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  1. This book - bit pricey though - Commanding the Red Army's Sherman Tanks: The World War II Memoirs of Hero of the Soviet Union Dmitriy Loza - is good for tactical insight into how they were used. Lots of action at CM level as well. rare as not often you get these sorts of accounts in English. If you read Russian there are lots more to go at. Sadly I don't.
  2. Ah now not so sure re QBs. In the editor you can switch around the sides but I'm not sure if you can do that in a QB (I never play them). I suspect not though. I'll edit my original post.
  3. You can do that now in the editor for scenarios (just switch the sides in the 'data' section then purchase) but I'm not so sure this is possible in the QB selector.
  4. Have you contacted @Bootie and asked for his help in resolving this?
  5. If you search for stuff by @SeinfeldRules over at https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/ you'll find a load of small to medium size CMRT scenarios which might suit you. Small maps, small forces, brilliant wee fights!
  6. All my old CMX1 stuff is still at my website www.blowtorchscenarios.com if interested.
  7. I've used both touch (unknown to player) and occupy for bridge objectives. Players gets points for touching the bridge but unless they can clear the enemy from commanding key terrain unlikely they will be able to occupy (and get more points) without coming under fire - does depend on the terrain on the map though. In fact on one I'm working on just now enemy FOs have LOS to the approaches of the bridge and access to TRPs and a LOT (modules come in as reinforcements) of artillery so they can keep up some harassing fire. Blue player not only has to take the bridges but also clear the enemy from any commanding terrain, including the FOs. Its a massive map as well but with comparatively few units.
  8. A very detailed review and visual examination of the battle of Prokhorovka using period Luftwaffe aerial photographs. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/16161262.2019.1606545?fbclid=IwAR0lXYYhBD_pCOFCLMNWRy3ODIGkbonC73PE1DWxikmPZdEBz9KBSogwSf8& It's worth checking out the NCAP website (the building is in Edinburgh, Scotland) as they have a superb store of Luftwaffe aerial images - useful for scenario map creation. I've used their stuff in the past on the Wittmann scenarios I did for CMBN and also on several CMRT scenarios as references for terrain etc.
  9. I enjoy the length and detail of the accounts. Helps me follow the details of the plan, action and resulting events. Also helps become involved.
  10. It’ll be your graphic card settings. Check out this thread.
  11. You seem to have five guys trying to fit into four holes. You get a better result if the number of guys fits the number of holes I've found.
  12. Brilliant news and great to hear. Aye I was enjoying this one and appreciate the amount of graft to put these things together. вперед!
  13. Welcome back @Bud Backer - looking forward to the continuation of this. Hope and trust all good otherwise with your wife? Best wishes.
  14. Wow! Close call! That was some firefight.
  15. Here ya go - all unpacked https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2/cm-shock-force-campaigns/usmc-forging-steel-the-missions/
  16. Wow! Exciting stuff! And a cliff hanger ending. Brilliant. Can’t wait fir the next instalment. Perfect example of the adage - in any plan the enemy always gets a vote!
  17. Thanks @IICptMillerII much appreciated ta
  18. He! So did I - thought it looked like one of mine but couldn’t figure out which one. Never thought of it being a section of one. Aye my stuff seems to be getting a fair bit of exposure. Like busses- wait fir ages then they all come at once! Great to see stuff being used and enjoyed. I’ll take that thanks
  19. Cheers guys for the kudos. Glad you enjoying it @Heinrich505 I git carried away redoing that map in CMSF2 and took way longer doing it than planned. Then I got started on the AI plans... Hammertime is the original of this and was first done in CMSF1. Be interested how Hammerzeit plays out? I think this is tougher as the German kit is not as robust as the US. M1s and Bradley’s. Thanks again for the extremely positive feedback. Truly appreciated thank you. Cheery!
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