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  1. Firehead

    ACOG for the US Army

    ACOG wasn't a commonly issued item to Army units, but it was the standard sight for USMC, if I recall correctly. If you found one within the squad, that is a DMR. We sent a couple guys who were issued ACOGs(07-08 OEF) to an advanced marksman course.
  2. Firehead

    Attacking a reverse slope

    A good terrain analysis will show you were significant reverse slope defenses can take place. A little pre-planned fires will go a long way, just set it to be delayed to the max. If you make it there early, wait it out. If you make it there late, scouts out and get a BDA. Alternatively, put smoke RIGHT on the ridge that you have to crest. This will at least offer you a chance to get a base of fire in place before the smoke dissipates and your men take fire again. IMO, reverse slope defense is one of the best defensive strategies out there if you can employ it.
  3. Firehead

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Maaaaaaaaaaan... I go to a concert, and come home to find this. I gotta go to sleep dammit! It'll have to wait until tomorrow, but I am super excited.
  4. Firehead

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    If I ever find the time to resume work, I intend on sharing everything I create. I ran into some problems that I didn't have an immediate work around for. I intend on picking up again when I can. I'll be honest, I didn't get a whole lot accomplished.
  5. You can. It has been done in the modding section, by me, as well as the guy who developed the tool to import and export them. I toyed around with creating a PRC-117G, as well as changing soldiers kit. It isn't too hard, but creating content from scratch requires a little more time than I currently have at the moment. I have screen shots in my thread:
  6. I have to ask: Why? Having dabbled in modeling(work is killing me, I wish I had more time) for this series there are a couple of issues. Adding a Rhino mount isn't hard, but why? When they have their NODs on their face, the rhino mount is on there. I usually left mine off my helmet unless I was expecting to have to put NOD on. When you said foregrip, I assume you meant vertical grips. The problem there is at this time we don't have the ability to modify the soldier model. We can't correct the standard hand-hold of the forearm to the vertical hold to grab onto the grip. I think they made a better choice in not having them. I haven't bothered to look, but have they modeled the correct hold of the 320?
  7. Firehead

    Artillery advices needed

    So I'm not a Fister(Forward Observer) but there is essentially a depth of fires chart that gives guidance as to how you should layer your indirect fires as you move in on objectives or as the enemy approaches you. On a quick search I found the image below. It isn't what I was looking for, but is very similar.
  8. Firehead

    Artillery advices needed

    M224 60mm mortars can be used in a "direct fire" capacity, though it is low angle similar to a 203/320.
  9. My preferred method is working my butt off, that way when it releases I can take a Monday or Friday off to just play.
  10. It might have to do with how well the bunker has been camouflaged? Reflecting how much time the occupying troops spent concealing it from plain sight, maybe it also reflects if and how well made their range card is for estimation, thus giving them an accuracy bonus? I'd venture to say it even has to do with the overall quality of condition of the bunker(ration, ammo, damage sustained) giving them a morale bonus? I don't use fortifications much, so I am just shooting from the hip.
  11. Firehead

    Steam players for multiplayer

    Steam is the reason why PC gaming has lived as long as it has. It is THE digital distribution platform for PC for which all others strive to be. It has done so well that Valve doesn't need to produce games anymore. Valve's bread and butter, Half-Life, has been all but tossed to the wayside because they don't need it to survive anymore. In the age of the $60USD AAA console game title Steam is the reigns king by providing it's users with a plethora of indy and AAA title games. I will support small developers that release solid games like our beloved Battlefront, but there is a reason why Steam is one of the first programs installed on my PC on a new build or re-install.
  12. Firehead

    Firs buy question

    1.) Yes, you can pre-order the download only version of the game. 2.) You'll activate the product when you first attempt to run it.
  13. Firehead

    56th SBCT at NTC

    That opening song is awesome. Kamelot - March of Mephisto
  14. Firehead

    Russian New Generation Warfare Handbook

    Care to elaborate? I'm about 2/3rd through the document, and I find it to be a fantastic read so far. A lot of interesting information, confirming my train of though since I joined the Army. I "grew up" training to fight the insurgents, and nearly every aspect of our training was based around the COIN strategy. I always felt that we needed to focus on the wars to come, not the wars we are currently fighting. When doing a work-up for a theater/operation specific deployment, obviously you train for the fight you expect. However, when we weren't preparing for a deployment we were still practicing the same thing, and same type of scenarios. This handbook essentially suggests reverting our way of thinking by 20+ years, a regression to the old school methods of doing things. It is about time. Get these young platoon leaders, eager company commanders, and lazy battalion commanders away from their cursed electronics, and into the mindset of fighting an enemy who will come to kill them, not wait in ambush in the streets or in the mountains. Mmmmm....Fieldcraft.
  15. Firehead

    CMSF2 Demo

    My folks live in Surprise.