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    Desertor reacted to Stagler in Black Sea Patch v1.03 Preview   
    I was making comment on the changelog. It seems that most of the balance issues that have been raised over the last three months have been addressed. Wind your neck in.
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    Desertor reacted to sburke in Black Sea Patch v1.03 Preview   
    I think that actually was a positive response.  At least I choose to take it that way in lieu of anything telling me different.
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    Desertor reacted to sburke in Spotting .... again ...   
    see post # 30 
    So again 40m is the absolute most you can do anything. If I were to area fire at a point 10 m in front of your position and was 40 m from that spot you could not return fire, that is how dark your scenario is. If you want to set parameters so extreme as that and play a scenario, have at it. Just please don't start a spotting debate as you are already setting up an extreme condition. No you can not see out to 40 meters, that is not what I said. I said, under the BEST of conditions in your scenario you can see to 40 m. Those best conditions include the unit you are trying to spot firing
    I can lead ya to water, but I can't make you read.
    somehow I even garnered a negative point for explaining that.  Hmm boy that really encourages me to test  for issues like this.  I get dinged because the description of the conditions.  Perhaps I should just ignore the public forum.  Thanks Phantom
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    Desertor reacted to sburke in ADDITIONS TO PATCH PLEASE - JAV RARITY increase and general Points cost changes   
    Balancing by point value is kind of a rock, paper, scissors game. With so many weapons systems and variable capability based on terrain that is a tough nut to crack. Add to that visibility options and night scenarios and suddenly you find that the adjusted QB values are now out of whack.

    CM has never really struck me as a game about balance per se so much as a game that teaches you to do the best you can with what you have. Sometimes that best is just survival or simply gutting your opponent before you are eventually crushed. It isn't chess. Not that there is anything wrong with chess.

    The U.S. does have a drone invulnerable to even the TG, don't know it's point value off hand.

    If you are really looking for a "balanced" game just for a player challenge I'd suggest going red vs red or blue vs blue. Then you have an equal point value and capability. Would simplify the whole discussion and challenge of equalizing forces.
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    Desertor reacted to JonS in M8 the Killer   
    For those playing along at home; after being called out on repeating previously-shown-to-be-wrong information, Kettler has now moved on to
    i) a weird MilHist version of the Gish Gallop
    ii) various forms of "woe is me, it's all just sooooo unfair"
    iii) flooding the board with irrelevant, quickly googled, links
    iv) vigorously contesting points nobody has made
    all of which, like the repetition thing, we've seen dozens of times before.
    Would anyone like to place a bet as to which of his 'tactics' will be trotted out next?
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    Desertor reacted to Rambler in M8 the Killer   
    Yes, stop. Your constant vendetta against JK is becoming extremely tiresome. If you think you are winning people to your side, you are not. Every snide and demeaning attack you make on JK shows us what a small, petty and vindictive man you really are. Every time JK, for all his faults, turns the other cheek or addresses your attacks with civility shows us that he has a lot more character.

    From now on, I’ll be reporting posts I see where you spout your usual belittling, denigrating and snide comments against fellow members whom you deem as a lesser or disagree with. As a higher profile unpaid employee of BFC (You create content, for free, that ships with the game, making you an unpaid employee for all intents and purposes), the way you conduct yourself throws a bad light on BFC. It’s time that they are made aware of this.
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    Desertor reacted to Pak40 in M8 the Killer   
    Really Jon? You just can't let it go, can you?
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    Desertor reacted to delliejonut in M8 the Killer   
    I played a QB against Bootie, aka Shane Greer recently, with only infantry and light armored vehicles. We both fired some canister rounds at each other. Here's a pic of one of my shots going off.

    No bugs here, he was obviously trying to destroy Bootie's death star. Jokes aside though, canister is extremely lethal against all infantry, whether in the open or in cover. Anybody even poking their head up above a windowsill was a candidate for ventilation. 
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    Desertor reacted to delliejonut in M8 the Killer   
    If he's wrong about something, wouldn't it be better to say as much and debunk him with evidence? I'd much rather read that coversation. Your current system of downvoting and bullying is a little lacking for all parties involved.
    Don't fear, it's just the internet.
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    Desertor reacted to Bulletpoint in M8 the Killer   
    I understand he is a guy who likes to share information that's not always correct, but I never got the impression that it was out of malice. I have to say that I never saw him insult or attack any other user on this forum, despite some pretty toxic comments thrown his way. I know this is really none of my business, so don't start a bar fight. Just thought I would add my two cents.
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    Desertor reacted to SgtHatred in Another pro-Putin hit song (or maybe propaganda) Significant lyrics   
    I prefer this one.

