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  1. I don't really see what the issue is, at least for some conversions...for all of the games I've bought, I've converted most of the maps to CMRT...I've paid for the maps, have I not? For games I haven't bought, I've downloaded a few user-made maps, mainly to see if they could be converted. So far all of the maps I tried could be converted other than CMBN, none of which worked. That said, I would not distribute converted maps, at least unless I was sure that the recipient already had the game from which the maps were converted.
  2. OK, no rush, whenever it is ready. It will be worth it!
  3. wow, amazing map. When it is finished, or close to finished, will you post a link? I'd like to include it in my CMRT map database.
  4. Excellent interview which helps humanize the too-often faceless Red Army, and a real tribute to what the Russians were willing and able to do to defeat the Nazis.
  5. Also, has anyone had any luck converting CMBN maps to CMRT? I could not get any of them to work; I thought the problem might have been maps with bocage, but after removing them I still could not get any of the other maps to convert. CMBS maps also convert to CMRT, but I don't have the game so was only able to convert a few player-made maps that I found online.
  6. After a long delay, I've updated the CMRT Map DB to include recent maps as well as campaign maps--almost 90 more maps in all. I've also replaced some of the dark, night scenario 3D images with daytime images. Here is the new DB: CMRT DB v2.3 (note that because of file size, to download you might need to right-click and select "Save link as...") Here is the changelog with a list of new maps: CMRT Map DB Changelog This will probably be the last update for the DB in this format--the file is getting too big to work with easily (about 800 MB), so adding very many more maps might not be feasible. For more maps, in addition to the upcoming CMRT module (whenever that might be), I've converted many of the maps from CMFI and CMFB into CMRT maps (about 300 maps in all), and at some point I'd like to add all of them to the DB. To do so, however, I think I might need to link to the image files in a directory rather than embed them in the DB file, which would take a lot of time... Let me if you have comments or requests, or if I have not attributed authorship for any of the maps correctly.
  7. @IanL Thanks Ian; for now though, the problem has not recurred so I'm going to let sleeping dogs lie. If the problem comes back I will try that, although in the past the problem still occurred when I used the default hotkeys. But I think when that happened there might have been two hotkeys files--one in the User folder and one somewhere else, maybe in the mods folder.
  8. Yeah, based on the old CMx1 hotkeys. At one point I thought it might have been that I had duplicate hotkeys, but now I don't think that was it. This is a good point--I looked at this too--at least at one point I had two hotkeys files in different directories. I deleted one, but am not sure if that fixed it yet (part of the problem is that I have two computers and get mixed up what fixes I've tried on each one). This is certainly worth looking into more. I guess I shouldn't complain, but I haven't had this problem in almost a month now, so maybe it is fixed. But probably not, now that I've jinxed myself!
  9. Yes, I have two totally separate computers, with different mice, different monitors, different graphics cards, different operating systems, and it happens on both, although it seems to happen more often on my Win7 machine. But I don't think it has anything to do with any of those factors--as described in one of my posts above, I'm convinced it has something to do with the hotkeys file, although I'm not sure quite what. In any event, whenever I got rid of the hotkey file, it seemed to stop for good. The problem is I won't play this game without hotkeys.
  10. That's the thing, I've had the problem on two different computers, with different video cards. This computer has an NVidia GeForce GTX 960, my other computer also has a Geforce, but I forget which model.
  11. Sometime this works, sometimes it doesn't. I think it is somehow connect to the hotkeys file, but haven't figure out exactly how. I have not had this problem in a few weeks now, so maybe the evil map-spinning demons have been exercised from my computer.
  12. I seem to be using Java Version 8, Update 121 (build 1.8.0_121-b13). Whatever that means... It doesn't sound like it is worth figuring out what the problem is if it works for everyone else, who knows, maybe an anti-virus issue (although you'd think it would totally block it if that were the case) or god knows what. Although on the last campaign I did, only one scenario resulted, and in all campaigns the last scenario has been corrupted. So I might just ask if someone could send me the extracted scenarios...any volunteers? No big rush. Thanks for your help.
