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  1. Hi Hubert, thanks for the news. Does the hotfix work also for a self-modified multiplayer game? We changed some unit combat values and a few things on the map.
  2. Intresting game ... but where did the Japs get the 15% morale bonus?
  3. I also. But didn't we talking about June 1941? Anyway ... The Russians start with 1 Tech advance and because they have nothing important to do with their MPP it's easy to keep this advance over the time.
  4. This is anything but surprising and certainly not a result of Jim's strategy. The SU starts with Heavy Tank Tech 1, the Germans with none. And the first turns there is a lot to do and too less MPP and a too small research capacity for Germany. If they have no luck with tank research, the things will go like in your game. In my game vs. HvS it's the same. Maybe this should be better balanced with the next patch.
  5. I would move up in the Demyansk area. When the enemy pulls back there out of sight, he maybe feels himself too weak.
  6. I aggree with you. The time ist working for China. If they get enough time to buy HQ's, research inf tech 1 and build fortifications (the have engineers in the south from the beginning), their positions get almost invulnerable because of too many fortresses and the bad terrain. And since last patch with the swap-hotfix it is much more difficult to conquer these fortresses. I have chosen a different China-strategy and South-China is in mid-1940 nearly in japanese hands. But the price is very high. It took about 2500 japanese MPP and nearly 3000 from china.
  7. Maybe it's just the same tech menu as in AoD? There are rockets available.
  8. That is surprising. In my testgame vs. HvS (V1.00.05) there is enough action in China. And it costs a lot of MPP, since China got some improvements with the last patch. But maybe it's just me and I'm a bit too aggressive. @Jim: Can you post more screenshots of the eastern frontline for me to compare the advancement?
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