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  1. He! We've all been there! Good to share though and good to hear you did some trouble shooting and worked it out. Cheery!
  2. My pleasure. If you can't resolve why the units are not moving just attach the file here and I can give it a quick look (tomorrow) to see what's up? Cheery!
  3. re 2 have you allocated an AI group to your units e.g. 1st Platoon tanks are AI Group 3 (you do that by using the F1, F2 etc keys whilst in the unit editor) - no units allocated to your AI plan = no unit moving. The other thing, and not being funny but I've done this! Is check that your Red AI plan has actually been created on the red side and not the Blue side... Ask me how I know this can be done easily.... re 3 the area fire (Red is where the unit will aim and attempt to fire on (area fire) if it has LOF. it won't move that to area. So your troops will travel from one AI movement point (the yellow squares) to another and attempt to area fire at the painted area fire targets if they have LOF OR an enemy appears in which case the now sighted enemy becomes the [priority target. Hope this helps - you've just got into a whole new game! Cheery!
  4. If you want to read some research rather than hyped up stuff page 21 of this paper might be useful. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Amos-Wright-Iii/publication/230590819_Methamphetamine_for_Hitler's_Germany_1937_to_1945/links/5a86ebbaaca272017e5a77b7/Methamphetamine-for-Hitlers-Germany-1937-to-1945.pdf?origin=publication_detail summary from above paper: Methamphetamine was synthesized in Germany in 1937 and commercially re- leased in 1938. It became a popular stimu- lant for tired night workers and a recre- ational drug for young people until mid- 1941 when it became a controlled substance. It was abused by the armed forces during World War II when it was distributed by some commanding officers (occasionally over the objections of the units’ physicians) to prevent or treat the fatigue of exhausted troops and thus allow them to survive, de- spite the strict restrictions issued by the Army Inspectorate. There is no evidence for the claim that the use of Pervitin was encouraged by the Nazi government to cre- ate a “superman.” In fact the Health Leader L. Conti strongly discouraged its use.
  5. Hhmm... let me think. Do I know them? Are they dead good at spellun'?
  6. There is a twitter feed (UK Fight Club) which often details how they are using their bespoke version of CMSF2 which some might find of interest. As an example this is one recent post.
  7. Your best bet for this is on-map mortars and you can then create a linked order and area fire to an AI trigger. Its not possible via off-map arty/mortar assets.
  8. Wee video describing threat armour, infantry and aircraft. https://armourersbench.com/2021/04/04/cold-war-british-army-threat-recognition-guide/ There will be an exam later
  9. Did you import the core unit file to each and every mission file? You'll need to do that for every scenario in your campaign- then check and delete any additional units - then resave the file.
  10. Ha! Ha! Yes, errmm well! My pleasure
  11. You would need the core units file and any changes to the experience etc would have to be done in that file. You would then import that core unit file into each mission you want to sue so casualties etc can be synchronised after each mission. I've no idea what the file might be named but it is the mission file that has the campaign briefing in it. You find the file with the campaign briefing you have found the core units file. Make your experience and leadership changes in the core units file then you will need to import that core units file into each and every mission file used in the campaign. Once that is done you can then recompile the campaign. Making changes to each unit in each mission will not work overall in the campaign as you will still need the core units file to compile the campaign and that will for casualties to be tracked will need to be imported into each mission which will overwrite any experience/leadership changes you may have already made. But you need to be careful making changes to core units - experience etc should be fine but watch out renaming units etc.
  12. Game Engine Manual page 113 under 'Making Campaigns' - but maybe missing the point of the question. It sounds like you are trying to recompile the campaign using modified scenario settings. But you'll need a core units file - if you are modifying unit settings you'll need to do it via the core units file, and you'll need a campaign script. It's all explained from page 113. But I'm thinking what you are seeking to do is not going to be possible in the way you perhaps think it is.
  13. Its been a while myself. IIRC its the radio operator who is sitting in the turret. As I said my issue with it is it masquerades as fact i.e. veteran recollections as do many of the books from this publisher when plainly they are not. That's my beef. A great many people not as clued up as you to the history and myths of the Eastern Front will lap it up as fact. I've a vague recollection of him kicking the driver when he is the commander in the turret, which is odd... Given the gunner would be in the way and the driver is just under 3m away...
