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  1. Everyone, let's take a moment to give @Sgt.Squarehead a slow clap for his fantastic bait. We already have a nationalist spaz-out in response. Telemark Battalion DUI: 2.SS Das Reich DUI: Really makes you think friendo. Going to be a Y I K E S from me.
  2. They're using SS runes and the idiots who follow them use dirt-ass Neo Nazi rock to celebrate them, the only cover they deserve is how they're giving the bots who slurp up Russian propaganda an inch to turn into a mile.
  3. Far right trite, not worth your or anyone else's time.
  4. Rinaldi

    NATO Units????

    Only when it's asinine. Yes, a m113 in an insurgency - definitely a front-line unit for a conventional, fictional conflict.
  5. Rinaldi

    NATO Units????

    Putting the Dragon in would finally silence those who believe @Battlefront.com is a NATO stooge; finally a BLUE ATGM with an equally hilarious failure rate of the average RED one.
  6. Rinaldi

    NATO Units????

    Glad you know :^), just pointing out that it's all the more reason not to see it in.
  7. Rinaldi

    NATO Units????

    1st of 4th is a dedicated OPFOR unit so it using dated equipment is by no means a good measure of what is front line equipment, @sburke
  8. lmao, I'll pray for you homie
  9. Another thread sent off the rails and burning at the bottom of the valley by our favourite bots. It's good to have consistency in life, it's an anchor.
  10. Rinaldi

    NATO Units????

    Might not have to wait that long. I imagine the hinted-at Marine module will mirror SF2's in adding additional formations for the other armies. I'd place money on seeing Air Assault regiments for the Russians and Ukrainians in that.
  11. Really disappointed to read that, I really liked Red Storm Rising, though yes of course like most WWIII alternatives it is always 'best case' for one side or the other. A similar criticism can be shared with Red Army, which I equally loved. The only real 'breaks' from reality as the authors knew at the time in both books is (a) the total denuclearization/dechemicallization of the battlefield and (b) the aggressive stance the Soviet Navy took. Each his own of course. From a purely literal perspective, Red Army is just a better book, with actual character development and depth. Anyways, as for the actual hypothetical @kinophile I'm going to be revealing my power levels here, but I always figured the following: Tensions remain high because the UKR has enclaves in the separatist regions, so it would be plausible that all belligerents have forces 'near ready' on the border with one another. When the balloon goes up following the 'Ambush' incident, things deteriorate rapidly as a result. By early July the first ABCT units are arriving - based on @George MC's standalone scenarios and the TF 3-69 campaign, the timeline goes in two ways: The Russian spearheads are either cut off and defeated in detail along E-95 (Attacking N-S) and P-32 (Attacking E-W), which are roughly perpendicular to one another and form an obvious pocket; or The Russians manage to maintain their momentum on the South-North axes and defeat and destroy the NATO counter-offensives. August scenario diverges in a similar manner: If NATO win in July, they 'race to the river' to defeat remaining Russian forces across the Dnieper and push into the southeast, if Russia win they mop up south of Kiev and start banging on the bargaining table. I think the 'keep it simple' scenario was done deliberately, best not to overthink it beyond the above in my view. It also suggests why the game plays out the way it does, its bang-bang from the word 'go' without all the strategic preponderance everyone else is worrying about. It's a true flashpoint conflict in every sense of the word. Compelling stuff, really, hats off to Battlefront for it.
  12. Easy on the sips @sid_burn
  13. Rinaldi

    John Kettler's Omnibus Post

    Yikes. Imagining asking him that when you can ask him the much more burning question: Who killed Vince Foster?