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  1. Actually I would rather them finish north africa by fleshing out 41 and 42, So many battle and campaigns would be easy to have solid missions covering that time frame, so much they could do with those years, something more like the orignal game. The italians, and the british are so under done in this.
  2. When I say friendly fire I mean i had a mg guy move to a window and kill the crew of an at-gun. If you are low crawling up ive had them bunch up a bit for terrain reasons and shoot the guy in front of them in the ass, fatally. Friendly fire did happen, but not this friendly. I would like a FF check box, so if you have the system you can run it and the ai will just draw a quick line of fire out to say 50 yards and if it hits one of your own he hold the trigger. Or better yet yells get out of the way dumb ass or something like that
  3. I get this when loading saves mostly, Using a pair of 256 meg BFG 7950 in sli, with 2 gig of memory. Only answer i have is to quit the game and load a save, faster then restarting the comp, or having it restarted for you. Even if you do get the save to load the game lags more, its like its not clearing the memory when you load and you operate on less and less ram. Memory leak im betting. If that is the right term for this issue. Op sys Windows XP, up to date.
  4. Crashes allot, memory leak im betting, happens most often if you load a save. Best fix for this is just restart the game if you want to load a save. The crashes can be pretty hard. Lots of issues with infantry shooting, bad tendency for your own guys to shoot each other in the back if they bunch up, walk in front of each other ect. Only fix for this is to turn off auto fire untill they get in postion. And keep an eye on em. Over all a good game, but the crashing is wearing on me. Since one of my answers to my men shooting each other is save allot. This is not restricted to infantr
  5. This is supposed to be a failry complete game. Im used to the post release bugs but this is bad. Line of sight is terrible, the shadows of a building can block it, walls are 50/50 on blocking fire and usually just for one side. Infantry can get stuck on the ramp of the stryker and locks them both up. They run around to the front of the building to get shot instead of through the back door. Oh and pathfinding, what pathfinding. For now its back on the shelf untill you patch it and finish it. I really get tired of paying to beta test. Art
  6. I have had units in that building, And as many others as I could squeeze into, Ai still gets the barracks and forces a draw. We are both getting credit for the barracks me and the AI. Dunno.
  7. Javelines may blow a hole in the wall. my problem I run out of time, I go in through the front gate, after blowing up half the buildings. Push the MGS in a bit and deploy infantry to the left of the gate and off to the right past the now rubbled buildings. And pop the building on the other side of the hq, you can use pinpoint mortars or javelins. I use the mortars as soon as I take fire from it. But some men on the end of the HQ on the fith floor, they can use the javelines from there to pretty much hit everything. Also remember that the HQ strykers and the ones carrying the HMG's carry
  8. Works for me at least. [ August 05, 2007, 02:26 PM: Message edited by: artimusrex ]
  9. Ok after the computer has locked up, do the CTRL ALT DEL magic and bring up the window task manager. Select the GMS apllication and adjust the priority to real time, back to game, back out and reset the priority. I went realitime, normal, then back to high and it unlocked itself. Try it out. [ August 05, 2007, 02:25 PM: Message edited by: artimusrex ]
  10. Hey been playing mission 2, and its a tough one on veteran. Question I have is this I took the airbase HQ and the barracks, cleared them out and no enemies within 400 to 500 meters of the buildings. Based on end of mission map review. But the AI keeps getting credit for the barracks. Does anyone know why this is? Or is it just a mission 2 bug? Art
  11. 1. Battlefront Version 1.01 (download version) 2. AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ Processor Socket 939 3. BFG 7900 GT OC 256 meg PCIe 94.24 (162.18 was worse) 4. Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2PT 2GB DDR400 XMS3200 5. Windows XP home. Updated I never get error messages it just stops responding. It seems to lock up more often when I am zoomed in and a bad guy dies, or I hit the mouse button. Have AMD's dual core optimization running. Also having Antializing and vert sync turned off made the graphics better. With them on it doesnt want to render the ground graphics(bushes and trenches) more then
  12. Actually the new drivers, made my computer running a pair of BFG 7900's in Sli crash when in SLI mode. The new drivers really suck. Sry if im being to technical
  13. I think, which means I could be wrong, when you click on defend you have to give the unit some objective to defend. Click on Defend then select what you want them to defend. If you dont want them to move give them the hold ground command, which does not work all that well. Supposed to be addressed in the patch. Have to keep an eye on your tanks and officers or they go charging off on yah.
  14. Did mission 3 I think it was as the germans, the stug was tracked and I had the crew bail before it was destroyed. Gun was pointing in a useless direction. Recrewed it before the end and saw the stug at the end of battle mission debrief. Next mission stug and crew were gone, according to the manual it should have been repaired and ready for duty. Art
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