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  1. Whoa, there is a huge difference between supporting the "big biz guys" and supporting companies like HPS that sell over-priced programs that just don't work even a decade after release. While admittedly I wish there were more, there are quite a few small developers that put out quality products that work for a reasonable price. Hard to believe in this day and age that HPS can't be bother to set up a forum, although maybe that would just go to show that no ones plays their games... No respect from me. Besides putting out a game that remains broken a decade after release, the guy's ab
  2. This has been my experience with Tigers Unleashed. Very expensive game, didn't work at all for years. Now I've heard that it sort of does, but I couldn't care enough to re-install it. And the dev is the worst I've ever seen at communication--basically ZERO communication with the player community--as in not a single forum post, etc.--despite turning out expensive, half-baked games. I'll certainly never buy anything from that guy again.
  3. What is this dxcfg program? I have Version 1.04 from Battlefront and have two graphics problems: 1) the screen resolution is too long and narrow; I've tried changing the game's resolution, but the only other available options were worse; and 2) the in-game graphics are much clunkier than I remember them being, they look almost like lego models... Any tips?
  4. Wow, not my thing but pretty impressive...good luck with that!
  5. OK, I'll bite...what is this Heaven & Earth of which you speak?
  6. But of course that marketing tactic works best if you then proceed to actually offer product for the client to purchase on a regular basis, rather than waiting six years between doses! Just sayin'...
  7. I have it, PM me your e-mail and I can send it over.
  8. OK, I'd actually probably buy maps as well 😇, but not scenarios! I usually don't even play the scenarios that come with the game, I make up my own little skirmishes using existing maps.
  9. I understand, but I hope that you can appreciate that with what looks to be six years between the release of a base game and the first module for it...well, it might be a bit optimistic to hope for much beyond borderline indifference. As I've said, I will certainly buy it, but my reaction is more likely to be "meh, it's about **** time" rather than "YIPPEEE" (or "URAAAAH" as the case might be). Honestly, Battlefront seems stretched too thin. In the several years since CMRT came out, I would have gladly bought any number (3? 6? 10?) of modules, vehicle packs, etc) that Battlefront br
  10. I've tried man, I've tried. No can do...just looking at Shermans and M3 halftracks put me to sleep... 😁
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, I will take a look. At this point not demanding super-realism, although I'm not really a fan of RTS.
  12. First of all, all that I have specifically asked them to do (actually I only seconded Aragorn's request) is to provide a revised release estimate for the CMRT module. And yes, I expect them to be able to do that at this point. More broadly, Freyberg is correct that there have been a fair number of releases since SF was released...unfortunately I have zero interest in modern warfare so have not bought CMBS or SF2. I have bought most of the WWII content to support Battlefront, but don't actually play anything other than CMRT. Although by now I don't really play CMRT either...the fa
  13. Well, technically in that post they were talking about the end of 2018 AFAIK ("...however we're very sure it will be before the end of the year."), but whatever... Indeed. But given that we've been waiting for this module for more than five years, the last status update was almost fifteen months ago, and the main milestones noted in that post (release of SF2 & R2V) have now been achieved, I don't think that it is unreasonable to request a revised estimate. And maybe it is just me, but frankly I find the "make up your own, it doesn't matter" response a little disrespectful to lon
  14. Heh, I'm not sure that I have either--I don't even have SF2--I think I just assumed one, since it is the newest game. Sorry if I got you all excited!
  15. OK, and I forgot that their is another CMFB module as well. So modules for CMRT, CMBS, CMFB and SF2...I wonder roughly how long for those, and then what? My concern is that these 4 modules will take another 3-4 years.
  16. I'm also rather curious about what's next, after the CMRT module... As I understand, the Western Front is more or less finished, unless they move to the desert war, or France 1940, neither of which seem particularly likely. There is of course, a vast amount of remaining material for the Eastern Front, but, along with the five year pace for the first CMRT Module, I've seen nothing about work having started on even the "Kursk" game, much less earlier periods. At this pace, I almost certainly won't live to see CM: Barbarossa. And then there are modules for CMBS and SF2, which again, at
  17. Yeah, but this module was billed as not only covering 1945, but rounding out the forces from 1944, when partisans were very relevant. Regarding force packs, as I've said I'd be happy to buy one with partisans, but honestly if I have to wait another 5 years for it, I don't think I'll care any more. And again, the fact that the vast majority of content for this one seems like it is being recycled from other games/ modules is rather disappointing. I remember when the CMx2 engine came out, when Battlefront said that they'd be able to put out several modules a year, etc. Haha. Five plu
  18. An update about partisans would also be nice! Given that it seems like most of the other content (late war German vehicles, lend-lease, etc.) has already been created for other games/modules, it would sure be nice to get some unique East Front units such as partisans... I'd also be happy to buy partisans in a separate battlepack or whatever, as long as we don't have to wait another five years for it.
  19. That thing looks like a suicide mission waiting to happen...
  20. So are these any different from the versions from this site? I could get my Battlefront version of CMBB to run on Win10, but the resolution was weird. How is resolution with the GOG version?
  21. Wow, they did a beautiful job, amazing that that clunker is running!
  22. Yeah, I guess, although we wouldn't need animations of frantic paddling, I'd be happy if they sat placidly in the boats during the crossing. As to too few use cases--not sure about that... There were lots of cross-river attacks, including on the eastern front, although the Russians were as likely to use crude rafts or even logs as assault boats. But some way of crossing rivers other than on bridges would open up lots of new scenarios. Personally I would much rather have features which allow different types of scenarios (partisans, assault boats) rather umpteen variations of the Pzk
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