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  1. I know I wish you could. Seems like it wouldn't be a big deal to add a time feature, no? OH, ok. That cleared part of my problem up. I didn't realize that the painted target zones were all intended to fire at game start. And I hadn't considered TRPs for the AI attacker. Is that possible? Doesn't seem like it would/should be, but that would help attacking AI strikes work much better. Still baffled on how to get AI attacker to use smoke screens; maybe it's just not very doable, except at game start.
  2. Planning proper use of arty by the AI has been the one of my bigger confusions. I'd be very interested to figure out how they got the smoke to be used/timed properly. Currently, the editor allows you to designate a mission intensity and the area it will strike, but that's all---no ability to set a "time" for it. The manual simply says that as soon as an FO has eyes on the mission's strike area, the mission will run. So, in my current map, I have three missions for the AI...two HE and one smoke...on a village. They are targeted fairly close together so inevitably the AI gets an FO in posit
  3. I've been working on a QB map and have been thoroughly flummoxed by the AI Plan design process---can't get anything to work right for an AI attacker---so I'm finally going to have a look at some "stock" stuff and see if I can figure out what I'm missing (which I should've done from the get-go). But yeah, just from playing some of the stock scenarios it's clear the potential is tremendous; I just have to figure out how to tap into it. Learning curve for designers is considerably higher than CMx1 but obviously the payoff is there.
  4. Very nice Mike. I should probably hold off for bit on my CMBO rebuild then
  5. Thanks guys. I am familiar with those two, but had forgotten CM Outpost. Must reinvestigate. West71: for a second there I thought you were being a wiseguy Thanks, and welcome to the forum!
  6. but I'm gonna ask anyway. I've just reinstalled CMBO (damn Band of Brothers got me in the mood again) and I am without mods entirely. Yeah yeah, I did save my last batch o' bitmaps to cd prior to semi-recent system redo, but I'd really like to start from scratch and slap the choice ones on. I have the latest CMMOS installed and ready to go. What's the latest and greatest place (if there is one any longer) to help one decide what to use for mods? I'm aware of the major file storage sites (at least the CMMOS site and CM Mod Database) but nobody's really offering previews/screenshots/etc and th
  7. Lincoln, Nebraska. It's in the U.S., right in the middle.
  8. Christ, I know it does. The same goes for artillery markers. I've resorted to using the arcs more for preventing my units' firing than anything. If you're lucky, you can use the arcs to force the AI to go where you'd really like them to, since you know they'll work around your arcs, even through some pretty ridiculous routes. Maybe we should think of them like those invisible electric dog fences
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