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  1. If I had to guess one is belt, the other is in clips for the Garand. Just the way it was issued(boxes with belts in them vs. bandoleers of clips), and probably hard to assemble a belt from the mmg from the clips, especially during a battle. Been a while since I touched my WW2 CM titles, but isn't M2 carbine ammo listed at .30car? I want to make sure I'm not confusing myself.
  2. The only thing I don't necessarily agree with is turning tracers off, but I understand. Unfortunately you can't just turn on tracers for certain weapons, which would be ideal. Machineguns should always spit tracers, instead of SMGs, rifles, grenade launchers and on-map fired mortars. (edit: Maybe you can? Reading another thread discussing this) I mean, if you are going to reduce your situational awareness, play real-time, and have agreed upon pause times every 3 or 5 minutes for re-issuing orders. Limit those times to 5 minutes. I also understand why you're doing it the way you are, I'm just discussing how I see your concept. Are you guys also increasing the difficulty setting to further decrease situational of individual troops? This will be a blood-bath. I'll be watching.
  3. Already taken care of. Fresh install and all is well.
  4. No, I legitimately did not. That's what I have to do it looks like. No problem!
  5. I'm super confused about what game I'm playing right now. I just thought this was amusing. I'll start searching for the fix.
  6. Take any number of scenarios from the Flames of War series games(15mm tabletop). Those provide plenty of action, and there are a ton of them available. Hell, you could just take their generic battle maps that give you deployment zones and rules to abide by. Alternatively, Ambush Alley games makes a series that has a ton of scenarios available as well.
  7. I believe, when it comes to mounted infantry, they will utilize ammunition from a vehicle within 2(3?) action spaces. I'm not sure if it pulls from the vehicle ammo pool first. BUT they will not pull fresh ammunition from the vehicle if you move them away. I'm not 100% sure about this, but as an example I've put MG teams near vehicles they had 2000< ammunition count. As soon as they move away they went back to their default load.
  8. ACOG wasn't a commonly issued item to Army units, but it was the standard sight for USMC, if I recall correctly. If you found one within the squad, that is a DMR. We sent a couple guys who were issued ACOGs(07-08 OEF) to an advanced marksman course.
  9. A good terrain analysis will show you were significant reverse slope defenses can take place. A little pre-planned fires will go a long way, just set it to be delayed to the max. If you make it there early, wait it out. If you make it there late, scouts out and get a BDA. Alternatively, put smoke RIGHT on the ridge that you have to crest. This will at least offer you a chance to get a base of fire in place before the smoke dissipates and your men take fire again. IMO, reverse slope defense is one of the best defensive strategies out there if you can employ it.
  10. Maaaaaaaaaaan... I go to a concert, and come home to find this. I gotta go to sleep dammit! It'll have to wait until tomorrow, but I am super excited.
  11. If I ever find the time to resume work, I intend on sharing everything I create. I ran into some problems that I didn't have an immediate work around for. I intend on picking up again when I can. I'll be honest, I didn't get a whole lot accomplished.
  12. You can. It has been done in the modding section, by me, as well as the guy who developed the tool to import and export them. I toyed around with creating a PRC-117G, as well as changing soldiers kit. It isn't too hard, but creating content from scratch requires a little more time than I currently have at the moment. I have screen shots in my thread:
  13. I have to ask: Why? Having dabbled in modeling(work is killing me, I wish I had more time) for this series there are a couple of issues. Adding a Rhino mount isn't hard, but why? When they have their NODs on their face, the rhino mount is on there. I usually left mine off my helmet unless I was expecting to have to put NOD on. When you said foregrip, I assume you meant vertical grips. The problem there is at this time we don't have the ability to modify the soldier model. We can't correct the standard hand-hold of the forearm to the vertical hold to grab onto the grip. I think they made a better choice in not having them. I haven't bothered to look, but have they modeled the correct hold of the 320?
  14. So I'm not a Fister(Forward Observer) but there is essentially a depth of fires chart that gives guidance as to how you should layer your indirect fires as you move in on objectives or as the enemy approaches you. On a quick search I found the image below. It isn't what I was looking for, but is very similar.
  15. M224 60mm mortars can be used in a "direct fire" capacity, though it is low angle similar to a 203/320.
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