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  1. Firehead

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    Sorry man, give me a while and I'll send it to you. Work is crazy busy so this is on the backburner. A while with a lot of trial and error. I have previous experience making stuff in Armed Assault so this wasn't too much different. Really it comes down to learning the keystrokes and what different commands do what, etc. Then just having a sharp eye and being familiar with the equipment.
  2. Firehead

    How Exciting...

    I'm squealing like a little girl here. I'm surprised some of you can't hear me.
  3. Firehead

    The state of CMSF2

    I'm super excited now. I've been waiting patiently to buy the CMSF series games for the inevitable upgrades. I'll have my money squirreled away for end of July.
  4. Firehead

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    I never did, no. I haven't had time to tinker with it. Work is extremely busy, plus I have had school.
  5. Firehead

    Megacity/Urban Ops - tailored units?

    Unfortunately, CMBS QB doesn't accurately represent Army doctrine. Typically, we wanted to enter a fight with a 3:1 ratio. It goes up when you add urban environment. Tackling a single 2 or 3 story structure requires/demands well over a platoon in personnel and assets. You need security elements, both inner and outer cordons, as well as a base of fire element, finally an assault element. I'll let you do the numbers, but it ends up being about a whole company. For one building. Imagine a city block, or even an entire city. Operation Phantom was a primary example, though the doctrine changed quite a bit(and caused us to evolve) as a result of that battle. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. In QB, you really have to cut down the amount of forces the AI have. If you bring 4000pts of troops, they need to have about 700-1000. Might seem small, but if you were fighting conventional forces that you didn't have a similar ratio to, you would go around them or siege the hell out of them. CMBS doesn't do that.
  6. Firehead

    Rolled Sleeves

    I dabbled in doing models a little bit. As of right now, we have no way to effectively modify the soldier "skeletons" to make changes to their model. Once it becomes available I would probably end up doing combat shirts and replacing their armor. If the game allowed it, possible adding multiple variants. Not sure why you'd want it anyway, considering that in theater rolling sleeves is typically not allowed. I got yelled at a lot for cuffing my uniform top.
  7. This sounds like a scenario that you probably won't even be able to finish. And if I do, once through will probably do it for me.
  8. Firehead

    Combat Mission: Modding tools

    Any chance that this will be able to open the actual soldier models anytime soon? or am I just doing it wrong? It refuses to see anything outside of object models. Can you provide any insight as to why it isn't accepting my textures?
  9. Firehead

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    Got it mounted where I want it. Looks a little small, but the radio isn't that big in the first place. I'll play with scaling. Still can't get textures to load.
  10. Firehead

    Combat Mission: Modding tools

    EDIT: Disregard, I fixed the problem. Now I know the game only sees in triangles.
  11. Firehead

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    Little update: Textures are nearly done. I'm not happy with the fastex buckle since it was hand made. Problem I'm running into is getting it in game. I can't seem to get it to line up with the soldier model, and the textures won't show up. I'll play around with it. Any texture guys have insight?
  12. Firehead

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    Well, I decided that the original radio model was crap, and I can do better. So we've gone from the radio I showed above, to this: I've made the antenna and selector knob a little more detailed, as well as the faceplate cover. In addition I have rounded the pouch for the radio, so it looks a little less...fake. I also have it scaled correctly. Once it is on the soldier in game, it should be the correct dimensions, as well as modeled off of a COTS pouch. A couple more details and I'll begin texturing with the help of a friend. More to come!
  13. Firehead

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    Thanks! I'm not promising a lot, but I'm going to do my best. There is a ton to learn, and I'll be doing this pretty much on my own. It is all trial and error.
  14. Firehead

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    Proof of concept: I swapped all the hydration carriers for assault packs. This was a test to make sure I understood how to get the mod to correctly work with CM. Everything worked great. WIll update in the future.
  15. I have taken the plunge into trying CMBS mods. I decided that I want to try something that nobody is really doing. Using the tools provided with the game, and the plugin for Blender created by sbobovyc my intent is to try and upgrade some of the models that you see in the game. To start this off, I decided to upgrade the pouches and gear that are found on US troops. I'm still learning, so forgive the rather amateur models. I didn't want to put a ton of detail into them, but maintain the same level that Battlefront as set forth to us. I will attempt to make a slightly more modernized chestrig, featuring a couple more pouches than what is found on current infantry. It will be based off the default chestrig simply to get the correct curvature of the soldier. Here I have decided to try and create a PRC-117G to replace the default RTO bag. The smaller size of that version is a little lighter than the one that is featured. In addition you won't normally find the sat antenna, but typically a whip. Any suggestions or input are welcome. I'm absolutely terrible at texturing, so if anyone wants to help in that regards it would be greatly appreciated.