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  1. More or less sums my opinion up as well. There's a wealth of content for SF2 that isn't available in CMBS by simple virtue that SF2 has a longer pedigree, but Black Sea has more compelling force-on-force situations. All the factions have the potential to give you a bloody nose or worse. SF2 has a decent amount of force on force as well, quite a bit of it every bit as challenging as BS, but there's an overwhelming qualitative superiority for BLUFOR that makes it more of an academic exercise than in Black Sea. I see you purchased CMSF2, which is definitely a good choice for singleplayer focus. Enjoy playing.
  2. Oh, perhaps so. It's been a very long time since I touched any CMBN campaign so I may be inflating numbers.
  3. One for certain; part of the "Moment in Time" campaign. You command Schiffstamm battalion and generally get asked to dash yourself to pieces counterattacking a dug in few platoons of American airborne. Very difficult scenario.
  4. Yes I believe that's erroneous. A lot of the Kriegsmarine formations in France and the Netherlands that found themselves pressed into service as riflemen either came from Torpedo schools or the U-Boat Flotillas themselves, especially in Brittany - to say nothing of the infantry "divisions" they formed during the last few desperate months of fighting. I'm willing to accept that there was a low amount of officers to NCOs, given that most of the still-active Kriegsmarine men would have been drawn from these types of units, which were habitually tiny, but I doubt as junior a rating as an Ensign would be leading entire battalions.
  5. Canadian Riflemen storm a house under the cover of friendly armour and smoke, Op CHARNWOOD. Bloody Buron. Ta for the patches Battlefront, better late than never. Singleplayer is alive and well again for me as a result. An AAR of my re-visiting this classic scenario can be read here. Enjoy. More to follow; making text AARs is less time consuming than videos at present.
  6. Basically this, haha! On a serious note, there may be very serious/legitimate reasons not to surrender even if your force is wiped out e.g.: in CMSF/CMSF2 the Syrian player often has very generous point bonuses for causing BLUFOR losses in spite of loss of terrain objectives. Surrendering negates that, usually.
  7. Only the AI will automatically surrender; hot-seats are multiplayer and said games between 'two' humans will only end when a ceasefire is agreed on, surrender is issued or time has run out.
  8. If this is directed at me: Thanks, I run 0 mods on my Shock Force and Black Sea installs currently. The images are just from a text AAR of Halt Hammerzeit I've been slowly working on, as I haven't the time or software presently to cut a video.
  9. Oh goodness, George, I went and mixed them up...which I suppose illustrates the point about confusing nomenclature, as well as how daft I am.
  10. No sadly, nothing more than speculation; I wonder if that's because they count the actual crewman as 'infantry' - which would therefore fall under 'refit' rather than attached to the vehicle - which would fall under repair. Possible oversight. Easily fixed I suppose by a campaign designer being merciful and just slamming 100/100 on both values at a certain point. Speaking of which, nitpicky but some errata to my previous post: Last mission of TF 3-69 actually only gives the US a 25 percent chance to refit.
  11. You have the measure of it. Refit would replace a knocked out or destroyed vehicle, whereas a repair would say, bring back to the TO&E a fallen-out vehicle (say if it was immobilized) or put all its subsystems back to status green. I used Ian's website to finally figure it out by looking at the scripted values for the Black Sea campaigns. For example, you have a 50/50 chance of refit before the final US mission. I struck out and therefore had to make due with a heavily worn-out Scout platoon. The confusion comes for a lot of people, understandably, because 'refitting' a vehicle is often used interchangeably with 'repairing' one. Whereas in the context of CM it means 'refitting the unit' versus 'repairing the vehicle.'
  12. Everyone, let's take a moment to give @Sgt.Squarehead a slow clap for his fantastic bait. We already have a nationalist spaz-out in response. Telemark Battalion DUI: 2.SS Das Reich DUI: Really makes you think friendo. Going to be a Y I K E S from me.
  13. They're using SS runes and the idiots who follow them use dirt-ass Neo Nazi rock to celebrate them, the only cover they deserve is how they're giving the bots who slurp up Russian propaganda an inch to turn into a mile.
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