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  1. I used to hate the laser warning receiver (LWR) too - and I know of one other skilled player here that still detests it for the same reasons I did - but I've come to love them. If you're able to stop fighting it and let it do its job it saves lives. Especially now with the hull down command - rather than having to manually screw around finding a perfect hull-down and then have to weigh the risks of how long I want a tank to pause there, I just give the hull down with full confidence that the LWR will make the tanks back down the slope into cover if they get painted before they spot a threat.
  2. So we do! I still have it via dropbox, just checked. I'll have a look at my old files this weekend. I was about a quarter done with the second map iirc; I doubt I will have time to commit to it. Winter academic break is coming up in limeyland so I'll see if I can't re-release Once and for All on TSDIII then. All my print-based source material is in my office at home so I'll scan the relevant pages when I go back for my annual proof-of-life. So many potential projects, so little time. The guys at FewGoodMen were hoping for my help with making a Graviteam manual people could actually understand too...
  3. That would be me that stepped back from it - if I recall correctly my scenario is still available on The Proving Grounds and it _should_ now be ready to play out of the box since the fix, though I had a few AI tweaks I would've liked to have made since the update. Or, rather, the scenario was on the proving grounds but the site is undergoing yet another make over and it appears to be in the process of re-uploading everything again. The original files may still exist on my desktop in Canada, which is a few thousand kilometers beyond my reach at present.
  4. From a recently concluded PBEM: House-to-house fighting with @Emory's infantry. Who absolutely bedeviled me with a couple of Tunguskas he had holed up in the town for support.
  5. You may also want to try Open Broadcast Software, which is what I used until I purchased an Nvidia equipped laptop.
  6. Political expediency, really. It's good sense to plan for a fight against your peers, even better sense to not offend sensibilities by labeling them as much. Much like how we in the West go to painful lengths to create fantastical nation-states to fight.
  7. No, this isn't a bug. Depending on what the map-maker sets the equipment standards too Pz.Grenadiers will lack their paper-strength of two MGs. This was a deliberate decision in FB to capture the relative haste with which the German army groups in the west were reborn. I am fairly confident the manual states as such at some point. Try putting a Panzergrenadier battalion in editor with 'excellent' equipment and you will see them with 2 x MGs, I am confident.
  8. A few ugly turns Ian, though from your recce it seems he has a lot of heavy assets up front. I do wonder if he has as many assets in depth as he'd like you to believe. My money is on no.
  9. That's correct Tom regarding laser guidance (our OP seems to have forgotten that MBT lases have no problem going through non IR blocking smoke all the time) though the TOW in Black Sea is the wireless, radio guided variant. Which makes me wonder what heavy jamming does to it - I never had my Bradleys in a position that justified having them fire TOWs during the campaign mission where the Russians have maximum ECM against you.
  10. Yeah the tandem fires are a mixed bag in my experience - both giving and receiving. When they work, they work very well, though the 2nd shot usually goes flying off course or is too quick behind the first to penetrate APS.
  11. They'll burn if the ammo inside goes off - which because of their durability is rare. In that regard they're no different than any other 'vehicle.' Keep 'em coming, Bud!
  12. Thinking out loud but was this a few missions into the campaign? Shield of Kiev doesn't have resupplies at all during its course (making preserving your BTR-4Es even more paramount) I imagine that extends to APS.
  13. As promised here is a link to a compiled .pdf of the AAR: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QtvMj5-T6CbqvQnR-6utl-nmpMH1rhM9
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