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  1. As far as wargames go, 1st ones were Crusade in Europe & Decision in the Desert for the Commodore 64 (actually I played the original game in the series first, NATO Commander). This was back in the mid-80's; in retrospect what Grigsby did with the crude graphics and tiny memory and processor in question was miraculous. Have spent a lot of my subsequent time in sims (the original Air Warrior, various other flight sims-racing sims too-and sub sims as well). Where is Terik nowadays? He get a bad case of burnout or what?
  2. I just recently got back into this, and I would have sworn someone modified the game so you could run an actual campaign (longer than an operation, with experience being gained and equipment upgrades). I do remember a big debate about this issue and Battlefront's mostly philosophical position against campaigns, so I'm not completely ignorant. Is there such an animal, or did I imagine the whole thing?
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