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  1. and also gothic line for italy, italy has been the least played on my part, haven't even got the gustav line module yet, but i will in time,
  2. i want more modules and news for red thunder , what about the jagdpanzer IV / 70 !!! yeah baby....is a war changer there, lol i hope...
  3. ah ! this helps and confirms what i thought and put in previous thread...just gotta wait now for the gargantuian download...lol gg
  4. it was weird i had 3.0 upgrade and installed and found no brz file in the data folder and it didn't show the version 3.0 on title screen...redownloading 3.0 now, so maybe it was funked up... fustrating but love the game and as with anything on pc, you gotta be willing to put some time in..
  5. i can't get past 2.20 trying to get it to register 3.0
  6. hi all... just wanted to ask if this is right or has something gone wrong, updated my CBN+CW o 3.0 but it still shows as v2.20 on title screen?
  7. i do also find the red thunde module runs and loads far better than the other's especially italy, italy on my system is the worst, normandy is really good , but would say red thunder has the edge on normandy for loading.
  8. i think the prices are fair to be fair, is me favourite game, and they just keep going nuts on releasing new stuff and further updates, wih most games you'd be lucky to get that..got nabbed on custom charge over in uk, which i was not happy about completely random pick of the litter just for a game, doh !
  9. has anyone read books on the penetration values of russian late war weapons? the t34/85 within 1000 m could easily be deadly to most german tanks, it was to be fair a very good weapon and is why amongst alot of other values at that point it was a tipping point added to many.. Don't winge and moan about the german tanks are weaker etc....russian's had alot more heavy tanks and assault guns that were much better matched than there allied counterparts...
  10. anyone else have issues with large battle save files, played my honour is my loyalty , go down to about 01:30 ish and now can't get through the turn phase, ?
  11. very impressed with Red Thunder battlefront ! never been able to play such massive large scale offensives, what ever your doing in the new engine certainly works for me, same with the last patch for normandy, that also was a great improvement. however, think italy needs it as i still struggle to play hot mustard scenario, which by other experiences of scenarios i believe it may be down to some terrain item or something.. each leap n bound the games get smoother, keep it up, and hopefully some improvements can come to the previous modules in the same way red thunder has advanced
  12. licence error 18, doesn't show on the help desk.
  13. Hi getting in a pickle with my licence for uk forces and marines, haven't played it in a while and im still on the same system as before. can anyone help
  14. would be nice to see it back in game..
  15. this was a old mission from CMBB day's, one of me favourite if played as a rolling retreat on the germans side, just wanted to pop this out there if there's any mission makers without ideas, did love to see the remake of chance encounter, :-)
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