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  1. Had something similar last week $160 buck of postmates food delivery in 4 different cities. 3 in California and 1 in Ohio. Did get my money back but I have wondered like Steve with his ATM fraud, how do their systems allow different accounts to process payments with a card number tied to a different account in very different geographic areas. Then again no matter what changes are made, criminals will be criminals and adapt to beat it until the next obsticle comes along. Rinse and repeat.
  2. Since model swapping weapons from CMA is a possiblitity as demonstrated by @MikeyD, wasn't there an FAL and various other weapons that might fit that period in that title? Edit, just realized i was Late to the party and he posted just that, a picture of an FAL in game haha
  3. It wasnt me, credits are in the briefing and designers notes. I just updated from SF1 to SF2 to add water to the map, changed AI plans and force structures. Birdstrike converted from BO to SF1.
  4. This is a scenario I have been updating from SF1 to SF2. Added water to the map, a few proper stone bridges and some flavor objects to bring the map into the back story of the original scenario. You have command of a platoon of US Marine Engineers, and a scout/sniper platoon to fend of a Syrian Mechanized Company assault on your newly repaired bridges that are to be used to resume offensive operations. The Syrians are backed by some armor in the form of BMP-1's from their battalion recon platoon, and a single T-72M1. Scenario time is 30 minutes, hope you enjoy. Download Link Below Small Gain SF2
  5. Thanks man, sorry I've been quiet. Still working on the campaign, almost got my plans/research put together. Had a lot going on personally as well. I know you've got a lot on your own plate right now with your own projects. Working on updating an SF1 scenario while improving my skills using the exit between times I was having trouble grasping. But I'm getting it now and it will come in handy with the campaign. I'll send ya an update in a few days
  6. Sure, this is something I want to revisit and refine after I finish some other stuff I'm working on. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Some Syrian infantry in the process of assaulting across a river. From the scenario Small Gain SF2 An AAV moves up to support infantry taking MMG and RPG fire from the treeline, part of the same scenario.
  8. Yeah I'm still not seeing it there, not under infantry, not under mech, and special forces isn't an option in QB. So a bit confused. I guess I just have the same issue as the OP.
  9. I can't find airborne mech anywhere for a QB. It appears under special forces in the editor purchase menu. But the special forces section is missing from QB's. Have all modules as well.
  10. You are right, looked at this a few minutes ago. Syrian Airborne Mech is missing from the QB TO&E. I don't see the BMP-3 listed in the single vehicles list either. Guess its a bug.
  11. Yes! Cant count how many time this has happened in a firefight after there was a perfectly good lull in the action for a reload to take place. Could the tacAI handle tactical reloads in future updates? Or if it would be easier to add a reload command......
  12. Thanks for uploading these, its cool to see some old favorites in the updated engine and to play around with them in the editor. Great learning tools.
  13. IIRC Isnt this vehicle just for syrian airborne? I seem to remember it being released with them in the marines module?
  14. Was digging through a folder of SF1 scenarios and found one I remembered as fun to play and decided to rework the map and some of the AI plans, then got into changing the forces involved. This is a screen from a play test. SMAW team taking out a BMP trying to cross the river.
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