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  1. In the book, Sherman Firefly by Mark Hayward (Barbarossa Books) this photo is captioned: A Firefly of an unknown unit, 1st January 1945, in a photograph taken by Sergeant Smith in Germany (probably Gangelt). Gangelt is about 8 km west of Geilenkirchen, north of Aachen. Tank Museum 2996/D5
  2. I agree with you that CM "historical" scenarios are, at best, a close approximation, although a lot of **** happens to me when I play them! I just like the fact that you can "measure", so to speak, historically based scenarios by reading up on them. Something you can't do with scenarios that never happened.
  3. Interesting that there seems to be greater support for science-fictiony, it-never- actualy-happened stuff rather than historical based scenarios.
  4. Oh yes! Although I believe it is currently billed as Steel Tigers. Steel Panthers, when it first came out, was without peer. And it was originally supposed to have a we-go option which, sadly was dropped. Maybe the new iteration will be we-go; I really hope so.
  5. The caption says that the tanks come from the 709th Tank Battalion which was supporting the 75th Division during the Colmar fighting.
  6. Salerno by Eric Morris; Hutchinson & Co 1983 Anzio 44: an unexpected fury by Peter Verney; B T Batsford Ltd 1978 Both books are very readable; bring the action down to detailed tactical level and have numerous first-hand accounts as well as black and white maps.
  7. I'm sure you are right and I will be looking forward to them but it would be good to see the new features, especially the AI routines, applied to new or revised scenarios for BN and FB.
  8. Seems unlikely given the short time that ver.4 has been available but if you know of one I'd be grateful for a pointer to where it is. I wonder if you are thinking of the new 'Finnish' campaign - that was finished in Ver.4 but has none of the new features included.
  9. There is, AFAIK, only one ver. 4.0 scenario currently available; Mark Ezra's excellent Last Defence. Is there a decent likelihood of ver. 4.0 scenario packs appearing for the five CM families? If so, and I certainly hope so, then can they please have the maximum number of AI plans built into them, as Mark has done with his, to add maximum replay value to them.
  10. Currently have this fired up and really enjoying it. POTENTIAL SPOILERS The ford on the extreme left flank, from the US perspective, seems a little, well, deep. I was surprised to see a whole squad and a Hellcat happily crossing - totally underwater! Pretty sure that they didn't have frogman kit.
  11. Sadly that is the effect that it is having on me. Anything larger than a Tiny or Small battle and I break out in a cold sweat. So much micro-management required to get things to happen as you would want. And, if you are playing H to H against a half-decent player, you have to do that if you want a chance of winning. At least playing against the AI is a bit easier, as it isn't trying to be 'clever' and often delivers an opponent that exhibits behaviour closer to the reality of combat that I have read about.
  12. Indeed. Similar to ideas myself and others have suggested but which have been roundly rejected time and again. Not only by BFC, to be fair, but by several forumites. Much more restricted knowledge of the enemy and much tougher command and control of friendly forces are the equivalent of the Holy Grail to me and, it seems, about as likely to appear.
  13. Thanks Steve. Initially followed Ian's advice and that did the job.
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