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Rock around the block - awesome!

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Just thought I'd create a separate thread about this great scenario by Birdstrike, as it deserves separate thread!

I played it as Blue and it was great! But the real fun an chellenge I had when playing as Red vs Blue AI. Blue was the attacker and I could never believe such great AI plans can be made for attacker.

Birdstrike, I am definitely looking forward to more scenarious by you!

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Thanks for this thread, dima. :) But it feels like too much praise, somewhat. :D

The scenario is actually just an update of the one I released some half a year ago, so I didn't bother to open a new thread again.

Those who have played the old version (MkIIa or b?): the changes include US AFVs are replaced by new ones with ERA (which were introduced in patch 1.10), some force adjustments for red to compensate. And, IIRC, 3 new AI plans for blue (the older version didn't have a proper one).

For anyone wanting to play as red vs blue AI, you should download the new version (Mk III) from the BF repo (the one on CMMods is still the old one).

Victory conditions were a little difficult to balance, because the AI will perform worse than the player in any case - but I'll leave the final assessment to the players. As usual I welcome any feedback (especially regaring VPs ;))

And I'll update the one on CMMods, too - should be up soon.

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Yes, it's freely available. The name is "Alhambra".

Got it from here: http://www.dafont.com

Thanks. It was fun playing as Red. I thought the text on the briefing map was real Arabic until I looked a little closer at it. I've installed that Alhambra font and think it's great. The "Afarat" one isn't bad either. Now I've got no excuse for leaving out Red briefings!

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Just played through, total Blue Victory, with 8 dead and 8 wounded. 75% of my losses were from a single RPG team that withstood withering fire from half of my force while they launched bullseye after bullseye of RPG round (and they were green too!).

The ERA makes one heck of a difference. My Bradleys shrugged off quite a few direct hits.

If there is one thing that this scenario teaches you, it is cover your flanks. I didn't have a problem as I am mildly OCD about this, but I can see how a not-cautious player can get caught with his pants down!

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Thanks for the comments. That's quite an impressive result, I'd say. :)

And yes, those fanatic troops can be quite a pita. :D

Concerning the ERA, I was a bit on the fence whether I should upgrade the AFVs with it, or if it would make it too easy for blue; but I think there are enough RPGs around to justify the need for it. ;)

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I am going to have to also say great job! As a scenario designer myself I understand and appreciate the effort it takes to make a city come alive. Your attention to detail was awesome and the tactics of the Syrians were spot on. I ended my first try with a minor defeat. I don't get defeated often. For some reason I held building A but it said I didn't in the report. I can only assume there was someone still alive in the apartment. Very tense from the opening move. This scenario also made me rethink how I will approach moving into a city, so in effect I learned something. Great job keep the awesome scenarios coming!

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Thanks, very much appreciated. :)

Yes, it's very well possible there was someone left in the building. When I tested the scenario, I usually moved one or two units through the whole building, to make sure I got everyone.

I just started playing your CaPD scenario, and I'm only some 15 mins into it, so I haven't had much combat so far, but the map looks great. I just hope my guys don't end up like those in the movie.;)

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Just finished the scenario. I had downloaded it a while back and started playing but the vehicle path finding issues in 1.10 where really frustrating so I waited to play until this weekend.

Great scenario! It took me two days to play it because I wanted to go at it slowly and deliberately and it completely paid off. While I came away with only three dead and four casualties it was a tough fight. I had to use every trick in my urban combat play book and then some to get through.

The new 1.11 AI really stood out during the game. The urban fighters didn't sit in place and die anymore but instead pulled back to set up in new positions. I lost a couple of guys to that. The new behavior was a double edged sword though as I eventually placed squads covering likely avenues of escape and decimated retreating enemy squads a couple of times.

My Bradleys gave me a couple of issue as they seem to have trouble shooting over walls. Graphically their turret and cannon appears to be clear of the wall but they fail to get line of sight over it.

I still need to master using the blast command. I thought it was simple enough but my squads failed to breach walls on more than one occasion (just sat there) or blew a hole in the wrong wall.

Anyway, great scenario. Definitely a must play for someone looking for gritty, chaotic urban fighting. Watch your flanks :)

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Very great scenario, great map ! I'm still PBEM it (though I'm quite "finished" with the Reds). The realism is so immersive.

The best part of it is the continuous reinforcement for both side. The Blue really feels attacked from everywhere in a hostile town thanks to the Red reinforcements


For a better balance in a HvH game I would give more RPGs to the Reds or less Bradleys to the Blues or an IED to the Reds. The Blues firepower is overwhelming and as soon as an RPG has shot once he's dead meat. I've hit twice a Bradley on the front and on the rear, but bad luck, he just mowed down the 2 RPG teams without a dent in his hull.

For now it's the best immersive scenario I've played so far . Thanks Birdstrike !! Waiting for other realistic scenarios.



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Thanks for the feedback guys. Very much appreciated. :)

I'm currently busy with some stuff for my studies and I haven't really touched the game the last couple of days.:( So, it's good to hear some comments about how the scenario plays out in 1.11.

Stef, yep, I can make a seperate rebalanced H2H version - if anyone else has any suggestions about that, please let let me hear them.

I have currently two urban scenarios in the works. One is a new version of "Paradise Road" which is basically finished, but I didn't had the time to test in 1.11 yet. The other one is a new scenario but using an updated, old map - the map's small but there's ALOT of buildings and small alleys which caused some annoying issues with pathfinding in the previous patches. It was close to playable in 1.10 and I'm looking forward to test how things work in 1.11.

I expect to have some time by next week so it shouldn't take too long for these two to get released. :)

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