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  1. Just checking in to make sure everything got "migrated", I can still post, etc. So far, so good.
  2. I did not, since I wasn't sure if they would be a waste of points. It was a brutal, bloody fight (as can be seen in the AAR I linked). Art made excellent use of TRPs. He's a crafty opponent, for sure.
  3. The game (finally) ended in a Draw on August 11th. I've been off these forums (shame on me) for a while, so I thought I better post something before I get auto-deleted for inactivity (if that even happens here). Good game, Art! Here is a link to the Ladder report submitted by Art on Few Good Men (I'm Meat Grinder there.....obviously). :-) http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/threads/new-ladder-report-submitted.26384/
  4. Yea, and it's possible your three flaming T-90s will light the sky as funeral pyres for your many Russian dead soldat. Not getting involved in the subject of this thread, as I really don't know sh*t about modern. Just ribbing Art a bit on our game. ;-)
  5. A very practical and informative answer! Thanks, IICptMillerII . One last question.....are Drones any good in Thick Haze?
  6. I don't want to reveal what I plan to do in this case, as I understand my esteemed opponent frequents this forum. Thanks for the advice, men.
  7. @gnarly I happen to love the "trash talking" (i.e. psychological warfare). Art seems to be well versed.....
  8. So, I'm not a modern player at all. Only played a few games against the AI and one PBEM. Starting a new QB PBEM with me attacking (Probe, actually) as the Yanks against the Soviets, er...I mean Russians. My opponent is a skilled player with a lot of experience playing Black Sea. I have a lot of WW2 CM experience, but not modern. So, he set the weather to random, and it came up Thick Haze. It's a dawn attack. Looks like I get 16k+ points to purchase with. So.......should I buy any aircraft or drones, or would the Thick Haze make them useless (like it would in WW2)? I already know I'm probably in for a shellacking, but I don't want to waste purchase points.
  9. I got the upgrade bundle and everything seems to be working fine now.
  10. Pretty much this. Interestingly, a similar thread recently came up on the Few Good Men forums. My personal "house rules" regarding this are: No pre-planned arty (even with a delay) or TRPs for either side in a meeting engagement. No pre-planned arty (even with a delay) for the defender in a probe/attack/assault. Pre-planned arty (even arty landing on the first turn) is fine for the attacker in a probe/attack/assault. Always remember to discuss house rules when you are playing an opponent for the first time, as opinions differ. For example, I recently played in a tourney where my 2nd round opponent used turn one arty in a meeting engagement (not in my setup zone, but still.....). I had forgotten to discuss "house rules" with him before we started, so that's on me.
  11. Those are some great features, Steve. Thanks for the head's up.
  12. Yea, it's a ginormous, fairly flat farmland map. Meeting engagement. My oppo is gonna have fun with this turkey shoot.
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