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  1. Hi, Loooking for ww2 game. I play only scenarios. If you interested send PM.
  2. If youu still are searching fore someone just send me PM
  3. Hi I would like to plae some scenarion in CM. I prefer WW2 theatre. If you are interested just send me PM. I play only scenarios. I have all addons to CMFI, CMRT, CMBN, CMFB
  4. Hi just send scenario on dropbox pdolny1@wp.pl. I don't play QB. Conditions doesn't matter.
  5. Hi, I looking for opponent. I have all parts of CM with all addons. I play only scenarios. If you are interested just send PM.
  6. Hi Jan if you want to play Just co tacy with me via pm.
  7. I stoped play in CM because i preffer Graviteam games. They are able to make patch 2 times in month and addon once a month. Realism as well is higher.
  8. They didn't fix blast command for SMAW teams.
  9. Hi, I've just noticed another bug british team wich hace demo charge and SMAW launcher doese't use blast command. Instead of brown line blast I see only yellow one and they start to running instead of blasting the walls. Have someone notice that before? Scenario calls TGD 04-7 Radahnak Valley Search
  10. Use helpdesk mate. They'll help you soon.
  11. Hi I'm juest looking for new opponent. I have all new CM titles. I can even play in new CMSF2. SCENARIOS ONLY. If you are interested PM me
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