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  1. Note to self: When your intelligence has been insulted by someone with a higher post count do not respond to this provocation in direct terms as you will be sent to the corner while Teacher's Pet gets to gloat. Now, back to tearing the room apart in a futile search for ancient jewel cases emblazoned with secret codes with which to access a game that I've payed hundreds of dollars for. Yes, I'm sure this is all my fault and I should be more careful with my money.
  2. I've been playing the game since about the year 2000. I've purchased every iteration and expansion module. Yes, it is rather difficult to maintain the discs and keys and everything else that it takes to play this game in 2018. Of course, it's easy for someone like you. So is being an asshole.
  3. The anti-hacking methods have become anti-player methods.
  4. You will need all your licence keys This is my problem. It's inevitable that a few key codes will have gotten lost over the years. I have most of them but they are mixed up on different jewel cases and I've found that even the ones that I have marked as this or that don't seem to work. Then there's the ones which I've lost completely. Of course, I have proof of purchase via the Battlefront Account page but it is a major PITA to cut and paste and email and all of that. I wish there was an all-in-one option for people who either want to buy all of the games or for those of us who already have (and can prove it). As of now, I've just given up on ever playing these titles again. A shame because I was a loyal customer and a dedicated player.
  5. Agreed. I've just given up on trying to reinstall the game(s). I've lost a few of my key codes and the ones I do have don't seem to work. It's a major bummer because I've been playing this game since the very first incarnation and I've purchased every single WW2 game and module they've put out. I would be willing to spend even more money for an all-in-one install. As it is, I really have no idea where to begin with a reinstall and I honestly don't have the patience. It is such a great game . . . but I really have to weigh the fun of playing with the frustration of TRYING to play.
  6. For starters it seems that none of my activation keys are working and having purchased every WW2 title and upgrage . . . there are a LOT of activation keys to wade through. I would very much like to play these games again but, man, it is not easy. Just kind of frustrated.
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