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  1. Fair enough,. although as mentioned the fact is that there are plenty of fanbois on this forum, and the poster in question simply noted their existence without labeling anyone as such, so I'm not sure who would have objected, especially to the extent of, for instance, drawing-and-quartering or other medieval tortures.
  2. Yes, but the problem is that many newish posters on the forum were not been around as those issues that were hashed and rehashed many times (often many years ago); sometimes "supporters" respond respectfully but as often as not they respond with an unwarranted degree of exasperation and condescension for bringing such and such topic up again. I suspect that if you're seeing less back-and-forth than you expected, it is because people with critical questions or comments just don't post as often. As you point out, on other forums this board's reputation is that it is not welcoming of crit
  3. Please speak for yourself. The fact is that there are plenty of fanbois on this forum, and they do not encourage candid discussion of the game. If the fanbois don't like labels perhaps they should stop labeling everyone that voices the slightest criticism as a hater or troll. I'm happy to hear a wide variety of opinions on this forum.
  4. Says the guy spouting off about "bolshie lovers" and "red bastards"? Seriously? And ignorant about what, exactly? I've lived in Germany for five years and in Russia for 15 years, so know both countries reasonably well. I've read hundreds of books about the Eastern Front, so don't really consider myself ignorant about the war either. Spent four years in the army, so know something about military stuff... So what please enlighten me how you are so much better informed that I am? Or perhaps are you one of those people that considers anyone that doesn't agree with them "ignorant"?
  5. Actually most of us Bolshie lovers won't get too upset, because those red bastards got the last laugh, so to speak, and we are too-well-used-to wargame developers pandering to players that glorify the German military. That said, I have no idea why you'd consider that "honoring the last stand of the Wehrmacht" would be more "fair" than honoring those that defeated Nazism after it had treacherously invaded their country? Weird...
  6. I like a lot of the suggestions...but please not this one...there can only be one CMBB!
  7. Yeah, understood and probably a wise move. That said, IMHO Fire and Rubble is rather blah--is this set in stone or is it a temporary placeholder?
  8. The screenshots are definitely nice and appreciated--didn't mean to come across as unappreciative--but without more they mainly drew reactions from all of the usual suspects.
  9. Yes, we've been told that at least quite a bit of Lend-Lease equipment has been added, although I can't speak to when/if screenshots will be available.
  10. Thanks for the good vibes. The new screenshots look good, although without more they don't mean much IMHO. I don't think that many here doubt that some work is happening on the CMRT module, or that it will be released at some point. And I have to say that the new screenshots didn't exactly set the forum on fire...
  11. hmm, ok; not perfect but definitely better than nothing.
  12. Not sure that I understand correctly, but it doesn't seem like a "copy move" command would work, because the various vehicles would encounter curves in the road, etc., at different points in their move and so would drive off the road? Or am I missing something?
  13. I played GTOS many years ago, and for reasons I don't recall didn't care much for it. I haven't tried GTOS...sounds interesting, but I understand that it doesn't have a map editor, which would be a deal breaker for me--is that correct?
  14. Of course not; all reasonable efforts should be made to ensure accurate OOBs/TO&E, but everyone should recognize the limits of historicity.
  15. As a follow-up to the TO&E discussion, tonight I started reading what looks to be an interesting book about German production and manning levels on the Eastern Front (Enduring the Whirlwind https://www.amazon.com/Enduring-Whirlwind-Russo-German-1941-1943-Wolverhampton-ebook/dp/B073WF9S9W/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3PHB33HR9452B&keywords=enduring+the+whirlwind&qid=1570496974&sprefix=enduring+the+wh%2Caps%2C148&sr=8-1) The question the book seeks to answer is: ""Did the German war effort in the East fail due to the numerical inferiority of German forces and an inability to replace los
  16. As IanL says, no date estimate, but I've be surprised if it came out before mid 2020, and later is certainly possible. Note that the various quotes in this thread that "'We're very sure it will be before the end of this year" are referring to 2018, so that I would not give any weight to that at all.
  17. Agreed. I think that this is also correct to a certain extent, but I would think that a lot of the old topics would continue to be discussed as new players join the forum who had not participated in the many past discussions. But that does not seem to be happening; seems like either new members are reviewing old forum content without further discussion (which frankly doesn't seem especially likely) or the topics simply aren't being discussed.
  18. I don't mind having them, but I don't think that getting the TO&E right for different types of units is as easy as you suggest; just on the German side, you have Wehrmacht, SS, Fallschirmjager, Mountain troops, Luftwaffe, Panzergrenadier, Fusilier, etc. etc. all of them changing over time, both in terms of OOBs and TO&Es), then add in the umpteen Allied armies in Italy (or wherever). MikeyD implies that it was very difficult indeed for R2V, and I have no reason to doubt him. Based on WWII research that I've done, one of the issues is that there is a lot of conflicting information out
  19. Honestly, I find it hard to understand how anyone as involved in this game as you are to say that a historical sim cannot be "too historical"? Every game developer, especially those as small as BF, has very limited resources and must strike a constant balance between what is actually historically relevant for their games and what is not. For instance, has BF done thorough research about the boots of all of the combatant nations during World War II? Is sole wear being modeled properly, and are bootlaces the right color, and fraying to the correct degree based on manufacturing procedur
  20. Well, what I own and what are on my hard drive currently are two very different questions, but currently: TOAW IV, several Panzer Campaigns games, several Battlefront games (including CMBB), CMANO, COTD, CSME, Desert War, Empires in Arms, FOG2, SoW Waterloo, SoW Gettysburg, SP, and ASL (via VASL). I own a couple dozen more games but haven't played them in years. Regarding my comments about not many units and formations, little to edit: First, I think that the current unit offerings in the base games are tolerable, but not generous. I'd be happy to pay for more units via modules but mo
  21. Well, I'm not really threatening...for it to constitute a threat, I would have to have some expectation that the recipient (BF) would change its behavior based on my statements. But I have no such expectations, I've been around long enough to know that BF is gonna do what it's gonna do... But honestly, I would think that they would at least be curious why a long time hard-care tactical wargamer and customer is losing interest in their products. Given that many people don't seem to understand the points I'm trying to make, I've had to repeat them several times, although I'll try to stop soon
  22. That is why many games use DLCs or in BF-speak, modules, to add additional content to existing games.
  23. Yes and no...according to MikeyD, BF apparently also incurs a lot of brain damage determining OOBs and TO&Es for formations that I doubt anyone ever uses. I was simply suggesting that they could lighten their load by focusing on the OOBs and TO&Es for the basic building blocks (platoons and companies) rather than a lot of larger formations of limited utility to anyone. Not sure with what my front preferences have to do with not liking it when games cover very narrow time frames and only a handful of units? I'd feel the same way if I preferred Normandy, Battle of the Bulge,
  24. This is more or less my position as well, although I would add that I'd like full-year weather sooner rather than later as well, and that I'm happy paying for modules with additional content rather than a patch, as long as they are provided in something like a timely fashion. As a similar matter, while CMRT features lots of units that I'd never consider using in a scenario, it does not include such items as assault rafts. The Soviets conducted many, many river crossings during Bagration and its aftermath, so their presence is missed. Yes, I understand that rafts would require oodles of
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