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  1. Quick update: The AAR isn't dead! I have a series of screenshots but haven't had the time to update. Surplice and myself have also taken a quick break from the game to handle some periods of work in both our respective lives. For the two of you still reading, watch this space.
  2. Same boat as you presently,. Asides from my current PBEM with @BrotherSurplice I'm defending in all my other games - namely because I want some damn practice in it.
  3. Rinaldi


    Yes, this is a much better way to put it.
  4. Rinaldi


    Edit: Ninja'd. Better you hear it from the horses' mouth. Not Bil but - you don't necessarily have to move to an entirely new position to avoid this. Baneman's armor presumably had at least tentative contacts in the area; and he had at least one of them positioned on pieces of high ground that would have allowed him to simply roll back a few meters to break line of sight. A combination of rolling forward with target arcs and a pause command, rolling backwards, rinse and repeat may have been enough in this case to keep the majority of threats frustrated. In the modern titles too when info is disseminated so much faster horizontally and vertically, "?" markers from OPs and other units would come pouring in to the tanks relatively quickly, often a matter of seconds, not minutes, making this much more viable. A MBT doesn't need to stare at a piece of terrain for minutes on end to spot targets. If contact isn't imminent even moving a few meters left or right of the position you've currently taken every few turns could help, sometimes even within the same battle position. Again: Baneman had a few armored vehicles positioned on terrain that could have easily masked his shift. Namely reverse slopes, as shown or in foilage which is better than nothing. Finally, try to remember you have instant blooming IR-blocking smoke on most APCs and IFVs in game - when in doubt, have the TC pop some and displace.
  5. Rinaldi


    Pretty decisive shift in advantage, at least at first glance - but you're right to not take anything for granted. He has Javelins too, after all. An advantage can be squandered fairly quickly that way. Preaching to the choir, obviously... That does make me want to ask though: Are you going to maintain your position at BP1 for a bit and develop things or are you planning on closing in and destroying before he can get some sort of response set up? You've noted quite a few dismounts moving alongside, or in front of, his IFVs. Makes me wonder if he's had the wherewithal to grab Javelins or leave a few behind in overwatch from his Warrior platoon. Based on his movements, my gut says no. Really does look like he was planning to get into objectives/built-up terrain with infantry while the tanks dominated the open space - even if it meant going about it in a pell-mell manner.
  6. I have. I liked it. I'm sure if I did a second viewing I could find quite a bit to critique about it, but the first viewing was enjoyable.
  7. Rinaldi

    T-90 with Teeth

    Quite the tally. Well done.
  8. Rinaldi

    What will the next CM be?

    You may be interested in Jutland.
  9. Rinaldi


    The game could look much better, it's true. Fidelity is the number one obstacle for people I try to shill pitch this game to.
  10. Rinaldi

    What will the next CM be?

    That's correct. A trend they seem to be sticking with - their much more involved and made-for-PC follow up Cold Waters is also exclusively single-player. Perhaps describing it as "i-go-you-go" wasn't really sensible in that context.
  11. Rinaldi

    What will the next CM be?

    AF is i-go-you-go turn based. Solely. It's quite good given its price and context - it was originally a tablet game. It's a pick-up-and-play kind of game.
  12. Rinaldi

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    Sounds like another no -- you keep typing your rants while dodging the fact you throw out immature accusations but lack the fortitude to put your money where your mouth is. Someone is the child here, I'm not sure it's me.
  13. Rinaldi

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    Sounds like another no. Not surprised. Again: put your money where your mouth is, or pound sand.
  14. Rinaldi

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    Put up, or shut up - PBEM me. In your last temper tantrum and departure from the forum you were challenged several times after firing off the side of your mouth about your "tactical excellence." This thread also has nothing to do whatsoever with Black Sea.
  15. Rinaldi


    Thanks Bil.