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  1. I was pretty much ok with the CM1 Front line system. I always viewed the kinks in it as how the lines settled after a mutual pullback for resupply and regroup. Was it perfect. No. Was it better than Campaign system that's largely a system of yesteryear. Yes. Somewhat disappointed that there is still a 'never' position towards operations or dynamic campaigns. That said, give us persistent damage, large enough maps, ammo dumps, and reinforcements then we have a CM1 de-facto operation. Some UI to review and pick units for next mission would be an evolution.
  2. Thanks womble, usefulness of having them in place and ready to kick ass good point ! I think I've been too conservative with the quick. Will use it more with longer pauses to eyeball threat areas. . Yeah, I think Bill's reasoning wasn't too off. 1/3 odds with 3 or 4 hellcats firing on one. Reasonable odds that due to FOW he could reasonably think he may not get in next duel. But Wow- friction hit bill in the face Agreed that I'm surprised he is all up front. But I guess he has mobility to pull back for some deeper kill zones
  3. 30% sounds like a good house rule to me. Been a while since I played pbem, but recall an escalating arms race with armour with each new battle. By the way guys, this mixed with ChrisND's lets play on youtube has prompted me to re-evaluate my use of quick. Seems like he used it all the time regardless of whether troops were tiring or tired. I tend to try and marshal them to keep them at ready state. Does it not affect pixel troop performance much to have them at tiring or tired state?
  4. Completely understandable if you have to take a mo' to for a pre battle song
  5. Ello matee, I am thinking that the Battlefront Company has diversified and can provide for all your needs.
  6. Well that's just being silly. He may as well leave the engine and transmission, buy the gun and cut holes through the base of the tank.
  7. Excellent !! But not entirely accurate. Sometimes they'd bratwurst break so they could counter attack instead.
  8. Chaos subliminal terrorism !!! ... what have you just done to my head.
  9. Hell yes! Love the intensity, and focus in his face. Everything in that stare is shouting out "Bad Intentions."
  10. Yep, it would be very interesting to know how many Panthers he could have got for his tiger. Or other thin skinned sniping AT assets if he'd reduced a platoon or two. That said, one of the great things about CM is how 'Friction' sneaks or jumps out to bite in the ass. A little too much friction on one side combined with logical but mistaken moves because of fog of war could swing things. Just hope Baneman has a tank past the 30 minute mark.
  11. I watched the vid yesterday. You did say it was an odd angle as the tank had stopped while pointing down a steep slope. Still, we will see soon enough. I guess the engagement range due to visibility will help Bill's armour; and possibly Baneman's infantry.
  12. Yeah, and we could well see the decisive moment before they realise it. Also, so Baneman confirmed battle is 90 minutes. I think this gives enough time for manoeuvre, some feints and even backing off and moving armour from flank to flank. I want them to kick off so we get confirmed max visibility range in the snow.
  13. Damn right. Gives time for spotting. But what I really like is time for more nuanced tactics.
  14. Good stuff, I hate feeling time pressured to rush in scenarios. The visibility could be a huge factor in this one.
  15. Well some open spaces on this map to see how they fair past 100m By the way- how long is this Battle set for? 60 Turns?
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