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  1. IMHO if implemented, the feature would be a lot more popular than many think. It would be an excellent tactical training tool.
  2. Yeah I realise that Was just wondering if their game-recording approach had any application to CMSF, but I guess not. Given the pretty amazing stuff that CMSF does do, I'm sure if it was in any way worth the time and resources it would have been done by now, so evidently it is, as we say in IT, 'non-trivial'
  3. Well not just in some game but most games - you have the approach I mentioned, or a more complex approach where everything that happens is explicitly recorded - so apparently CMSF lends itself to the second approach, which is indeed far far more demanding. Obviously I realise if it was easy to implent it would have been done already, and that approach is never easy, it requires huge effort and resources. I have an MS in Comp Sci in AI, so I do understand this issue a little bit Its a feature we'd all like to see, but if its in the far future, its worth waiting for
  4. Brilliant. Should be used as a recruiting film by the Russian Army for their tank crews!
  5. Really? Games like IL2 manage it OK, and there is a lot going on there. Just record the player inputs, and the initial randseed value, and all the random numbers generated during the playback should be identical to those in gameplay. There is no need to record everything or indeed really anything that happens, unless the game architecture is radically different from most. Just start the replay with the randseed plugged in, apply the recorded player inputs as and when they occur, and let the game play itself.
  6. If its 2015 you will need combat robots as well.
  7. I have a Dell XPSM1710 gaming laptop with GeForce Go GTx 7950 and it runs SF beautifully.
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