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Looking for CMFI Live opponent for Now/Today (Feb 21/22)


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I have some spare time this weekend.

Would love to play CMFI (any module, latest update) in an Internet/LAN mode (turnbased).


My suggestion would be a quick battle with a lot of randomness like this:


Battle Type: Random
Size: Medium
Length: 1hrs
Map: Automatic
Map Size: Medium
Environment: Random
Year: 1944
Month: March
Daylight: Random
Weather: Random
Rarity: Standard
Service: Att-Random Allied, Def-Random Axis
Combat Forces: Random
Purchase: Human
Map Preview: Allowed
Force Adjustment: None
2 Player Internet/LAN turnbased
Skill: Iron (or Elite)
Please send me a PM if interested, we could start almost right away.
I am somewhat experienced with CM, but would play any opponent.
Your choice if you would like to be attacker or defender.
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