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Having taken a few years out from war gaming, I'm a long way behind a lot of you. But, I do look forward to giving this a bash sometime soon. or, do i mean getting bashed by the A.I. sometime soon?

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So playing the first scenario (yea I know, still)--Into the Crucible.  WOW, the map here is totally immersive...an awesome urban combat map...I think I lost a squad or two for a minute down an alley... :o...and so...much destruction.  

This battle (at least for now) appears to be an infantry slugfest, so I am holding my own...BUT, damn there are a lot of Russians...and they just keep coming....

I'm sure there is a nasty surprise here (a dragonwynn trademark :huh:) ...but we shall see.   

Having a blast so far...gotta just keep plugging the holes.


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