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  1. One thing im severely disliking about this campaign is the time limits. I feel that adding atleast an extra 20 minutes to most missions would help but I always feel rushed
  2. It was part of a scenario that started with the previous patch yes, I still have the save file about, if someone wishes to have a look at it.
  3. A US Airborne HQ team armed with MP40s and Kar90k´s . Is this a mistake or is it in the OOB? I cant find it. Thought it might be that, Will try again in a couple of days or next week...Thanks for the response
  4. Question. Did something happen with the Forum where BB codes dont work anymore?
  5. [url=https://ibb.co/Sfb31vd][img]https://i.ibb.co/Sfb31vd/a4.jpg[/img][/url] POST TO BE DELETED, JUST CHECKING WHAT WORKS TO POST IMAGES
  6. MY HONOUR IS LOYALTY AAR SCENARIO DESIGNER: JON MARTINA Since its summer, im on leave and do not have much to do but rush through CM scenarios, im finding myself about to play the “My Honor Is Loyalty” scenario in CMBN and thought id do a Little AAR to well…pass the time. Also I enjoy rading AARs. I learn alot from what tactics people use and I like to see how different people aproach different scenarios. I hope it will be mildly entertaining for you all too. -GIVING DIRECT LINK TO IMAGES FOR THE TIME BEING SINCE I DONT KNOW WHY THE WAY I USSUALLY LINK THEM DOESNT WORK, WILL CHA
  7. MHHMHM WAIT WHAT?!?!?! How did this happen? PS: Playing Moment in time campaign, the scenario where you control the company equipped with STGs.
  8. Yes the F16 was used on a point mission right on the building. And no i encountered no IED or mines, i made an effort of not going on the roads or paths as the briefing said there where IEDs in the area, I used the right hook both due to the high buildings and due to the fact it wasnt the direct avenue of aproach. Its funny also as I left the FO and JTAC behind i was thinking. "what if the AI designer has put in a trigger, that if i go this route the talibs are gona come at me from the left". I then saw movement coming from the left and thought they where coming my way! Turns out it was just s
  9. Its happened to me alot actually.
  10. Well that was a good little scenario! Going to put in a litte AAR: Here are my end results. Not bad. I dont recall having that many dead, some of the wounded must have died later on. 2 of the dead casualties where on the way to the actual objective, one from a sniper shot to the head, another from an RPG shot to the face. The rest of the wounded and dead where suffered on the last assault on the objective due to the entrenched enemy. Our first dead man caused on the of the most interesting revenge stories i have seen in CMSF. This was my main scheme of maneuver. I
  11. Well that wasnt too bad! Bad luck with that squad but apart from that didnt go too badly. Quick question what sound mod was that again? Cheers!
  12. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. That ragtag mods first in once the Brit campaign rolls out
  13. Kampfgruppe Engels last mission, a bit of an international party: US tank driven by Polish crew, with a British weapon held by an American GI... i was suprised to find an American in the scenario...i can only assume its the FO team...
  14. Spent months looking forward to your videos hope you get back onto another campaign soon!
  15. Hey ive seen ths before....ah thats right! x png
  16. interesting, I will look up "a bloody ride" and "Zawiya uprising", I dont own CMFI, yet atleast :P. cheers for the reply!
  17. What other campaigns have you made mate? 😁
  18. the campaign isnt mine 😅 its already published
  19. Sweeet, got my teeth into the totenkopf Kursk campaign at the moment so will look forward for some more totenkopf action!
  20. for the past couple of months ive been trying to roleplay C2 as much as I can, craeting my CPs and liason points. I have to say I have noticed how info travells up and down the chain and my units seem to spot quicker and act better. Nice to see this concept in the mission!
  21. So awesome jajaja, how you guys pull this off is fantastic. Are there multiple AI plans? I mean will each playthrough give a different AA for the enemy?
  22. Genial, he visto tus videos y me han molado, sigue asi!
  23. Well its only 2 scenarios long jajaa but I have to say you have motivated me to get back on it. I dont know when but I will finish it soon! I will need help when it comes to making the actual campaign files etc though. will let you all know.
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