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  1. Yeah, that must be it. Not sure which one I'd prefer on the shooting range. Probably the open sight. Must check my World of Guns-game, whether they have Czech/Yugo Kar98's with the open sight.
  2. It sure is. What a waste of good men. The details on the actions on both sides are really something special. Two elite units head on against each other.
  3. Perhaps not an orginal front sight? Standard front sight is oval and closed.
  4. Especially the contact between the Fallschirmjäger and the British grenadiers during the cease fire (to help the wounded and remove the fallen) near Monte Cassino castle is rather moving.
  5. Agreed. That's why the roundhead is on my ignore list. As suggested he should do me the same courtesy. Problem solved.
  6. Freyberg, I admit those links were a mistake, not because of the content (it simply is the truth), but the background and cheap, sensational approach of the whole site. It was the result of a quick google search. What annoys me is the censorship of the 'politically correct' nowadays. Despite our beloved freedom of speech, some things are just forbidden to mention and that worries me. As long as it is pro-climate, left wing and anti-patriotic everything can be said nowadays, even insulting and intimidating others. Fortunately I'm not easily intimated.
  7. No, it's just your empty head talking. And sorry to mention it, but isn't this abusive behaviour, moderator? Time for a warning, me thinks.
  8. That's true, mj. And my confidence in this great community still stands like a rock. All in good time. I just expected more from BF, but like MikeyD says that time has past. Must accept that, i guess.😎
  9. Well, i did buy the Rome module after all, despite the missing Goumiers and Gurkhas. For me their absence proves that loyalty is indeed not necessary, since BF is only milking the Italian cow to death, without giving us what we really want. Imagine a module with Gurkhas and Goumiers! Would have been so much more interesting. Harsh words, but that's my judgement about this module. Why i still bought it? Because i want BF to keep producing new games and modules. I know they wouldn't have missed my money, but there it is.
  10. Poles are great to have. Free French less so, since the best part of them, the Goumiers, are missing. Same goes for the indians/Gurkhas. And Brazilians? Were did they fight exactly? I' m no expert on the Italian campaign, but i never read anything about them. Must have been after the fall of Rome. Half full or not, i consider this to be a very strange decision by BF. Especially after the years and years they spent making it. Thanks to our great modders the Goumiers are coming. Hopefully the Gurkhas can also be modded.
  11. Another disappointment after the missing Goumiers. I expected a more complete module after such a long wait. Khukuri knifes weren't used that often. It's more a part of the Gurkha legend. Brave soldiers, but not enough to scare the tough German fallschirmjaeger and Panzergrenadiere. The Gurkhas should have been in though.
  12. Are there Gurkhas available in the Rome module? And if not, what's the excuse for that?
  13. Great eye witness accounts from the German and British soldiers that fought there.
  14. I'm reading about the actions of the French expeditionary corps in january 1944. Didn't realize they were that good. Practically swept the German 5th mountain division aside, which btw had little experience in mountain warfare, despite their name. But still, very impressive and a convincing argument why the Goumiers should have been in this module. Fortunately we will have them anyway, thanks to mjkerner and Falaise!
  15. Happened all the time. On all sides. Would be a cool feature to have.
  16. The stay behind man...sounds clever. Interesting stuff, John, thanks!
  17. Sounds very painful, mj, speedy recovery with your arm. I'm delighted to hear you make such a serious job of all this. Take your time and please ignore my greedy behaviour. Didn't realize the complexity of all this. Makes me appreciate your work even more!
  18. I feel ashamed to ask this question, guys, but when can we expect this great mod? Really looking forward to this. 🙂 Yeah, bought the module. 😬 Mainly for this mod. In the coming weeks I have other gaming obligations, but during the Holidays it would be great to have the Goumiers in the module.
  19. Great stuff, Falaise, but more beards are a must, i think.
  20. The Roundhead is on my ignore list and his empty one-liners do not interest me. I hope he will do me the same courtesy.
  21. Sounds very promising, mj. They may have been ruffians, but they do belong in this module. Great work on your part and much appreciated. Also for me the reason i was looking for to buy this module.
  22. So we may have Goumiers after all? That would be great. Then all we need is a voice mod.
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