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Javelins again. Please Help

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I`m trying to play through the training campain and the 2nd mission concerns the deployment of the troops against tanks and bunkers.

I am stuck tying to load my units with the LCU. I can aquire the ammo through the aquire menu OK but the vehicle icon shows the LCU but I can`t get the troops to get it.

I`m sure the solution is simlpe but I ca`nt get it!

Anybody help appreciated.

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I don't know if this is implemented in the game, but the CLU can be used as a spotting device by itself -- it has a quite advanced magnification and IR system, all in a compact little package.

Don't know if you actually get a "spotting bonus" if you have an infantry unit grab a CLU, and have them sneak over the next ridge to see what they can see, but ideally, you should. Especially at long ranges and/or at night, an infantry unit using a CLU should have much better spotting abilities than one without.



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The CLU is its own separate piece of equipment. The missiles are individually loaded onto it before being fired. The CLU itself doesn't weigh anything near 49 pounds, and the missiles and CLU are never carried by the same guy. Of course, it's not meant to be run around with as a complete package; you find where you want to kill your tanks or bunker from, you set it up, you fire, and you get the hell out of there.

Yes, it does take a while to "warm up." You have to start the system and then wait while it performs its own diagnostic self-check. Then you have to wait for the unit to cool itself down, which takes a little while as well--the CLU reads very minute differences in temperature which it then translates into a video image.

And yes, it does suck batteries if you use it a lot. It uses the same batteries that the ASIP and SINCGARS radios use, which is convenient, but if you carry a lot of them they add weight.

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Originally posted by Sivodsi:

Its tiresome to do this. You would think that selecting the ammunition would automatically choose the launcher. After all you cannot use the ammo without the CLU, right? Can anybody think of a reason why they are separated like this?

Maybe you don't want them to pick *all* the ammo for the Javelin?

Imagine that your soldiers take only 1 or 2 missiles and leave the Stryker for a tank-hunt. If the carrier/gunner dies, those 1 or 2 missiles would be lost (one can not pick up dropped weapons, AFAIK) - but yet you have at least one missile left in the stryker for a different team (already equipped with a CLU)..... thats a micro-resource-management ;)

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