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    Desertor reacted to AttorneyAtWar in Trenchant analysis of post-Soviet playbook & why Crimea's not the same   
    Obama is a reptoid and has already enslaved everyone in the U.S. its too late for us Do Right, travel to Europe, warn them of what is to come!
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    Desertor got a reaction from Do Right in Trenchant analysis of post-Soviet playbook & why Crimea's not the same   
    Do Right, You're one of a kind, there is no way a woman working with teenagers with problems would know the existence of the Panzerhaubitze 2000, let alone how the pattern of the failing rounds looks like. If you want to make me happy you better put a pic of your face in your profil, otherwise I call you cheese. :-)
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    Desertor got a reaction from Do Right in Trenchant analysis of post-Soviet playbook & why Crimea's not the same   
    Yes? why quote an unrelated phrase then?
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    Desertor got a reaction from Do Right in Trenchant analysis of post-Soviet playbook & why Crimea's not the same   
    What do you mean Luke? If you have nothing to say better remain silent... I think you are taking a dangerous path, you didn't like the advice I gave you about JK ? How old are you? 16? HistoryLover aka Steiner was Banned well before DoRight ever came here, so she doesn't know him.
    You think being a Beta tester makes you another level of human being? Get a life troll...
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    Desertor got a reaction from LukeFF in Abrahams in da house   
    Well, after a somehow confusing episode involving arty, smoke and close range encounter among two main battle tanks lasing and firing like mad my Abrahams, HQ of the whole task force ended inside a two storied house... I was playing RT in one of the stock scenario. First time it happened to me in 14 years of CM...
    And sure I saved the file.
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    Desertor reacted to vincere in Trenchant analysis of post-Soviet playbook & why Crimea's not the same   
    Yep... join the dots up.... maybe ex panzer grenadier who had a sex change to work in Berlin.
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    Desertor got a reaction from LukeFF in Rockets   
    My opponent spent at least three modules of cheap rockets as pre-planned fire mission on the forest where two teams of scouts where hiding... I was shocked at first, but only two soldiers were blessed. Later on he almost lost a T-34 to the survivors and at least three of his troops were down.
    Not only the barrage was not worth the points, but also gave him a false sense of confidence. His soldiers were running when mine opened fire...
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    Desertor reacted to Nidan1 in Trenchant analysis of post-Soviet playbook & why Crimea's not the same   
    This technology is viable, but it's still decades away. Like most other plans for "Green Energy",  R&D is expensive, the market is not there to support it, and fossil fuels are becoming cheaper and cleaner.
    Don't know if that observation is trenchant enough for this thread, but it seems to follow the new direction.
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    Desertor reacted to Sublime in Abrahams in da house   
    Desertor I wish I could have my T90s do that - they'd be javelin proof. However seeing as how the Abrams is a rolling death machine in almost all of my battles I feel bad for you, that tank is basically useless. Mission kill by housing.
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    Desertor reacted to Thewood1 in Trenchant analysis of post-Soviet playbook & why Crimea's not the same   
    Zoiks...I just checked this thread out.  You ever start reading a book and flip the cover over to make sure its the book you thought it was...this thread.
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    Desertor reacted to Sixxkiller in Abrahams in da house   
    In Los Angeles I would kill to be able to park in a building.
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    Desertor reacted to Childress in Must have feature for the TacAI -> Area Target   
    I can think of a situation, common in all the CM titles, where providing the AI with area firing capability improves realism. There are scenarios in which the battlefield is dominated by a tall building or a church steeple or windmill. The first thing a human player does is send an FO team scrambling up to the top floor. Where it remains, enjoying total immunity from speculative fire from the enemy. Against another human opponent? Fughedabouit
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