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  1. I think its a very realistic mission and campaign. You are commanded at battalion, regiment and divisional levels by sheer incompetents who can't arrange for you to attack on favorable ground, with coordinated companies and adequate artillery preparation from the start and with adequate resupply. I don't think that that was that uncommon in the initial period after the landings. More seriously though, the mission is bloody but doable, and there are a number of historical posts on how to achieve it.. Darkness and then smoke are your friends. The enemy AT assets must be spotted and eliminated an
  2. Jon, I have two teams with the flamethrower icons but each only has a leader. no guy with flamethrower.
  3. I'm up to mission 3 - the Somme river crossing. None of the engineer flamethrower sections have a flamethrower, just a leader. Is this a carry over from BCAS in Mission 1? I can only remember 1 team in that mission but perhaps I missed the other. Thanks, David.
  4. The Lions Of Carpiquet is a campaign by Ithikial which has Churchill flamethrowers and Sherman crabs, as well as German AT bunkers. Its also a very good campaign although with some minor scoring bugs at the moment. Well worth a look. On the Proving Grounds.
  5. Actually found mission one to be fairly straightforward and achieved a major victory with a German surrender. Lead to overconfidence in mission two and received quite a bloody nose before deciding that discretion was the better part of valour and hit ceasefire. Mission three started very well but ended in tears as well, wont post any spoilers but I'm sure as designer you can guess why. Hopefully redeem myself in mission 4. Having a blast with this campaign and strongly recommended it on what I have seen so far.
  6. Actually, reloaded save from mission 1 end and its working fine. awesome initial bombardment, but I suspect it still wont be nearly enough !
  7. Intel core i7 4790 @ 3.60Ghz, 8MB ram , Nvidia Geforce GTX 960. No tech expert but I would have thought should be enough. Have all modules including VP.
  8. Looks great but unfortunately I get a reproducible crash to desktop on executing the first turn of the second mission ( just the preplanned bombardment with no movement orders). might be a windows 10 issue, have lodged ticket with BF.
  9. I think this is the known ATG bug. There are a number of posts on it. It has been reported to BF and is long standing. Seems difficult to squash.
  10. I am currently playing the Scottish corridor with no problems except for paper tiger's ingenious ways of shredding my pixeltruppen. The ATGs were there in the mission vs the germans armour but I did have to unload them to find them.
  11. I have often wondered if the system of AI orders in scenario design could be adapted to make a game like this. The concept would be that each turn orders similar to the AI programing could be given to an element, eg each platoon or even section, provided they were in command from the senior HQ which would represent the player.: eg assault, advance etc. Does any game do this - ? Tac ops. I doubt BF will ever devote the time to it so Bils system might be the closest we get.
  12. Well there is always the infamous purple smoke round. As this hasn't been explicitly modeled in CM, I view the point target command as being an abstraction of this - at least in MG.
  13. Am I alone in thinking AAA weapons are to hard to kill ? I get that they put out a metal storm and all but ( I'm thinking of the Soviet 37mm) it's a few guys perched up high in the air on their seats, yet MG fire, close direct cannon fire or even indirect fire doesn't seem to faze them, let alone kill them. I seem to have had just a couple of them out shoot and out last a Panther platoon on a number of occasions. ( Panthers were mission kills). Were they really that effective historically ?
  14. A very unpleasant scenario but probably reasonably representative. And the next two missions aren't much better - you still play whack a mole with your artillery against the enemy. By the way, Monty was long gone from Italy by then ( Alexander was in command, I believe). You don't need to fight the whole German force on the map , but their numbers will prevent any force surrender.
  15. Thanks for the hello, Yes the hatch was open as I wanted max crew reaction time and the tank (seemed) well protected in defilade. Im just amazed that the game engine can model something like that. I've had collateral damge to infantry near tanks from rounds bouncing off before but nothing like this! I guess thats why footsloggers kept their distance from armour in real life.
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