Bil do?".  I have thoughts on this but let's leave them til the end (someone remind me if I forget).
    So the only interesting thing to happen before the big push was the loss of another T64

    This little fella bought in on my left, which was unfortunate but I also observed something interesting before the kill.  

    These two T64s soaked up over a dozen hits between them from those M60s on the ridge.  Clearly not bullet proof but from the front these beast are very hard to kill.  This also speaks well for the Plan, as I would rather Bils tanks pinging off my T64s rather than killing my BMPs and T-62s. 
    So here was ol Bil's shot to end this thing about 13-14 mins in:

    You can see here we are all bunched up moving into position for the slot.  If Bil had DPICM'd this traffic jam, that pretty much would  have been it.  The bridge may have saved a couple but it would have been a bloody massacre.
    But he missed that boat.

    Turn 14 and I can start to breathe, the troops moving up the slot saw no direct fire.  Bil is lobbing shells into the area but frankly the steel soldiers of mother Russia give exactly zero F's about artillery.

    All that arty has about 2-3 casualties on me so far but I am sure it makes the old man - sitting in a faded bathrobe, the one from the 70s, his old-lady slippers, old man underwear with the torn waistband - feel better.   By end of Turn 15, we are about 1/3 through.

    So on the far side of the slot we have pretty much a tank pl and 3 x BMP.  In turn 16 I should be at 50%.  The dismounted pl on my left is looking good and pretty much unmolested.  They are going to link up with that scout pl and be my hands.  You can see on my left I have a screen in place of 2 x T64s and about 4 BMPs, that is a very good position in case Bil gets frisky on my left, which based on that smoke I am guessing is a possibility.  The biggest threat now is a DPICM strike but I am less worried about it now as my Tank Coy and BMPS are spread out and moving fast, so at worst I may take a few casualties.  Main concern now is getting that inf platoon on my right into those buildings.  The HQ and squad did get pinned so I need them to get going.
    And let's not forget the Eyes on my Right.

     So I have 2 x T64s on the right with good LOS (I just noticed one got immobilized, which is a pain but it is in a solid position).  That little BMP in the little clump of woods nails another M150.  These guys on my right can actually cover the ridgeline and the left, so pretty happy with that for now.  I am very happy at nailing the M150s.  It may seem odd to a bunch of tank nerds but these thing are actually more dangerous right now.  They have TI, so can see through smoke and those TOW are not going to take 6 hits to kill me.
    So now what?  Well finish moving through the Slot and then we spread out and start the knife fight in the woods.  So what is Bil going to do?  Well my bet is he is looking longingly at my left flank, two or three columns of smoke are singing sweetly to him do doubt...I welcome him to try.
    Next he could focus on the village and do a center push but in about 120 seconds I am going to have 2 x Inf platoons at near 100% with options for tank and BMP support.  Bil has ACR scout teams, M113 which are basically halftracks and a bunch of M60s who will not do well in an urban fight. 
    So that leaves the woods on my right.  Here he has better approaches but if thing go even half decently I will have a another Soviet infantry pl back up by a lot of armor for this little dance against Scout teams, who are not really designed for this sort of thing.  So all in all, I am liking my odds...but...and there is always a but....the next 120-180 second have to go well.  That and I know that Bil has Cobras...so this thing is not over yet.
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    BletchleyGeek got a reaction from Lethaface in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    To me at least, the question isn't about what are typical ranges, that is well settled. Rather, I just have a valid curiosity about whether the games underlying simulation is as robust as it is on "average" engagement ranges. A wise thing is to test the extremes, as well as the "typical" baseline.
    This matters gameplay-wise because specific tactics are enabled and weapons platforms become useful at very long ranges.
    I am not personally expecting to be able obliterate tank and mech battalions from 2,000 metres+ with superior tech. What I am expecting is that engaging the enemy just outside their optimal fire envelope will allow to disrupt their maneuver with little losses. Nothing like the lead tank of a column blowing up all of a sudden to stall a move, delaying them long enough to call in murderous artillery on them. 
    FWIW maps like the one for the scenario Bridgehead at Khalaryk (sp) in CMBS allow pretty much to fight it out from 2000 meters plus (with state of the art M1s). That, and the scenario by George MC where you run Tigers versus JS-2, can't remember the name right now, are my only in game experiences with engagements happening at extreme ranges. Bigger maps than the average 1000x1000 usually do not have the kind of elevation differences that enable such long range LOS. For instance, CMBN CW maps like Colossal Crack are very large, but buildings, walled orchards and subtle elevation changes preclude that. There is a majority of scenarios that cater for knife fights, but there is a substantial number of large scale maps that allow to explore the limits of the sim in interesting ways.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to slysniper in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    Well, for those of you that like your long range duels, I will say, I have played at least 5 scenarios in the package, where long range engagements are a thing. But a few of them are not representing Germany land shape. 
    So for sure, you will fill some of that need you all have for that type of fun.
    I wish I had the time to test all the stuff in these games, but as long as I have to work somewhere else to get a paycheck, it will never happen.
    But agree, verifying what the units in the game are actually doing is always a good thing. And yes once in awhile , one is found doing improper results
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Vacilllator in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    Actually after checking I think that might not be one of George's...
    It's great anyway 😉.
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    BletchleyGeek got a reaction from IanL in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    Thanks for the picture @sawomi, if not catering for "ideal" tank duels, those line of sights are pretty good for artillery spotting.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Thewood1 in Hindsight 20/20?   
    This has to be one of the weirdest debates I've seen on this forum.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to The_Capt in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980   
    This is not an appropriate question...the type that makes the commissar unbuckle his pistol holster.  Of course there will be endless follow-on echelons of brave sons of mother-Russia!!  They may just have to slow down slightly as they drive over our corpses.
    Seriously, I am waiting for a turn from Bil and then should be able to get another update.  For BletchleyGeek, yep column right down that slot, then we spread out.  Yep, dangerous, it is all danger at this point.  Not a question of good and bad, but bad and worse.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to sawomi in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    Thuringia. Right beyond Fulda Gab. Same landscape. It always depends if you are in the valley or on a hill. But there are many hills with just agricultural fields, not all have forests on top. And there you can have wide and far views.
    The point is there IS open space for 3000m tank duels. Not everywhere, everytime, maybe even more often not - but certainly not just in "rare" cases.

