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  1. I looked at all the mods you have made for NA, Crete etc and you have done a huge amount of work, Phil. I finally reinstalled CMFI with all modules. Am wondering if one can simply add all your mods (in a single KOH'S MODS folder) to my existing Z folder ie: are they all tagged? Or, will some of your mods interfere with the existing Z folder full of older mods - so we need to only use your mods when playing the specific scenarios you have created?
  2. I thought I had the new version but I see it what I have is dated 3/31/2017. However, even after I log in, and click on the link I get "INVALID LINK". Am reinstalling the full installer. Hopefully the latest version is now a part of that. NOPE... Did a full reinstall and this campaign still has the 3/31/2017 date. Strange.
  3. Note that this advice is for the folks who do not use STEAM and who buy their products direct from BF thus ensuring that BF gets 100% of the money so they are more able to produce more games. Why give money to middlemen?
  4. Maybe someone some months ago suggested plugging something in the sound output hole. But, my solution came about as I luckily found some portable speakers when going thru my office and thought "why not try it". Still... I have yet to install the other games. So, no chicken counting yet.
  5. The reason I mentioned that is that 20% of $60 added would be an extra $12, not $9.90.
  6. I thought UK VAT was 20%. That's what my UK attorneys are charging anyhow.
  7. Yeah, but we need all that info in one easy to find location. Have now done that. Hope it's made into a sticky. (We do not all use Steam.)
  8. To help folks know what are the latest (as of September 11, 2021) versions that everyone should have. Also, a guide where to locate the FULL INSTALLERS and BIG BUNDLE d/l locations: CM2 FULL INSTALLERS AS OF SEPT 11, 2021 CMSF2 v2.03 last updated 7/16/20 CMA v2.01 last updated 7/17/13 BIG BUNDLE: CMFB v2.03 last updated 7/16/20 CMFI v2.11 last updated 7/16/20 CMBN v4.03 last updated 7/16/20 CMRT v2.11 last updated 5/3/21 CMBS v2.16 last updated 5/26/21 CMCW v1.01 Some like CMA (v1.03) and CMSF (v2.04) may require additional updates. Where to locate: One has to locate one’s latest purchase of any of the Big Bundle games and that links to the big bundle d/l site for all of them. CMSF2 and CMA purchases have to be located separately. Hope this ends up as a sticky as we all need this info.
  9. Oh, man... Why is the BF site so unhelpful and non-intuitive after how many years (over a decade now)?
  10. Usually, yes. In some cases, the AI crew will fire at targets out side of an arc. But, generally, they will not. IIRC, the more experienced the crew the less likely they will disobey orders. The more inexperienced, the more likely...
  11. It is a very basic portable system (two small speakers) normally used with a portable system, mp player/ipod etc. I do not have a separate sound card like Sound Blaster, so it must be on the motherboard. Anyway, before we count our chickens, let me install and test all the other games. I posted a question elsewhere re what are the latest version numbers for all the games and where to locate the "all in one" downloads.
  12. Also, I do a full reinstall of the latest full "All in One" versions so rarely that I can never remember where to find those files. Can't understand why that's not listed on the BF site in clear English like the "PATCHES" are. Plz remind me where to locate...
  13. Am checking that I have the latest versions of all the CM2 games. I couldn't find a list of all the latest version numbers for each game. Anyone have that, or know where it's listed? Thanks...
  14. I have a GeForce RTX 2070 Super. Just wondered what settings the high perf. computer gamers here use to get the best quality experience. Do you use "No Scaling" or "Integer Scaling" (whatever that is) or another setting?
  15. It seems silly now as during all the frustrating man-hours and money spent on IT guys to get CM2 running on my new system, the one thing I didn't try was plugging in a sound system. I just got a new sound system, plugged it into my new desktop and... my test CMBS game launched and seems to be running ok. I still have to install all the other titles. But, this seems very hopeful. It's hard to believe that such a simple thing could be the problem. Anyone know why plugging in a sound system (or presumably headphones) would be so critical in making CM2 run?
  16. BUTTONED SPOTS BETTER: Here is a possibly incomplete list of vehicles that spot better while buttoned all the time (but only to the front of the vehicle). M1A2 Abrams T-90AM BM Oplot M2A3 Bradley M3A3 Bradley M7A3 B-FIST Khrizantema Tunguska I don't know for certain, but I think it very unlikely that vehicle crews have night vision goggles, so nearly all vehicles should stay buttoned in low light conditions. UNBUTTONED SPOTS BETTER: WW2 Recon-specific M1127 Stryker with LRAS3
  17. What no one is mentioning is that Afghanistan has a tiny route to the east all the way to the Chinese border. The real threat is that China will exploit this situation along with its client state Pakistan and encircle India... plus open routes to threaten all the nations that Afghanistan borders. Of course we can only hope that China decides that it can tame Afghanistan just to prove to the Brits the Soviets and the US how superior are the Chinese. That we can dream about...
  18. Nice painting. Wasn't sure if we need to d/l something now, or it's just a teaser.
  19. This technique is faster than making dozens of "test LOS" waypoints. However, since it is still not totally reliable, it doesn't seem gamey -just more efficient and less time-wasting.
  20. Have always found that surprising since in RL crews seem to have weapons other than pistols. It could be that BF always uses the official rosters of equipment rather than what units actually carried in RL. eg: RL Stug crews would have a lot more ammo than in the games, as in RL they covered the floor of the compartment with extra shells.
  21. I thought he was inside the building. Units can look like that when photographed from outside the building.
  22. This is true. But they trained extensively and rehearsed that action extensively. They were not yer average squaddie.
  23. Steam doesn't guarantee it would work, and I hate loading spy stuff on my systems that send out info.
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