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  1. I'm rather not march anywhere. As a disgruntled vet, i tend to protest marching anywhere. My forte is sitting and glaring.
  2. My thoughts and prayers to Mister Emrys. Well, my thoughts and my best wishes. Was informed years ago by my mother that god doesn't listen to people like me. Am sure Mister Emrys would understand. Edit: kind thoughts for recovery from both me and the little mrs. SWMBO misses you still.
  3. max out on gamey mortars and equally gamey MG Jeeps. Be sure to do the opening salvo on their setup zone and use your MG Jeeps for gamey flag rushes. Be sure to use your crews to hold the flag afterwards. Be careful, the AI cheats.
  4. That's why I was so very hesitant to patch mine in Snow Leopard. I was tempted to upgrade to Lion but am not sure about that either. Sorry you had to be the sacrificial ILamb for our sake. Know that our messiah, Steve Jobs will heap rewards upon your head in the afterlife. (only if your head is compatible with Apple software and thunderbolt technology)
  5. What a tremendous PITA, gentlemen. Tell you what. Let's go ahead and chalk up both battles as wins for both of you. I'm feeling generous today. Since I don't know if it's my mail servier or my mail client, its a moot point in the greater scheme of things. good game, gents
  6. ha! made me check and yes, it means what I thought it means. "concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior" This is me showing my concern.
  7. I emailed you yesterday asking about this new patch. I have not applied the patch yet and am somewhat reticent in doing so insofar as I have a magnificent mac and there are many issues with this new patch. Granted, you might have not received that email yet. I have noticed some difficult with my Gmail as of late. Both you and Niden have not been getting my turns. Before you infer any duplicity on my part, I would respectfully remind the denizens of this MBT that I am far far more moral than the rest of you. So, Buzzy. I'll type this question slowly. Have you patched your version of CM:Norm?
  8. the boot was a hoot back in 2000-2001 but not so much any more, you lowercase tyrant. I guess if it makes you giggle and poot, then continue with the boot. Dont' be surprised when some Canadians congregate to see what it's aboot.
  9. Buzzy should be winning the match against me. Am a bit hesitant in touching that scary patch with my mac. "grammer teahcer" indeed...
  10. sent turn 45 at 10:13 AM yesterday morning. will send again to both you and Nidan
  11. i can safely say that I've always liked Boo more. much more, in fact
  12. was wondering about that. am now pushing my guns up on hills high enough to get LOS to anything. I had purposely run a company commander in a kubelwagon up close to get a good sighting on the enemy to no avail.
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