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  1. I just finished reading a thread in the CMFB forum asking for tactical advice when attacking a town and lots of excellent hints and tips were posted - which prompted me to ask for similar advice, only this time defending against an overwhelming AI attack. The scenario in question is about 8 missions into 'The Scottish Corridor' campaign and given the two previous AI attack missions in this excellent campaign, I’m in for a rough ride. I have a couple of companies of British infantry (one weakened), one 17pdr AT and a few Churchills to face down a whole horde of German infantry, supported by artillery and several Panthers. We all know the attacking AI is no match for a human attacker, but the scenario designer (tip of the hat to Paper Tiger) has a great talent for getting the best from the AI when attacking and so far I’ve lost both missions in this campaign when defending. So please post your best advice, which I suppose will be good advice for defending in any situation - but facing an AI swarm has it’s own challenges. Show me what you got...
  2. This. I just love these tac advice threads, especially when everyone chips in.
  3. Interesting, but it’s slightly difficult to take the article seriously – given this howling error: "The Allies worked together–the Sherman’s underpowered 70mm could be upgraded with a British gun because of interoperability of parts." I have to confess that I lost interest at this point and couldn’t be bothered to check the accuracy (or otherwise) of the many other statistics quoted by the author.
  4. Thank you for this detailed and comprehensive reply. Sound is working for all other apps and sound is set to 'on' for all of the CM games. I’ll try the audio reset you suggest and see if that solves the problem. If not, I’ll check the article you provided the link for. That’s also good to know - thanks for the reply.
  5. I just upgraded my OS X to Mojave 10.14.1 and the sound has stopped working across all of my CM titles RT, FI, BN and RT. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be?
  6. Try here: Fatal Decision: Anzio and the Battle for Rome https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0060576499/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_298AAbR62AFYX
  7. I have to disagree – written with a completely pro-US bias, any volume that hero-worships Mark Clark has to be questioned. For a balanced, well written book of one the key campaigns in the battle for Italy, try 'Fatal Decision: Anzio and the Battle for Rome' by Carlo D’Este. Despite the fact that it focuses a little too much on the political in-fighting between the senior Allied commanders, it remains an excellent and well-researched account.
  8. Thanks for all the replies fellas, too many good responses to quote them all, so I’ll merely say my overall take out from this thread is summed up below:
  9. With traditional hex-based board wargames, a unit will typically be given a number of movement points usable per turn. The various terrain types will be given a number of movement points required to enter. Thus it’s relatively easy to visualise where each unit will be at the end of any given turn. Within CM, how can movement rates be calculated/estimated? For example, assuming no enemy interference, how far can a unit travel when using Slow, Hunt, Move, Quick and Fast? And how does this change for the various terrain types? This isn’t stated anywhere in the manual and a forum search hasn’t returned anything on this topic. I’d really like to know that, for example, a unit that is 'Ready' could travel 'Quick' through woods for around 60m in a one minute turn. Then I could decide whether to move them that full amount, or whether to have them move for just 40m and rest for the remaining 20 seconds. Does anyone have any useful info along these lines?
  10. Great series of videos – both entertaining and informative. Many thanks for making and sharing them.
  11. This has happened to me – too many times On the flip side, I’ve lost count of the number of PsK teams annihilated after they’ve only just started to sight their weapon...
  12. I was going great guns in the KG von Schroif campaign, with minimal casualties, until I hit the mission where you have to take a large area of woods (split into four objective areas). --------------- Possible Spoilers ----------------- Crossing the large areas of open ground made recon on foot impractical and the overall geography meant recon by fire wasn’t really a viable option either. Cue recon by burning halftrack. This was one nasty, nasty scenario. The mission features an excellently laid out defence, centred around a couple of very cunningly positioned AT guns backed up by some very hard to shift infantry. The objectives are difficult to reach and the defenders seem to be able to shoot with impunity from areas that seem almost impossible to return fire at. Although I only lost two halftracks, I lost a lot of infantry in this mission which doesn’t bode well for further operations. --------------- End Spoilers ----------------- This is an excellent campaign and features the best CM maps I’ve seen – very evocative of actual Polish terrain. If you haven’t downloaded and played it, do so now. Great work and a big, big thanks to George.
  13. Good work fella. Maybe my son will still have some opponents when I'm gone...
  14. This is a great point, well made. The fact that Battlefront can remain financially viable to what is, let’s face it, a fairly small niche group of players is in itself astonishing. My 11 year old son and I play CM2 together. Whilst I'm slowly teaching him the application of real world tactics and we have some good small-scale games, he still marginally prefers the 'instant gratification' and fast-paced action of the Call Of Duty series on his X-Box. I’ve been able to get him into playing CM2 through 11 years of sharing my passion for WW2 history (OK– indoctrinating a future opponent!) via museum visits, films like Battle Of Britain and series like Band Of Brothers. I reckon if I take it slowly, in another couple of years, he’ll be a very good player – but I wouldn’t have a hope of teaching some of his mates the nuances of CM2, because they don’t have the background interest. I don’t consider myself a Battlefront 'fanboy', but I do appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into producing an extraordinary series of games. I sincerely hope BF continue to develop them for as long as I’m around to play them.
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