  13. So far I've been able to do two campaigns, with the following results: 1) each campaign took several hours to unpack--we're talking 5-8 hours. 2) the Campaign_Listing.xml file was not created for either campaign (but I don't need it, so that's OK); and 3) the final scenario in each campaign was corrupted, or at least crashed CMRT when I tried to open it. So something ain't right. Pretty weird, especially since it seems to work for everyone else. I guess it is something on my system, but frankly am not inclined to spend the hours necessary to track it down. I will gradually unpack the campaigns that I have, and maybe ask someone to send me the final scenario in each campaign (assuming that these files for the remaining campaigns will also be corrupted).
  14. Well, the program has spit out three scenarios for one campaign, but it took several hours. In fact it is still running now, or at least I cannot delete the relevant campaign file to start another, because Win10 tells me that the file is being used by Java. Also, I can't find the process in the Windows task manager to kill it so I guess I'll have to wait for it to stop, whenever that will be. Also, for some reason, I've never gotten an xml file; I don't need it, but it does make me think that something is not right with Scan_Cade on my computer. I'll try a second campaign file in the morning if the first one is finished by then.
  15. Got it; that's what I thought but wanted to check if I was missing something obvious. Will try tonight and report back later. Thanks much for your help.
  16. Mad Mike, thanks for your tips, will try shortly--but first one more question--when I unzip the download package, there is a subfolder called "source". Does the executable jar file have to be in the same directory as the "source" directory when I run it?
  17. heh, I know how frustrating it can be...I've had all sorts of weird problems with this game. Держись!
  18. Thanks IanL; I've got version 1.8, which is a few years old but the latest I've found. I click on the jar file, it creates a couple of folders, spits out one scenario file, and that's it... And sorry, but don't know what you mean when you ask if the campaigns are "properly listed"? All of the ones I mentioned are on that site, plus I found a few more, so that's good. No rush at all, but if I can't figure out a way to get Scan_Cade to work, maybe we could figure out some way for me to get the scenario files at some point.
  19. So you never heard back from support? At this point I've got to think that that is the way to go... And CMRT used to run on the same computer? How long ago?
  20. Hi, I've never used Scan_Cade before, but now am trying to use it to unpack all of the CMRT campaigns into scenarios. But I can't get it to work under Win10 with the latest version of CMRT... Anyone else having this problem? Generally, it will only create on scenario file for each campaign, and even then the scenario file is often corrupted (or at least it crashes CMRT for me). If I can't get Scan_Cade to work, can anyone point me to or send me the individual scenario files for any of the following campaigns? Zitadelle-Dragonwynn The Last Panzer-Dragonwynn Rattenkrieg-Dragonwynn Kampgruppe von Schroif-GeorgeMC Rokossovky's Impasse-The Phantom Also, does anyone know if the campaigns included in the game (Hammers Flank, Blunting the Spear) use unique maps, or do they use maps already included in other scenarios/Quick Battle maps? I'm trying to do another update of my CMRT map database (see link in my sig), and would finally like to include campaign maps as well; map authorship is indicated in the database.
  21. Yeah, not sure why it didn't work. I hadn't used it before, but with every CMRT scenario that I tried it on, it only spit out one scenario, and none of the fancy campaign branches, etc. No big deal but I would like to include the various maps in my map DB (see link in my sig).
  22. Dragonynn, are the separate scenario files for this campaign available anywhere? I tried to unpack it with Scan_Cade but only one scenario--Hill 218--resulted.
  23. To answer my own question, I found a couple of CMBS maps online and was able to convert them to CMRT with no problems--they are pretty cool.
  24. Yeah, I have not been able to get any CMBN maps to work in CMRT (although I don't have MG)...has anyone gotten this to work? Also, can anyone confirm that there is not a similar problem converting CMBS maps to CMRT?
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