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  1. I'm going to buy Red Thunder and Italy with the caveat that this does not endorse WW2 gaming, but have the funds go more modern Probably start trying to make a maps and maybe a set of small simple scenarios to go with it. USA cross-attached platoon against a Soviet (oops Russian reinforced company) type attack. This brings up another thought. I searched the forum about Kickstarters and saw a few kickstarter / crowdsourcing ideas that seemed wither and die after a bit. If it's not against the forum etiquette, what is the best way to seriously the feasibility of having Battlefront
  2. Steve and whoever else contributed to this great game many thanks. There are days when I wake up that the 1st thing I think about is getting in a battle before work and kids. So What would be the best way to help out the CMBS community and Battlefront? I think this game is great and amazing in what it models and my ulterior motive is for additional content, new modules new vehicle packs etc. For example, would buying the other WW2 modules (already own CMBN++) help or hurt with the chance of CMBS getting additional content. Is the best way to learn the Scenario Editor and start b
  3. MarkEzra, your right except that it is not 100% always a huge map. about 1 out of 3 times I get a proper map size tiny, then the rest of the time I get a Huge. Maybe I had some weird files when I decompressed the 1.01 as I have other issues as in my QB instead of smooth hill contours I have jagged 100 meter high hills that are almost vertical.
  4. So if I go into quick battles and select a Tiny Map, I get Huge Map and the inverse is true. If I select Huge map I get Tiny.. Has anyone else seen this or should I just reinstall? thanks B
  5. I'm having a variety of issues since the patch came out in quick battles (strange terrain, tiny maps are huge, etc). Is there a quick way to depreciate the install the back to 1.00? thanks
  6. I've seen this bug also post patch. where there should be a small rise in ground elevation, there is now a almost vertical huge ridge. It does it in quick battle, with a variety of automatic map settings, town, rough etc...
  7. Just wondering ,I googled it and did not find anything. Was it to expensive or outside their technology base? thanks B
  8. thanks this is good info. I think I have an inherent problem in dealing with the M-1A2Sep's and they are so fast on the draw. I did another scenario and a single Abrams just took out 9 x T-90's, so it's not just the Kriz's. I wish there was a way to better determine line of sight during a quick battle setup. Awesome game, though hat's off to the team on this one!
  9. thanks guys for the fast response. Sarjen, what type of Map did you have on your test? I wonder if I need to park it on a hill so I can see, cause I still can't get the Khriz to find targets unless close up.
  10. Wanted to start by saying this is a wonderful game. I have all the combat missions and this is the best one yet! One question: I've tried multiple scenarios with several of the Khrizantema systems vs an M-1A2Sep (no APS) and I cannot get the systems in range. If I get close to where I can see the M-1, I get a message that says inside minimum range. If I back up to over 400 meters (min range) or more than the I can't ever spot the Abrams. This is on a large open map. I would think the sensor suite would pick up the Abrams and then be able to use the radar or laser to engage, but the ta
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