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video CM:BN

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hi Battlefront ,

is it possible to give us a video from any battle of CM:BN , maybe from the betatester ?!

when i was young *gg* , every publisher give a demo or video weeks or month before the full relaise . now we have 3 more weeks before u relaise CM:BN , but i only see screens . i wish we can see a ingame video , or is this not possible and when not , why ?!

greets christian , a big CM lover from the beginning

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yeahhhhh come on guys all this waiting is driving me crazy.. all the AARs and pictures are awesome but a video would would tell the story off a million pix and ARRs please please please...release a little video

or give us guys who have preordered access to the beta :)

what a good idea

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Pretty please! No demo is acceptable (at least for us "blind faith" types ;) but not a single video this close to release is just....weird.

Also: I've dug all through the forum and not come up with much regarding the editor. Would love some screenies/more info on it. I used the crap out of the editor in CMBO/BB/AK, but not having played SF I know nothing about Editor v2.0, and how it's improved/expanded over the "CM1" Editor.

Maybe a beta tester could post a few shots of the interface or whatever (if they're allowed)?

Much appreciated, and I shall proceed to ruin my F5 key some more now.

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if you want game play videos go to check the cmsf nato videos. while watching, imagine the soldiers wearing ww2 German and US uniforms. also, imagine less lethal weapons.


you can wait until release and see many user created videos. we have a couple of guys here that do great vids.

in the meantime, I am getting into rally racing. Richard burns rally will keep me occupied for an other couple of weeks.

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