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  1. It might have to do with how well the bunker has been camouflaged? Reflecting how much time the occupying troops spent concealing it from plain sight, maybe it also reflects if and how well made their range card is for estimation, thus giving them an accuracy bonus? I'd venture to say it even has to do with the overall quality of condition of the bunker(ration, ammo, damage sustained) giving them a morale bonus? I don't use fortifications much, so I am just shooting from the hip.
  2. Firehead

    Steam players for multiplayer

    Steam is the reason why PC gaming has lived as long as it has. It is THE digital distribution platform for PC for which all others strive to be. It has done so well that Valve doesn't need to produce games anymore. Valve's bread and butter, Half-Life, has been all but tossed to the wayside because they don't need it to survive anymore. In the age of the $60USD AAA console game title Steam is the reigns king by providing it's users with a plethora of indy and AAA title games. I will support small developers that release solid games like our beloved Battlefront, but there is a reason why Steam is one of the first programs installed on my PC on a new build or re-install.
  3. Firehead

    Firs buy question

    1.) Yes, you can pre-order the download only version of the game. 2.) You'll activate the product when you first attempt to run it.
  4. Firehead

    56th SBCT at NTC

    That opening song is awesome. Kamelot - March of Mephisto
  5. Firehead

    Russian New Generation Warfare Handbook

    Care to elaborate? I'm about 2/3rd through the document, and I find it to be a fantastic read so far. A lot of interesting information, confirming my train of though since I joined the Army. I "grew up" training to fight the insurgents, and nearly every aspect of our training was based around the COIN strategy. I always felt that we needed to focus on the wars to come, not the wars we are currently fighting. When doing a work-up for a theater/operation specific deployment, obviously you train for the fight you expect. However, when we weren't preparing for a deployment we were still practicing the same thing, and same type of scenarios. This handbook essentially suggests reverting our way of thinking by 20+ years, a regression to the old school methods of doing things. It is about time. Get these young platoon leaders, eager company commanders, and lazy battalion commanders away from their cursed electronics, and into the mindset of fighting an enemy who will come to kill them, not wait in ambush in the streets or in the mountains. Mmmmm....Fieldcraft.
  6. Firehead

    CMSF2 Demo

    My folks live in Surprise.
  7. Firehead

    Breaching and Cover system

    My experience with CMx4 would say "Yes", to some extent. They still seem to provide concealment for sure, though adequate cover from direct fire not so much. I've collapsed entire buildings with infantry on the first floor, blown entire floors to shreds and still not seen the infantry on that floor until my pixeltruppen got too close. However exposed soldiers don't seem to survive so long once detected.
  8. Yea I caught onto that after I posted and I'm too lazy to edit/delete it. Oh well.
  9. If the light is hitting the lens directly it'll just flare up and you won't be able to see much. That's all. You don't go blind or anything. The eye that isn't covered(in the case of PVS-14s) will adjust pretty quick, but it is quite a shock. As long as there is some form of light (IR flood, star light, or moon light) you can see. Driving with them on sucks, fortunately I was a gunner and didn't do much night driving.
  10. Firehead

    Shouldering Weapons

    Assault is the closest thing in a singular command. Bounding overwatch, expecting contact. And hunt is definitely the closest thing we have to a "move to contact" type command, given that our pixeltruppen go to ground and wait for orders. Most movements we could want to conduct can be micro-managed, but it would be nice to have a singular command to perform some actions. If BF could only get our pixeltruppen to form and stay in formation...
  11. Firehead

    Shouldering Weapons

    While I understand what you mean, the implication of "hunt" would be that you are expecting immediate or close range contact. I think it would be more appropriate to have a mix of animations for the movement at a minimum, but I guess it would depend on the length of the movement. Given that it tires someone out, you'd think that they would be at the high ready. Realistically, it should be treated as an "assault" command, and the units should do a slow bounding over-watch, or a traveling over-watch at "move" speed.
  12. Firehead

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    Sorry man, give me a while and I'll send it to you. Work is crazy busy so this is on the backburner. A while with a lot of trial and error. I have previous experience making stuff in Armed Assault so this wasn't too much different. Really it comes down to learning the keystrokes and what different commands do what, etc. Then just having a sharp eye and being familiar with the equipment.
  13. Firehead

    How Exciting...

    I'm squealing like a little girl here. I'm surprised some of you can't hear me.
  14. Firehead

    The state of CMSF2

    I'm super excited now. I've been waiting patiently to buy the CMSF series games for the inevitable upgrades. I'll have my money squirreled away for end of July.
  15. Firehead

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    I never did, no. I haven't had time to tinker with it. Work is extremely busy, plus I have had school.