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  1. Might mis something Obvious - but I cant seem to find my favorite option of the previous forum; "go to the first unread post". Handy for those quick moving AAR posts... Edit: never mind, found it. After loggin in to the first page of a post you get this option.
  2. Thanks, it worked fine. Another question about the installs..... I now have Windows 8.1. The installation of the games adds an app (in the app screen) for contacting the helpdesk, for going to the forum, for going to the Battlefront site, etc. And this four times, for ech icon. It is a bit much of a (not so) good thing. I dont seem able to find out how to remove these app icons, even after deleting the links with the internet explorer the apps stay on the app screen (though they dont work anymore, obviously). Anyone has an idea how to remove them?
  3. Some time ago I bought both the Sc and the SC Gold update package and the AoC and the AoD package. I then installed them all. As a result I got SC installed in one directory, SC Gold installed in a subdirectory of SC (with quite a couple of double files), and AoC and AoD each in their own directories. I got 4 icons on my desktop (8 counting the manuals I believe), with most scenario's the same under the several start up options. It seemed a bit double to me, but it worked. Now my computer has crashed (I declared it terminal, and used it as excuse to finally buy a new one). This gives me
  4. Oops, intelligence is just 1% for the Germans as well. So the Russians get a 1% bonus, as wel as the one level lower tech they are researching, so they get 2% more advance each turn....(assuming they get actualy 3%/turn in research, this is unclear). As the average advance for Germans seems to be 2%/turn, the Russians will be at 4%/turn. So after 25 turns the Russians advance from level 0 to level 1, while the Germans advance from level 1 to level two after 50 turns. The Russians catch up 12,5 turns later (they researched level 2 for 25 turns on their own, so they have 50%. They now once aga
  5. Never mind that, I found it. It seems my highest advances are at 80% (after 40 turns), so it seems I am advancing at 2% average each turn from level 1 to level 2.
  6. Additional questions: Aryaman stated that "the Soviets were at 20%, while the Germans were still at 7%". Where can you find this? Big Al has "set it in the game at max possible for both sides". Does this mean that both sides always get the possible max advance each turn (like for the Germans the range would normally be 2-6%, now they always get 6%), or does tis mean that the AI always goes for the max research possible? (in which case it does not apply here). The Intelligence bonus is an increase of 1% per level for your research bonus, and a decrese of 1% of your opponents research
  7. I am currently playing the Barbarossa to Berlin scenario in an email match, German side. And I am wondering about the tech advance. I understand that you can invest only one chit maximum in this scenario. From the manual I understand that to go from level 1 to level 2 (in tanks or infantry) the base is a 4% addition each turn. At least this is stated in the manual, and I can not find anything contrary to this. The Germans have a better - or at least equal - level as the Russians, so they get no bonus there. Inteligence for the Germans is 3, for the Russians is 1 at start. This shou
  8. It sure helps - it then works as I expected, and hoped - I just forgot to count the units in the production queue.
  9. Hello, I am currently running an Barbarossa to Berlin email game as German. In the first game I was defeated pretty quick - and one of the problms I had was a shortage of units (and over extension, but that was more a strategic fault). So this time I build as much divisions as I could, instead of a lesser number of corps. I actually build all the divisions I was allowed to build. Due to sneaky tactics and lots of luck (of course ), my opponent managed to destroy two of my Panzer units and four of the divisions. I can get them back "cheap", as they were in supply. Only: I can not buy th
  10. I hate to disappoint you, but Bourtange didn't look like that in 1945.... it is extensively restored in the second half of the 20st century. Lands around are flat now, but when it was build, it was situated across a road through peat moors, one of the few connections between Germany and the Netherlands in the north (Coevorden, and Oudeschans being the others). On the dutch side the moors were mostly drained during the 1930's (crisis work projects).
  11. Strange - fired up BtoB agan, and now it worked, Germans attacked full out, did not retreat to garrison their citiess.... Did not change anything form the last time, except I started up and am playing an email BtoB game.
