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Peng Challenges Seanachai Squarely In The Fork

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My dear Ferbleberfle, your lame taunts affect me not because all are aware of your pathetic attempts to emulate my life. First, being a photographer and NOW wishing to become a librarian like mine own Lady Rose.

Lady Rose, eh...That explains how you are able to keep up on this thread and post in legible English.

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Yeah, way to sink quietly beneath the waves there 'Coventried one'. I was so looking forward to a good flare up and subsequent explosion and it just.....went.

Damn ignoring users! It takes the fun out of a meltdown!!! **mad**

Must be some behind the scenes scullduggery methinks, a conspiracy of Kettlerian proportions. Perhaps a crack assassination team of Seanachian mind control droids have infiltrated the remote highlands of outer Oregan and committed a spiriting away? No doubt using reptiloid assistance and a Panzer turreted UFO for the getaway to the secret Gnome base in Antarctica.

and...lay off the hallucinogens m'kay?

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Hmmm... I thought you fine gentlemen here (humor me as I humor you) were better at spotting the 300 post mark than you apparently are. Frankly, I'm disappointed in the lot of you. And it can be safely said that is a very tough thing for the MBT k-nigits and squares to do. I mean, really really tough. Like getting a good trade-in on a used SUV tough. Or finding an oil furnace salesman who can tell you "oil is the future of heating" with a straight face kind of tough. Thanks to our sagging US economy, I could keep on going with the analogies but for those of you still sober enough to read this after checking in on your 401k plans (or whatever equivalent you Communist foreigners have), I'll leave it at that.

Now someone start up another festering boil on our bum!


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