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Editor Feature - Cut, Copy, Paste

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Does anyone know a way of cutting or copying tiles and pasting them on the map in the editor?

If there isn't such as facility I think this would be very useful to add (once all the bugs are sorted out). It would really speed up map making if you could design just a few generic buildings and then copy and paste them all over the map. It would have to work in such a way that groups of tiles could be selected, copied and pasted and they would retain all their settings such as flavour objects, wall and roof configurations etc.

A big thing to ask for but it would be so useful.

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That would be a dream come true.

Currently I have 6 test maps and would love to simply copy&paste a few together.

It would eliminate the need to redo all the work and tweaking it took to get the maps perfect.

Another request:

The ability to scroll the Editor's map using the keyboard (arrow keys or WASD).

I have dual monitors and the Editor map won't scroll once the mouse moves off it's monitor.

Also keyboard for changing objects facing.

I know the team has other issues to solve first.

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How about a generic ERASE button?

Right now each set (road, foliage, etc) has it's own erase button. That make it hard to erase a complete portion of a map, as you have to keep switching from one to another. Id love to have Erase All button to simply remove sections of a map.

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I'll second that, would be quite useful when making these repeative city blocks and concetrate on more dominate map features. That would solve the diagonal pain in the a** roads/highways too. And erase, yes..much simpler than the current system.

I hate placing of doodads too. Pretty primitive to push them around the map.

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