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Forum asking me to reset my password?

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It had been doing that for the last several days ("Your password is now more than 60 days old. Please click here to reset it."). Suspecting a phishing attempt I did nothing. Come today and now I can get into the forums no problem. I just scanned my hard drive a few days ago (came out 100% clean). Anyone have the straight dope on this?

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That's Nothing...

When staying in my fav motel in Drenica valley, I am banned for suspicious hacking behaviour.

Moon, there is nothing wrong with IP, except that provider is most likely run by one of the ex KLA commanders. Can you release this number from your black-list please?

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Yeah, I was banned as well and so were others.

Clearly, it has less to do with us and more with a glitch in the system.

That may be going around. A few weeks ago I logged onto another gaming board which I hadn't visited in a year and a half only to get a popup stating that I had been banned for spamming. I thought that odd since I have never knowingly spammed anybody. Maybe somebody hacked into my account and spammed from there, I don't know. Anyway, I wasn't too torn up over it since I have lost interest in their products. But maybe they need to take a closer look at their security software.


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We are using projecthoneypot as well to keep out known spammers, harvesters or exploits. Since then the amount of spam posts here on the forum has dropped considerably, and there are other benefits for us as well.

The projecthoneypot list is very well maintained and to be honest, I have yet to see a genuine false positive (despite a few claims to the contrary via email), but I guess they are eventually inevitable and do happen. The blocking message tells people what to do in such a case and who to contact. However, if their IP is blacklisted by projecthoneypot, ultimately they will have to get off that blacklist because even if we remove the block, it'll happen again.

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