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    BletchleyGeek got a reaction from 37mm in Hindsight 20/20?   
    wargamer.com has become just another of the 5 or 6 N network outlets for search engine optimisation (or "creating online communities" if you want). Generic articles are written on anything vaguely resembling a wargame, which look and read like product placement.
    Computer wargame reviews are dead but for Tim Stone's Tally-ho Corner, and a few blogs (Max Chee, chelco, etc.). 
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Lethaface in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    Indeed, @chuckdyke if we always all agree with each other we never learn anything new and are of no value to one another; if nobody dare to share their (subjective) opinions than this wouldn't be a forum. Disagreeing is not something bad imo, nor is it to be proven wrong. Actually I personally see it as a virtue to be able to change ones mind after being presented with convincing arguments. I have certainly been wrong plenty of times in my life and will probably be engaged for the rest of my life finding out more of those occasions (learning & improving). Also I like logical arguments and enjoy training reasoning skills by pointing illogical arguments out 😇
    Anyway I still don't think the comparison between IS2 or Sherman makes much sense, nor that performance of Israeli M-50/M-51 Supersherman in Sinai has much to do with their WWII performance. That's just my view 
    Anyway on another note the strategic importance of the Sherman and all it's variants is probably larger than the strategic importance of the IS2 in WW2. However I'm not sure whether the same could be said for the T-34, which is more similar type like the Sherman.
    They were all 'winners' though, as in that their host nations won the war. However also that doesn't necessarily mean that all their hardware was the best from all perspectives.
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    BletchleyGeek got a reaction from Lethaface in Soviet Formations   
    Thanks for that @DMS - always insightful to hear the point of view from the other side of the Iron Curtain
    FWIW, I don't think either that a Red Storm Rising scenario of a desperate Communist Party leadership staging a "short victorious war", where in order to conquest the Persian Gulf one had to defeat NATO, ever made much sense. Power politics in the Central Committee were never an straightforward affair after Stalin, so it is not clear how a lunatic plan like that would have gone smoothly through the Soviet Union government decision making processes.
    An accident or mistake, like shooting down civilian airliners (quite a few in the 1980s btw), or a missile test being confused as the real deal, both constitute more compelling scenarios. I want to think that the lesson that there isn't such a thing as a "short victorious war" was learnt after two pretty cataclysmic conflagrations.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to DMS in Soviet Formations   
    The only reason is that ruling class war tired of being communist leaders and dreamed to become real bourgeoisie, without limitations of socialistic country. "People of my rank have millions on the West". So, real war was possible only accidentally, because of misidentified rocket launch or something like this. In this case Soviet army wouldn't be well prepared, attacking only with the best units, with the best equipment. 
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Suzuya in CM Cold War - Beta AAR - NO The_Capt or Bil   
    As Holien said Bill's explanation hits the nail on the head, hull down keyholed armour has a major spotting advantage.
    Worth mentioning the terrain is quite strongly in favour of Bill for the nature of this armoured engagement. The Capt's Armour is hemmed into his side of the map by the forest, all the trees and foliage will be heavily limiting the amount of firing angles and positions he has available and spots within the forest will likely have poor firing angles so to engage Bills armour he is being drawn to the edge of the treeline where his tanks face a punishing 30 second crawl back to cover if they are spotted whereas Bill has the choice of the larder, if his tanks are spotted he can pull back into defilade at will and reposition to a new hull down spot.
    I'm not the biggest fan of how the T64's were used here but the fact The Capt was expecting better tanks than T62's as his reinforcements goes a way to explaining that, if he had a Company of T64A's as reinforcements the losses on the field would be far less important. As it is most of his best armour has been whittled away in a gun duel that favoured Bill from the offset.
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    BletchleyGeek reacted to Rinaldi in U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980   
    Gun depression is not modelled in game in the strictest sense, but it will become apparent as a large negative time addition to engaging a target after acquiring. Most often you'll notice this when fighting infantry with armored vehicles in close quarters - that's been in game since the Market Garden module. EDIT: I want to clarify this is strictly noticeable at extremely close range, this was an addition in MG to better represent the difficulty a tank (of any era) faces in fighting infantry in built-up or close in terrain. It was meant to even the odds for light infantry when conducting close attacks on armour. 
    Soviet-era tanks are squat with a low centre of gravity and a longer or comparable barrel to NATO counterparts. As a rule they had worse gun depression as a result. Again, not modelled in game unless something has changed beyond my knowledge. 
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