  14. I’ve no issue with you disagreeing - my key gripe is they masquerade as true stories. Real history. For those less discerning or unable that is an issue as it promulgates myths and a very skewed sense of history. In any case his ability to see through his glass plated Tiger, the incorrect Tiger crew positions, the plainly wrong combat results - T-34/85s unable to KO Tigers when in reality they could deal a works of hurt all really boiled ma piss Even the two books I suggest need to be read with a pinch of a salt and placed in a wider perspective being very German centric views. Just show I’m not averse to embellished narratives I really enjoyed Panzer Aces I when I first read it. Twenty odd years later I see it in a very different light. One book from the other side of the hill worth checking out is Loza’s Commanding The Red Army Sherman Tanks. Again wee pinch of salt but interesting first hand accounts of Soviet Shermans in action. Cheery!
  15. I’d save your money. These pseudo-memoirs are utter tripe. All the books in this series are the same cobbled together mush mash. No relation or bearing to history. Sven Hassel Books would better. At least you know they’re fiction. If you’re looking for first person accounts linked to Tiger’s Otto Carius’s memoirs would be a better option - although he was not above embellishing the narrative! Another good option is Panzer Ace https://www.amazon.co.uk/Panzer-Ace-Commander-Barbarossa-Normandy/dp/1784382663/ref=nodl Freiherr von Rosen. Some selective recall but still an interesting read.
  16. Saw them live at the Nite Club in Edinburgh around 1980 during their tour of this album. Brilliant gig! Ended up wandering around Edinburgh waiting for the first train home trying not to die from cold clad only in my leather jacket and sweat soaked T-shirt. In December. In Scotland, in winter...
  17. Recon in light vehicles was risky in RL as it is in the game
  18. Well vehicle commanders would often dismount to check ahead (terrain recce). Just you can't dismount the commander themself in CM, so the whole crew has to come along. That in itself is risky. I'm not advocating them going all ninja black ops and sneaky pete, but just a wee crawl to cover to check the next terrain bound. Keep me close to their ride so you can still use the radio. Comms and information sharing are key to good recce. Check out @MOS:96B2P excellent work in this regard. The link to the relevant thread is in his signature.
  19. If wide open map then distance is your friend - fast forward to hull down - pause 15s to observe - then reverse. Or dismount crew and move to good place to observe. The have one of their pals fast fwd into view of enemy, pause - very briefly to draw fire (hopefully first shot will miss if at range...), then reverse. This works better if enemy far enough away e.g. 1000m plus. Not so good if very close or oppo is using TRPs in which case first shot could be on target. If close terrain then dismounts better.
  20. He! Seven years ago is yesterday... Defo helps creating a profile with Nividia and having a positive impact in game. Not too much has changed regarding settings with Nvidia, few other new options but you'll figure them out. So the thread will least set you off in the right direction.
  21. @Holien This thread might help get you up and running. I knew there was one out there. Might be others more up to date. What I do is create a profile for the CM game exe in Nvidia Control Panel under 'manage 3D settings'/Programmes.
  22. What @BletchleyGeeksaid But Prokhorovka whilst a pivotal moment on the southern sector was not the decisive material victory claimed by the Soviets. The Soviet anti- tank trench that had stalled LSSAH - that many of Rotmistrovs tanks drove into or veered away from was a key factor. This is one of Dr Ben Wheatly's studies and covers the AT trench that was a pivotal part of the fighting at Prokhorovka in LSSAH sector. NOTE: I first came across this AT trench mention in v.Ribbentrop's account vividly describes the attack in this sector. Tanks from his zug were some of the few KOd in LSSAH sector. I did an old CMBB scenario called 'Born Again' and it had the AT trench in it. Note dropbox link is a short term transfer. https://www.dropbox.com/t/CwElScdTyunlQP9b overall though German losses in the Kursk offensive - especially in men - were serious and losses that would increasingly become harder to replace with quality reinforcements and experienced officers and NCOs. But as importantly it effectively turned the strategic initiative over to the Soviets.
  23. Also check these free research documents https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/16161262.2021.1889278 link to Dr Ben’s Twitter feed
  24. Thank you - appreciated If I have the time and space I'll take a shot at it but defo have bit much on my plate right now otherwise would have done it off the bat
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