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  1. Pretty sure SB doesnt get the M60A3 or T64 as playable. At least not yet . Plus the Chally 2's FCS is radically different from the Chally 1's. In fact, isnt the Chieftain Mk10 or 11 the same FCS as the Chally 1? If I remember right they were similar. Or was it the 11 that got the TOGS upgrade, and 10 was just some other stuff? I'd enjoy an M60A3 in sim though. Contrasting it with the base M1 even would be very interesting Especially versus 125mm Soviet tanks!
  2. Why wouldn't it exactly? For the time being, it seems that maybe mission makers just need to keep in mind the handicap and add less APS-equipped Abrams to most missions IMO.
  3. I doubt it. I dont think that was even considered necessary when the engine was made Longbow has the same problem
  4. No. Think about what else could be happening here. The Humvee isnt immune at all. Its being horrifically overmatched and skewered. Tons of holes, but not in any vital areas.
  5. Yeah, its something that screws over a bunch of units. US ones primarily in CMSF, and now the Kriz in particular is hurt by the problem. That weird "advance across the salt-flat terrain, here are some recon elements to help you" mission in the campaign best illustrated it. You'd instantly get shot at by SPG-9's of all things! From beyond their effective range.
  6. Flat part of the turret could resist, maybe. But at 1km, the entire hull is vulnerable (and needless to say the below-mantlet weak spot)
  7. I wonder how history will remember the T-80. It was a nightmare of the Cold War and extremely capable in later variants especially, but circumstance and the unfortunate misuse in Chechnya seems to have really condemned the tank. Will the perception trickle down to poor views in retrospect of the T-64, which was for its time an exemplary (revolutionary, maybe?) tank yet used in an environment for which it was unintended against more advanced armaments suffered noticeably?
  8. Wait.... what generation of TI are we at currently? I thought the most modern stuff was still just 2nd generation. Are we at third now? Or fourth? I always figured stuff like the M1A1's thermal sight to be first generation. Gulf-War/Cold War era stuff. Its just like the damn "Whats a 5th Generation Fighter?" debate, I guess
  9. Thanks for the more up-to-date info! As obvious as it is in retrospect, I never think to check the sites of the folks who actually design and manufacture the damn ammunition in the first place
  10. Which in turn led to: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/m919.htm Or so I think, at least. There may be more modern rounds than the M919 though, I really dont know the proper designations for the 25mm at all.
  11. I played there for a bit. Was the last survivor (I thought) in a PVP scenario, and was told to hold a hospital. At the time of the assignment, we had a good 12 guys left. 15 minutes later, with me guarding a doorway into the janitor's closet, a friendly comes in unannounced and I smoke em due to reflexes and just the scenario being tense as hell. Got yelled and ranted at in chat after, but w/e! Still fun overall.
  12. Thats true. Plus, Nod-unit and Franz just ported their AMAZING Apache Longbow to ArmA3. That thing's a damn beauty! Firing Hellfires from behind this hill in LOAL mode? Why dont mind if I do!!!
  13. There need to be more flight-sims with mutliple players in the same airframe. Longbow 2 was one of the very last to do that. DCS has it planned, and God knows Im looking forward to getting a friend to man the guns on my Huey, or (even further down the road) sling TOW-2's from my Supercobra. Until then, its been a consistent gap in combat sims that has yet gone unsated since Longbow
  14. Same issue in DCS. imagine trying to do NoE attacks in a helo when the AI sees clearly through trees...
  15. Personally, I imagine that any Russian mercenaries (and forgive me for using such a seemingly blunt term as mercenaries) would NOT be involved in attacking the cauldron. They'd be the ones allowing the withdrawal and standing by in position. Any attempts to close it were probably by Serperatists whom were not in favor of the truce and thus operating without a recognized chain of command.
  16. I think tanks will remain around. The methods of armor estimations will probably eventually become a new "RHA-equivalent" as the materials and alloys involved get funky enough that using rolled homagenous plate as an analogue is less and less relevant. APS seems to definitely be a thing. It'll probably be more popular. Its also pretty awesome.
  17. Haunting Russians and affecting their mentality centuries after their deaths?
  18. Does 1200 meters really count as long range though? Thats still pretty damn short!
  19. The Chrisantema has proven ferocious at range. Would another of them been advisable perhaps vs M1A2's?
  20. Yep. Hence why so many folks find 1v1 static tests near useless for balance etc. But still fun to see tanks shoot each other!
  21. They're best used for reenacting that Frank Scorpio episode from the Simpsons, when the Army guys blast through a wall and file in shooting. Hopefully with better results this time, though!
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