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  1. Yeah - I had thought when playtesting it was too easy for Blue as the RED AFVs stuff is a tad outclassed by Blue AFVs. Aye getting the balance is a tough one. I think a few years down the line I've recognised that not every players wants a sufferfest! If you like PM me your email address and I'll fire you the missions and the campaign script via DB and you can amend the experience levels for each mission (or play em as standalones) as to what you like You'd have to go through each mission in the editor and modify the OPFOR experience settings (just select 'typical' and click on each unit it'll automatically change em. Save the mission then compile them and voila - a bespoke campaign ps I would have done that normally but tad tied up with other projects right now.
  2. It was designed as an exercise in frustration. Damned if you do - damned if you don't. But good job in getting a major victory - you can screw this up rather easily - or not if you are careful. Some players like max time. Mind some players are new to this or just want some fun so having lots of time to slowly work out what to do suits some play styles. In truth that was the idea - something straightforward and easy enough to play for those new to the game. Not every scenario has to be a session in existential angst. But in reality you can push through this sooner. Better trying 'Halte! Hammerzeit' more up your street I suspect. Or 'Daraya Tank Raid' now that will keep you on your toes.. Oh don't even trying playing as Syrians as its play as Blue vs AI only.
  3. They're going really well thank you
  4. I was just a tad 'disturbed' at the err...'dancing'
  5. Hhmmm... I'm not sure what I'm watching here! Maybe this could be a post battle feature as you watch your surviving pixeltruppen celebrate...?
  6. If this ever makes it into CM can this be included please?
  7. I went to a school disco wearing a NBC respirator ('borrowed' from a friend's older brother who was in the army) in 1979. It was remarkably effective at electing the attention of the opposite sex - surprisingly. When I wear it now my wife just calls me 'a big creepy bastard'. Times change eh?
  8. @Bil Hardenberger is yer man I'll leave him to wax lyrical about his babies - an they're beauts!
  9. Years spent using maps and navigating in zero vis...! But aye all to stop stepping over a cliff/cornice. That's not a good thing to do...
  10. It is - thank you it was redone for CMSF2. Old video from when I first released it.
  11. He! That's grand thank you. I've got it now. Many thanks for a/ creating the mod, and b/ for sharing. Cheery!.
  12. Cheers mate - but struggling to access the file. I get to a page but google appears unwilling to translate the Chinese script. When I click on a download icon its not allowing me to download, instead its prompting me for what appears to be account details (username and password).
  13. Ah they forgot that rule - watch yer back! Good effort though. Normally Abrams are like terminators. All you need to do is ram one now and you have your own 21st Century Kursk myth
  14. Ah ha! Is that Rolling Thunder? Did you do a Kobiyashu Moru and change the AI plan?
  15. I've just been caught out. I was plotting orders with trees off. Thinking I was ordering my retiring platoon to withdraw (under close enemy contact) using tree cover and heavy undergrowth I plotted a series of withdraw commands. Feeling chuffed with myself on my tactical skills and withdraw stratagem I hit the turn. Unfortunately the area of heavy undergrowth rather than being in woodland was actually open ground (no trees, designer had just used heavy undergrowth tiles). As the platoon sprinted from the heavy woods they were, the poor sods were gunned down in the open like rabbits as they ran into the open (treeless) heavy undergrowth... So always double check!
  16. Aye but your stuff still stands the test. Oh and aye big shout out for these guys also. Actually now we list it there is a lot of real talent out there
  17. This was one by @PanzerPajamas/Wargame with AG that really caught my eye. As it was fascinating to see someone's approach to a mission I'd made and played multiple times during testing from both sides, and see my AI plan in action and a player's reaction. I also liked the wee tactical updates and overview.
  18. He! He! I agree. I find myself saying to the screen 'don't do that!!' as someone just plonks down a waypoint from point a to pint b (1kma way...) or does some weird 'tactical' move that results in death for their guys then complains that shouldn't happen... I much prefer to watch vids that tell a story and/or AAR and are well edited, rather than a recording of someone playing. Vids by @37mm, @Ithikial_AU, @Wargaming with AG /@PanzerPajamasare excellent examples of excellently produced and edited vids. If you've not seen any of their vids worth checking them out on YouTube. Although I did get some sort of smug satisfaction watching one 'live' recording and noticing the player had left a key unit exposed, and thought, "hhm I wouldn't do that.." and then watched it get promptly blatted. The player failed to notice this till later in their livestream. The cognitive dissonance as they searched for their key unit inly to realise it and the passengers were now a wreck and dead was rather priceless. Then the realisation they'd lost the game... Still I think my err 'tactical genius' would not pass scrutiny... I think there is opportunity for someone (with suitable insight and tactical genius) to do game play/tactical commentary over someone's live stream much like you see pundits do on football matches. I'd watch that
  19. Rather unique wee training film. The first few minutes is rather entertaining!
  20. He! He! Aye the AI plan took a while to finesse I’ll admit. Pleased to see it works. I’m playing @slysniper’s CMBS tourney and it’s even more brutal playing against humans! Watched most of my command blow up in a few minutes in one game...
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