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  1. My personal favorite right now is Eight Lives Down by Maj. Chris Hunter. A more accurate portrayal of a real British IED team.
  2. That would make too much sense. You first have to shoot them dead, then you can take their stuff.
  3. cabal23

    New TacOps?

    Will there ever be another TacOps or is it dead? I thought the premise was great, but lacks the polish many games have these days. It was great for when it came out for sure though!
  4. Read the post more carefully please... I have to agree with the OP "causing a small explosion and making him instantly fall to the ground" Bullets don't cause small explosions.
  5. So then how did you do it with Marines?
  6. Was that sarcasm or are you for real. Obviously sarcasm. Have you ever watched Red Dawn? Next will come the ridiculous Space Lobster jokes that the old grogs around here still think is funny. God forbid anyone think outside the box just a little bit.
  7. Nooooo, my beloved Red Dawn cannot be tarnished by a remake! That movie still strike a tone in me growing up during the cold war. It was really well done, despite its Brat Pack actors/actresses. I will be on that to create a Red Dawn scenario for sure!
  8. The failure rate of commercial Humvee's is incredible. They are not built anywhere near to the standards that the military ones are. And most military people will tell you the military version also has a penchant for breaking down as well. A company I worked for bought one for promotional uses and to drive the winners of a contest to the Sugarbowl and that thing was in the shop EVERY week. Needless to to say the company flew the winners into the bowl game instead of risking humiliation when the vehicle broke down on the way. That vehicle sits on a lot now collecting dust as a big unmovable banner now withe companies logo on it. Get a real military Humvee if you need that level of offroading ability, or you could just do what everyone has been doing around the world for the past 20 years and get a standard 4-wheel drive vehicle. Humvee's are serious overkill and not worth the effort it takes to maintain them. JD Powers rated the Hummer a 5 out of 10 for reliability. Not great for what you pay for them. Almost all models rate this way on reliability. Performance is high, but what good is performance if you can't get it to run?
  9. Well if it anything like the UK release we will be lucky to get a case at all. BF has been getting cheaper as the games go on. The game will probably ship in an old tuna can sharpied with the letters CM:N on it.
  10. Since installing the new patch when I print screen and then try to open the image up in either paint or photshop all I get is a black screen. I am trying to create a tac map for my scenario which I have done plenty of times flawlessly. Has something changed with the new patch or could there be another problem?
  11. Looking for an opponent or two. Send me a private message.
  12. This is the least amount of fun I have had since my hemorrhoid operation. No fun at all. Over complicated missions that take too long and too much guesswork. And it runs quite poorly on my quad core with mid range vid card. Just doesn't look or feel that great. This is defiantly a pass unless you hardcore into games like this. I will stick with the other BF homegrown games.
  13. Sorry if I don't get it. Are you saying Syrians don't resupply their troops with ammo? They have no trucks?
  14. I hope that was sarcasm. You can never tell on this forum. One truck is all we ask for.
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