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  1. Looking for an opponent for Barbarossa to Berlin, ither side. PM or email at BORedmeijer<at>home.nl
  2. It is of course a trade off between protecting stupid users against virusses and malware, and more tech savvy users alone to exchange strange files without headers . As 99.9% of the files exchanged will be regular formats with headers I can not really fault them. I havent received a single virus for over 3 years.... (now for a way to keep my inbox viagra free... )
  3. I looked somewhat deeper in the file I received, and there is no text file (or other) attached. My mail provider (@home.nl) does have an automatic scanner service. It is probable that not recognized or labled attachments are stripped... Waiting to see if Ossi can get his Pine to name the files . Bertram
  4. I asked Ossi to send you a mail. My mails reach him fine. Bertram
  5. Hello, I just picked up a CMBB PBEM game with Ossi Tapio. Trouble is that his e-mails arrive fine, but the attachments get lost on the way. This goes for all kind of attachments: .txt, but also .jpg and .zip are tried. He receives mine ok. Trouble comes probably from the fact that he is using a Linux based browser (Pine), and I am using WinXP with Outlook. They dont play nice together . We both have other PBEM games running with no problems. I looked up this problem with the search function, as I remembered it being a point at the release of CMBB. Sure enough there were some post
  6. And if you run Windows XP you can right click on a file and "copy it >> to compressed folder". This will place a zipped file with the same name (extension .zip) in the same directory (as last file at that moment, later at whatever place your sorting preference puts it). You can do this when selecting the file for adding it to a mail. For unzipping you can right click the file and "open file". You can then "move to" the file your PBEM directory (the nice thing is that it remebers the directory you choose, so next time you dont have to browse). Bertram
  7. I turned up the gamma a bit in CMBB (version 1.01) as one of my battles was a bit dark (overast, dawn, and a bright day in real life). Now it seems that each time I have run CMBB I have very washed out colors (high brightness) on my monitor, even though my monitor has it's brightness centred. In fact i have to turn the brightness almost totally down to get the color back. Of course this makes the screen rather dark after restarting the comp. Could it be that CMBB doesn't reset a gamma adjustment in-game when it quits? I have a GeForce4 Ti (128 MB), running an old 29.81 driver (be
  8. Hi Schrullenhaft, Yes, I know, thats what I answered him. His post isn't to clear (he is Italian) but as I understood a friend of him downloaded the Mac-demo, and they tried to set up a pbem game. Strange thing is that he reported the Windows version *could* read the Mac demo file..... I can't check if this is true (or maybe only true having a CDV Win version?) as I have no Mac, but I thought you might want to know, and maybe try it yourself, as if it is true, it is 'not as intended'. Bertram
  9. If it is only 4 months old I would pull it out and bring it back to the shop. I know they will swap it with no problem where I buy my hardware (as long as I have the invoice). Bertram
  10. I am just strolling along, and it is non of my bussiness, but you could at least kill Getright. It is an annoying program, that sets itself in your start up file each time you use it, uses memory, and registrates when and what you download. It also helps you with those downloads, so if you download often, and have a connection that is often broken it might be worth the trouble, but you do need to remove it (again) from the start up files after each time you start it up. Bertram P.s.: it wont help you with your CMBB troubles though.
  11. Hello, One of our new reqruits at the Rugged Defense had the following question: >RHi Bertram, >Good to hear. >I have a questions. >Is possible play a game PBEM whith CMBB MAc >Demo 1,01 vs Win full 1,01? >If your answer is Yes; I don't understand >because befall this: >Win full 1,01 read file PBEM produce at Mac >demo 1,01 >Mac demo 1,01 don't read produce at Win full >1,01 (and error is "File is Meant for >different edition of Combat Mission) >I say: my CMBB is old. >But I have a 1,01 Mac demo version (download >in data
  12. First it is a problem of CMBO that infantry is not suppressed enough for the amount of fire they receive. This goes for AT teams, but also for infantry storming MG's. In CMBB this is changed (though AT teams are more difficult to spot there, making ambushes much more usefull). You'll have to live with it, only positive is that you can do the same to your opponent . As for real live: most people where of course more carefull, but there were execeptions. At Arnhem for example a VC (Victoria Cross)(if I remember right, someone has the link for the VC pages?) was awarded for a soldier taking
  13. Easy V reported in. Unfortunatly he has lost his file due to a hard disk crash, while I managed to loose mine due to same. Seems we are stuck. Pity, it was just getting interesting. Treeburst, if you need an other North of Ephrom score, ask my opponent (Michael Reddy), I also lost that file (I thought I had send on the score already). Bertram [ December 11, 2002, 05:10 AM: Message edited by: Bertram ]
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