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  1. In CM terms what`s the difference between an early and late Pz IV J. Indeed not much between the J and the H .Manual turret traverse in the J. Are all the types per variant just for variety?
  2. For a 8x2 or 6x2 km map would be great for a Kursk "operation". Most of the vehicles are here in TH . So perhaps the Panther Reg(s) and GD attack could be good.
  3. Will we get a demo before release of the main game?Or after it?
  4. Bill Really enjoying the AAr. Which terrain mod are you using.? The ground seems much better (realistic ) compared with your opponent.
  5. Hi Tashtego. Pardon me. I thought that the camo peaked caps were in vanilla v2. Anyway nice screenshots.
  6. WTF The schirmutze (Officers service cap) as far as I know was never made with camou material- Army nor SS. You you know differently? Sources needed. Mine is German Army Uniforms. by Brian L. Davis.
  7. Timmc69 You have committed the Cardinal Sin of criticising CM and Battlefront without including the phase " What a wonderfull game. Thankyou Thankyou." I agree with you that CM2 is far harder to get into than CMx1.I think it suffers from borrowing too much from CMSF. IT doeds feel a bit( alot ) like CM StrikeForce but with Shermans.
  8. Surely the XO is only an American rank? Or is it just a left over from a port from CMSF?
  9. This mod looks great. So I d.loaded it from the depository and unzipped it. All I get is:- Explosions Final.jpg Explosions Final2.jpg Readme.doc Aris HD Explosions mod. Folder looks as if it is open What file(s) do I put in my Z folder? Thanks.
  10. To Womble. I am sure that you are more at ease with the game mechanics than I am. Having said that what proof do you have to substantiate your understanding of Troop behaviour/spotting ?.Being a novice at CMN I could do with help.
  11. I think that an order such as "ambush" would be useful- If it maintained (increased) Spotting,cover arcs and a degree of protection. and a lot of concealment. "Hide" is intuitively the command to give, but it is too restrictive. Ambush would be given mainly to Inf AT eg PIAT/Panzerfaust/schreck. or AT guns (and inf) lying in wait of the enemy.
  12. After the patch to make CM-N comparable to CM Italy can we still play the scenarios released prior to the upgrade? Or will some need modification? Thanks
  13. RE; The Tiger in Sicily. From my research most of the Tigers were Rotbrun over Gelb (red/brown over yellow). The red brown was applied by hand in abnormally wide stripes. My 1/24 Tiger is camoed as above and looks great. Lettering was red outlined in white.The numbering was sequential-not by company/platoon. See Jentz.-Tigers ion Combat.
  14. I`m thinking of the tri colour one with specs of "yellow" in the redbrown and green. Also how about the camo as shown albeit in B&W in Jentz PanzerTruppen Vol 2 Page223?Or perhaps the King Tiger in green base colour with yellow circles and spodges-it`s different and late war though-Jentz. King Tiger. P142. (without the swastika). Anyway just a thought.
  15. I was basing my observations on contempory footage of the Eastern front showing Pz IV`s (long 75), Panthers and Tiger I`s. But in general you are right by saying that there are (far) more important features to get right- armour arcs and pathfinding to name but two.Still think this game is 90% CMSF with Shermans etc :-) .Please also do some work on the godawful interface. Still it`s a good game and I still buy all the releases (from CMBO onwards) .
  16. What I refer to is the rocking back and forward motion any tank makes when it fires it`s main gun. looking at contempory footage there is virtually no motion -ecept muzzle recoil. Considering that CM love to be realistic as pos this just looks daft.(and wrong)
  17. Message to Jorge MC What mod are you using ? Great screen shots. Thankyou
  18. So what in game mechanics terms is new? If none then is this just a TOE exercise with new vehicles. If so-then why has this module taken 8 months to do?
  19. Judging by the wheel spacing I think it`s a T-62. Difficult to see in the photo posted,but if it were a T54/55 there would be a space between wheels 1 and 2, and the T-62 has the wheel spacings further back. Google Wiki for T-55 and T-62.and you can see what I mean.The articles are good as well.(I know Wiki can be suspect at times)
  20. How can anybody whose played CMSF or CMN (or indeed has any interest in AFV`s) mistake that for a Panther. Suggest you get a book on tanks.
  21. This is all fine if you`re playing the US. But the Germans did not have an XO rank or anything near it. So, as we`re all so obsessed with correct TOE`s why does the Germans in the game have them. Or is this just another import from CMSF?
  22. Thanks for the replies George Mc : Yes ypor advice worked fine. I was just impatient before. Great scenario. Bit like the CMX1 big scenarios/operations. I really enjoyed Peid Peiper operation.Just wished that a destroyed tank looked a bit knocked out if you see what I mean. There are lots of examples where CMX1 were better tha CMX2,but we`re not allowed to criticise on the forums are we. Anyway please contiue designing scenarios.How about Stoumont (Ardennes).?
  23. When I try to save Firebrigade the game seems to lockup and if I press the Save game icon I crash into desktop, What am I doing wrong or how can I fix this/ Thanks
  24. When playing as Germans the Allies do not react and remain at their start positions.Why arent there any AI plans for them?
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