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  1. Yeah, that thing should be more or less stripped of tiles I'd think. Is there a general rule for ERA tile detonation, or are they all set to such different tolerances and protective mechanisms of operation that there isnt a "If its above 50 cal, it'll pop a tile" rule or anything of that nature?
  2. Yeah, given the history it makes sense Russian troops are there. I imagine they'll be used defensively and as garrisons rather than open combatants and offensive operations though?
  3. Yeah, the claim has been made alot, but is it possibly some sort of mistranslation? The armor thickness is 30-35mm apparently, with a special setup/spaced armor on the turret (from what I was told). Angle depending, wouldnt that be penetrable by most projectiles of the claimed caliber? Angle of course being a key factor.
  4. Doesnt it depend on the BMP-3 variant, as well as the 30mm in question?
  5. That one's damn nasty. I think the US Tank crew's low experience there is a big cause though?
  6. Believe it or not, those arent catastrophic as it would seem. I was amazed, but thats what its meant to look like when the blast-door setup does its job I'd figured it was more of an ERA-tile thing, but instead its a huge inferno on the tank that leaves the crew compartment untouched. There's a vid showing what happens internally. Most of what you see falling all over is debris and residue/leftovers from the ammo cooking. There's a big discussion on Tank-net about it, and the lack of fire from certain areas you'd see from a full-on internal fire. Plus the fact it burns out pretty fast comparatively, rather than a continuous fire you'd see coming from the crew compartment hatches and all. Not trying to defend the oddness in penetrations of course, as none of those hits in Antaress' pics seem likely to have left the crew unharmed realistically. Definitely an oddity there.
  7. Could it be some bizarre modelling of the whole bustle-rack thing absorbing the hits, without the appropriate inferno-like reaction or actual ammo cookoff and reduction? Or are the penetrations being 100% stopped, which is absolutely inauthentic.
  8. Wasnt Trophy upgraded to counter the RPG-30 already? Trophy-17 or w/e. Either way, it'll probably lead to a new RPG or just an upgrade for the 30, then another for Trophy and so on.
  9. Survival of the fittest. Only the best journalists survive in Russia.
  10. To edit the Consulate evacuation scenario, the Marines need to get into AAV's and travel an oddly wide body of water to escape. They all become violently ill inside due to sea-sickness and the smell, and newly added authentic swearing increases the game's PG value to Teen.
  11. Steel Beasts currently doesnt really do the whole temperature differences in terrain thing well at all. Thermals there are a bit too God mode in my opinion. DCS (the flight sim series) also sadly just has flat "Thermal" textures for stuff, and terrain is just recolored for thermal imagers. This creates some really bizarre visual scenarios that arent in fact relative to a thermal viewer's actual view at all; its just a recolored/inverted normal image. ArmA3 mods however are featuring some cool stuff like vehicle temperature increasing as a vehicle moves or is driven, etc. A tank that is just placed in the editor, and does absolutely nothing, is cold for all intents until it heats up over a bit of time. It actually turning on causing the most immediate increase in temperature.
  12. What would those technologies entail to give it improved performance? Increased magnification, image clarity, resolution etc? On the topic of the Abrams: http://www.generaldynamics.com/news/press-releases/detail.cfm?customel_dataPageID_1811=17962 Is there any info yet regarding what the armor upgrades will be?
  13. Just so long as the Abrams user doesnt fall pray to hubris, as screenshots have shown so many doing
  14. Seems bizarre still. Top of a Bradley cant be that thick, surely. Granted, the Krasnopol doesnt seem to be an enormous projectile either...
  15. Maybe for scenario design, just give it to Russian tank platoon command tanks? Granted, its going to sort of broadcast "I AM THE COMMANDER PLEASE DONT SHOOT ME :)" , but it could kind of illustrate the rarity.
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