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  1. Hi I would like to play the Franco-Prussian war scenario as Prussian. Anyone interested please email me to aryaman133atgmail.com
  2. What I mean is that the supply points should be different in graphics so they are clearly visible to the Prussian player before taken them, in the scenario right now they have different graphics and can be confusing. Regarding Napoleon III, certainly he was ill but there was a considerable support for him outside Paris in the countryside, and even a minor success I think could have allowed him to remain in power for some years until he could abdicate in his son. After all he went to war because he wanted an exterior succes to back his regime.
  3. I am playing this scenario in a PBEM match and I am enjying it very much, I think it makes for a good game, with lots of strategic options and historically sound. I would like to make a couple of suggestions. 1) Graphics for the towns and supply. Supply is an all importan t thing in the game, as it should be, but it would be easier, especially for the Prussian player, if the towns providing supply have a different greaphic than the rest, . That way the Prussian player can plan better for march invasion routes keeping his supply lines in good shape. 2) Events I would like some historica
  4. "It turned out that two of our new divisions ( one infantry and one cavalry ) couldn’t be deployed in the town of Reichshoffen because the location was already captured by the enemy" Is that like what happens in the WW1 scenario when German units taking some Russian cities prevent the deployment of some Corps? If that is the case I think it should be corrected somehow because it leads to some gamey play. Otherwise the scenario looks to be very playable and enjoyable. I think that maybe the Napoleonic campaign of 1813 in Central Europe, with the huge ammount of troops involved, could also
  5. As I read that there were artillery units in the scenario I assumed they were abstracted from the divisional assets. Anyway I understand the chassepot balanced the breachloading Krupp guns as a whole, but they worked differently. The Chassepot rifle was at his best used as a defensive weapon, greatly outranging the Prussian Dreysse, while the Prussian artillery OTOH worked as an offensive weapon, so that in every of the opening battles the Prussians, always on the attack, suffered heavy casualties until they could deploy their guns.
  6. Excellent we have this new scenario! Is the French infantry equipped with the chassepot superior to the Prussian infantry in stats? I would love to see pictures of the different units and their stats if you would like to provide them
  7. I would like to try the Barbarossa scenario as Soviet, anyone interested please email me to aryaman133atgmail.com
  8. Question, how are the new type of units (AT, Armoured trains...)performing?
  9. I agree that the LWFD were for the most part pretty inefective and they will be better represented by garrisons, but what about the DE? The decission was historically made and it was a factor in the decreasing performance of the Luftwaffe. It was taken in an emergency situation in which land units seemed more important, why not give the chance to the player to make his own decission?
  10. But what about the Luftwaffe field divisions? are they represented? It could be represented by a DE in which the German player is asked if he wants to create the divisions (meaning adding them to the pool) for a decrease in Air units performance (by lowering readiness?) or instead say no. In general I would like to see a list of DE in the scenarios, beacuse I think that people in the forum could be able to make useful suggestions for more DE that would be adding historical details and flavour as well as strategic options for the players.
  11. I wonder, what about the Luftwaffe/VVS balance? In mid 1942 the VVS started a major reorganization under marshal Novikov, regrouping air assets in Air Armies formerly dispersed under the command of the land units, and abandoning the clumsy organization in tactical units composed of several different models of planes. Meanwhile, from october 1942 the Luftwaffe started the creation of Luftwaffe Field Divisions, diverting up to 250.000 support personel to recruit 22 divisions, greatly disrupting maintenance of Air units. Is this represented in the game?
  12. I see that sometimes units have 4 action points and other units have 3 (4), what is the key to get to full action points for any unit?
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