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  1. I like the idea but not the examples, CMSF is about "small scale" battles, the sams would be eliminated either by air or other means. i dont think modern units attend this job. my opinion
  2. After I finish the Night stalkers mission, i get an out of memory error and a CTD everytime...is there anyway to get around this or am i gona have to either play Night stalkers again (i sort of did, reloaded a previous save and won again...) or start a new campaign? thanks!
  3. seems the final engangement is drawing closer
  4. finally an update waiting for ages! things getting preety tense, GL!
  5. Title says it all any good tips on sniper team use??
  6. you should add spains losses after the YAK 41 crash, counted officially, brings it up to 92
  7. nice ill check it out...btw where can i download your old red vs red capaigns such as Campaign Hasrabit and Campaign perdition? i cant find them on the repository and CMMOD is offline...thanks!
  8. engineers, how to clean minefields??? somehow my engineers dont have the mark minefield button available, is it because they dont have the equipment or is it some other reason? thanks!
  9. jeje thanks ever so much, indeed i do feel responsible
  10. hey guys, new to the stuff, being playing the demo and let me say its a really good game. but one thing that has me thinking is how does the buddy aid work? i do see some of my soldier attend woulded but only when stationary in the same place. can i order buddy aid? does it actually help? anything else i should know about it? thanks!
  11. nice looking forward to more!!! I specially like the format, since i dont have to scroll the page right and left to read it all xD!! following...
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