  12. Tried it about a week ago. Patched to 1.02, same issue. I think the AI takes the troops to secure the cities (of which there are quite a bunch in Barbarossa to Berlin). Hubert, did you try Barbarossa, or Barbarossa to Berlin, with the extended map? I figured the extended map gave the trouble.
  13. Thanks Hubert - we will need to crush the Communists without the help of the Italians then...
  14. Can I just replace the .cgn file during a game? would that fix the issue in further turns? Or ould it mess up things/have no effect on the MPP?
  15. Hi, Playing a game against Steel. Updated to version 1.02, put Big All his patch on it, to get the right German reinforcements. Just noted that the Italians get 0 points - at least this (3th) turn. I seem to remember them getting about 14-16 points each turn in the previous version - not quite sure though..... (edit: talking about MPP off course)
  16. Looking for an opponent for Barbarossa to Berlin, ither side. PM or email at BORedmeijer<at>home.nl
  17. Strange, yesterday it dropped from "the trial has ended" screen at once in the screen I copied, now I indeed have an option to activate.... must have had some trouble connecting (though the forums and the mail worked fine). Copied the key and now it worked.
  18. Bought CM:BN a long time ago. Bought the upgrade to 2.0, and installed it. Thought I played it, but maybe not. Downloaded the 2.01 patch, and tried to start the game to make sure I had 2.0 installed. Screen told me I had to activate the key. Might not have played 2.0 at all (though I thought I had to activate it when I installed version 2.0). Cut and paste my key after finding the mail I got with the 2.0 order. Screen came back with "Not a valid Authorisation code" and a Request Code. See below: Here is your Request Code W7GZN-N7RBM-CUTEI-V Please contact your vendor for further i
  19. Level of Detail is right... Basically it is a method of displaying things (like tanks) with a model build of lots of polygons when they are close, and swapping the texture for one with less polygons when they are further away (when you cant see the details anyway). You can have several different textures for a model, with different levels of detail, for different distances. Pro is that it makes it possible to have models with large number of polygons, and still display a large number of models, as long as they are not all close up. Drawback is that you have to make all those different le
  20. Grapes are planted closer together, and are strung along lines - giving a continuous row. If the bushes are based on anything real life, I would think them fruit or nut trees (Almonds, apricots or peaches would fit the climate, though it might be a bit dry for the last one).
  21. There is a 4th category of "?" I find even more irritating: the killed and disabled enemy armor that has been out of the field of view of a unit even for a single second. Those guys know it was a killed Panzer, they observed it, identified it, but the moment they turn their back on it, the contact reverts to an unidentified "?". Rather annoying, because now I, as player, need to remember which contact my guys should be able to remember .
  22. As to the 150 km: according to the trailer it is up to 150 square km. Means maps are a max of 10 by 15 km. Still pretty large, and indeed good looking. But I guess they need that, as even the infantry seems to be running at 20 kmh, and their idea of tactics seems to be to rush at each other, guns blazing. Not for me....
  23. I agree with this... Played a scenario against Umlaut, in which he had SP guns sniping at my tanks. Even with me knowing where he was, and having 3 tanks with LOS and a covered arc over the spot, he still could sneak a SP gun forward and kill a tank without anyone spotting him. Only the surviving crew members did spot him, the moment they exited the tank.... And that not once, but several times. Rather frustrating.
  24. Reviving this old thread (though it is shorter then I thought), to add that auto-surrender seems not to work as expected for me too. In the Farm tournament I had 3 (German) rifle men left, in one squad, in panic, no one else. No autosurrender. Next turn some US soldiers came near, all 3 put up their hands - no autosurrender.... Next turn, one of the men disappeared (white flag) - no auto surrender. Next turn the last to men managed to surrender - no men left. Awaiting the return file - but I expected my troops to surrender a bit sooner. Last 5 turns I could do nothing else then watch my me
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