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  1. For the map-makers: Histomap is a great source of historical maps of Berlin, overlayed on a current map (with adjustable opacity): http://histomapberlin.de/histomap/de/index.html I used this to check on some maps that came with the game and which have, um, "disappointing" errors … like a Thälmannplatz in April 1945 and a Leipziger Platz modelled pretty well … only to be then labeled Potsdamer Platz (I live not far from that place, so I noticed it immediately). Yes, I know, I can iron this out myself if I like to … I confess that initially I was also disappointed about the buildings and street schema, but that was only until I tried to improve on that myself and saw what a huge task it would be to create better maps. And I realize that a better-looking map is not necessarily a better map in the game context.
  2. Yes, there is a problem with the dialogs, probably a clash between the JRE and the MacOS dialog system - looks like the JRE is trying to access an outdated dialog system library. Ian is already looking into it.
  3. No, I tried that. Continuing in PM. Thanks for responding!
  4. I experience a problem with WTII since recently, on MacOS 11.5.1 (the trouble may have started with the upgrade from 11.4, though I think it started before the update). What happens is this: WTII starts without problems and reads & updates the situation perfectly. The trouble is that WTII does not show any menu items, neiter from the menu bar icon nor from its regular menus. All Finder menus are also dead. I can change to other apps via Dock or open app windows, which also restores Finder menus. As it is, I cannot refresh manually and I can only quit WTII through Force Quit. Has anyone had similar problems, and maybe even a way out of them?
  5. I would like to see this as an option, but mainly as a part of an extended sandbox mode - free play without limitations, with access to all kinds of reinforcements during play, as a training environment for newbies - just to try out things.
  6. We tried again with a new 1st e-mail, and this time it worked. Probably a corrupted mail file on the first attempt.
  7. That would be splendid. I attached the incoming file to my original post.
  8. I have a weird thing in a 2-player e-mail game right now (Mac on my side, Windows at opponent, map Meet Large Open (water) QB-258). I received the 1st mail from my opponent and I am taken, as expected, to the Purchase Unit screen for my side. I buy units as I please, keeping inside the points and rarity points limits. When I click OK to complete the purchase the CMBN screen vanishes (Desktop visible or just black) for a few seconds and then … I am back in the Purchase Units screen, with no units purchased. I can repeat the process any number of times (well, to be honest I tried only 3 times). Any idea what could have caused this? I tried several times, with and without restarting the game, same result on each attempt. Something seems to be broken, but what? Folder permissions look good, 1 other mail game I am running and some solo QBs work as expected. Whose Turn Is It is active but I cannot imagine what it could contribute to the problem. CMBN Hope Lutz Swifty 001.ema
  9. No prior enemy contact. But Green and tired, that is a factor I missed before and that probably accounts for the delay. There have been several nasty indicators that I must pay more attention to unit experience and status. Yes, I do that sometimes. I used an HMG for the purpose, in a keyhole position aligned to the building behind the wall.
  10. I believe that on "normal" blast actions this would be an excellent procedure and it would definitely have worked on a lot of hedgerows I had the pleasure to puncture, but one thing that puzzled me was when I got them to blast at all (a different segment of the same wall) they took more than 1 complete turn (about 90 seconds) to blast. They spent one complete turn apparently doing nothing (sorting their stuff and doing calculations, I do not doubt), and then again taking 30 secs into the next turn until the blast went off. Maybe they felt crowded because other units were sitting very close by …
  11. Ah, good point, thank you! I always wondered how to keep them on this side of the wall.
  12. Along … I'll try that, too. And I thought I knew a bit about blasting …
  13. So I played around a bit, and lo' and behold, not in this same place but a few metres down the wall they can. They fall prone for about 90 seconds ("one GO and a half") and then blast away and create a very neat, straight and rectangular gap – pure precision blasting. I appreciate their dedication to good craftsmenship and accept the delay . All in all, still a noob, I love the game and the community and I feel reassured in last year's decision to get rid of ASL.
  14. Ah, elevation … that could be the case, the wall sits on the ridge of a hill. Live and learn. It is the large compound in map "Attk Small Town QB-013" and I thought I'd take a shortcut. I definitely checked the command and the colour of the move segment before GO. Yes, Blast is weird. Among other things because it is a movement. I have blasted a few things in my life (civic application only, though) but I never felt the urge to look at the other side before the dust had settled for good. Thanks again!
  15. Yes, that's the way I have been using it, with different distances. In fact I don't know how I would point the move to the wall itself, as I am bound to the grid. And blasting worked fine in every other scenario or QB I tried it.
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