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  1. My wife is heartbroken. So is her family. What a tragedy. Just read that a woman, working for the Ministry of feminine affairs has been executed. Many will follow, no matter what the Taliban promises.
  2. You're right, Phil. Sorry about that. I don't see JM's mods yet, could you perhaps post some screenshots?
  3. I take it you mean 'ignorant' instead of 'innocent', Erwin. But yeah, I agree fully.
  4. Fully agree. Dirlewanger brigade was scum. Also many thanks to JM and the above mentioned people!
  5. Magnificent, Phil, thank you! I don´t see JM´s stuff yet, but that will take some time, I guess.
  6. I've recieved Battle for the Bocage, Normandy 1944: Point 103, Tilly-sur-Seulles and Villers Bocage by Tim Saunders today. Doesn't contain much news, but well done like all his books. I would like to see Saunders widen his scope to other theaters of war though.
  7. Churchill trusted Stalin as far as he could throw him and vice versa. It was Roosevelt who delivered hundreds of millions in Stalin's claws. I think Churchill would have prevented that if he could, but Roosevelt preferred Stalin over Churchill. God knows why.
  8. Since you don't react on my pm, I will answer you here. No, my 'assumption' isn't groundless. There's a strong and in many respects justified tendency to condemn everything that has to do with the Germans during ww2. This even goes so far as to justify the terror bombing of cities like Dresden or Berlin. "They deserved it". Well, yes and no, but okay, we can all understand where that comes from. I think we can all agree that Germany has been punished enough and has learned it´s lessons, being one of the most exemplary and just democracies in the world today. But when it comes to condemning the Soviet/Russian past of terror, war mongering and mass murder you lot remain silent. Even now a forum member simply denies Stalin's guilt in the Holodomor and practically denies/justifies the whole massacre (the famine in the Ukraine in 1930-1933 that cost the lifes of millions of people) and many other Soviet crimes no doubt, I don't see ANY indignation or anger on your part. Hence my assumption, you see?
  9. What difference does it make how they were called by the communist propaganda machine? They were poor, hard working farmers, who hardly had a piece of land and if they were lucky, a cow or a pig. And they were starved and tormented to death by the millions, in many cases driven to cannibalism. Between 4 to 8 million of them, men, women, children, perished in the most horrible way and we are discussing how Stalin chose to brand them.
  10. For me CM is more about recreating history and studying tactics, than winning or losing. Though I prefer winning of course, since losing can really ruin one's self-respect.
  11. Silly question probably, but is it possible to PBEM against yourself?
  12. That's why they should refuse fat people in re-enactment groups. It looks ridiculous. I'm convinced Stalin had his own version of Barbarossa in mind, but then in the other direction. I often wonder what would have happened when the Red army had attacked in the summer of 1940 for example, while the Germans were busy with their Blitzkrieg in the west. Hitler took quite a gamble, which was of course typical for him. He was a reckless poker player, while Stalin was a cautious chess player.
  13. This is basically a very decent community. After a while you will even find some great people here, I promise you. Personally I don't play PBEM because I don't like the time pressure, but I know many here do. Anyway, welcome mate, whatever your region is and give it some more time.
  14. Already did. Several times. It's not exactly a new book, you know.
  15. I don't see much difference between a holocaust denier, and someone who denies the holodomor and Stalin's other crimes, do you, Probus? Wart? Freyberg? Sid? Dbsapp? Erwin? Anyone?
  16. Thank you so much. You like to add something, dbsapp? Anyone else something funny to say?
  17. What he's saying is that it didn't happen, the Soviet attrocities, that is. Don't you, DMS? Just the German attrocities.
  18. In that case I would recommend reading "Bloodlands", you might have heard of the book...
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